Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Thai Pottery, Benjarong And Other Pottery Form Thailand Shows Artistic Elements That Are Very Traditional.

Thai Pottery, Tradition And Evolution. 

Talk about Thai pottery and you would think about those gorgeous hand painted benjarong pottery that the country is so well known for. Interestingly bencharong is not the only type of traditional pottery made in Thailand. Baked clay pottery is very popular in the country too and some provinces are well known for their skills to craft fine clay pottery with artistic designs. It is important to understand that, much of the Thai pottery available today retains a classic element that can be seen in many Thai products - artistry of a high quality and traditional designs. Bencharong is well known for it's intricate hand painted designs and gold tone accents, the design elements can immediately identify a piece of Thai pottery as being benjarong. The luxury feel and look of Thai benjarong pottery is expected because, this form of pottery was at one time linked to royal households. Having said that, the degree of craftsmanship in Thai pottery that is baked from simple mud is very impressive too. Large urns used to store water, and smaller urns to hold various types of dishes can all be found with artistic elements that even the seasoned connoisseur would appreciate.

Exports from Thailand are significantly loaded with traditional pottery that is crafted in the country. Benjarong and other types of ceramic pottery obviously dominate but, Thai baked clay pottery is quickly gaining popularity too. We have compiled a report that, briefly traces the evolution of Thai pottery  - not a lengthy research paper but just distilled content that will be of interest to most of you. We would suggest that you read the Thai Traditional Pottery report as it will help you understand how this important activity progressed through time. 

Friday, October 17, 2014

Traditional Thai Cotton Fabrics, Ethnic Beauty And Colors

Thai Cottons, Traditional Beauties 

Thai silks are world famous, the North and North East regions of the country has developed a silk industry that is known for it's sheer beauty and artistic designs. But, let's not forget traditional Thai cottons, the fabric of the common man you might call them. Cotton fabrics have come a long way in Thailand, massive support from the Thai Royal family has brought Thai cotton into the limelight, the fabric is today transformed into trendy garment styles, high utility bags and purposes and fashionable shawls. These fabrics flaunt typical colors that are never too gaudy and never to dull and boring. They reflect the ethnic lifestyles of Thailand, something that has attracted foreigners from across the world. Products made from traditional Thai cottons today, confirm to the highest quality standards and style conscious tourists are often willing to pay the premium prices that they truly deserve. We got a glimpse of these amazing Thai cotton products at the annual fair held at Central World in Bangkok - more details and images have been filed in the report titled Thailand Fair - Bangkok take a look and see the amazing things that this friendly nation has to offer. 

Chocolate, The Unexpected Healthy Food?

Chocolate Health Benefits

Mama told you never to eat too much of chocolates, the dentist blamed those sweeties for teeth decay - but now, medics say that chocolates might not be so bad after all ... at least some chocolates. But before you throw mamas teachings to the winds and fight with your kid for a share of yummy chocolate, let's get to the fine print related to the benefits of eating chocolate. To begin with, it is coco one of the prominent ingredients in chocolate that is credited with all that goodness. Medical research has suggested that coco is very likely to be beneficial to your health. The problem with conventional chocolates is that, they contain high volumes of fat and sugars, things that are still accused of damaging health. The dark brown color of coco represents the ingredient in it's natural form - milk, sugar and fats added to this ingredient lighten the color and this is what you and me refer to as 'chocolate brown' color. 

In technical terms we would say that dark chocolate contains lower proportions of additives like fats and sugars and this, results in the color remaining rather dark. Unfortunately it is market share and not technicalities that drives chocolate business, so reality is a bit different. Basically, we cannot make a simple classification that all dark chocolate is good for health mainly because, there is no standard table of ingredient proportions to define the ideal dark chocolate. So while, dark chocolate might be better than conventional chocolate, doctors still advise that it be consumed in moderation. The lower sugar content that is often applied to dark chocolate might also make it less delicious for young chocolate lovers. So go a bit easy on chocolate and dark chocolate until, medical research clearly defines and standardizes the derived health benefits of chocolate. 

An often asked question is whether, plain cocoa powder which is void of additives like sweetening agents and fatty solids is the best option. While it might seem that, this is the right way to go, we have some minor warnings here too. Pure cocoa powder when consumed is known to cause stomach acidity in many people, so coco powder manufacturers have been kind enough to 'process' the coco powder through what is known as the 'Dutching' or the 'Dutch' process. This involves the addition of minor additives that eliminate the acid causing properties of cocoa. It is agreed that dutching cocoa powder robs the coco of some of it's properties that are beneficial to health. 

So while the news seems to be interesting, it would be best to avoid overeating chocolate. Hectic medical research might soon come up with a magical cocoa pill that contains, nothing but the utter goodness of coco for your health. This might not please chocolate sellers but, would be good news for the rest of us. We have put together a fairly detailed report on the Health Benefits Of Chocolate, do spare a moment to read it and share it with your friends if you feel that it has utility value. 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Avocados With Ice Cream, Not Just Any Ice Cream But With Thai Coconut Ice Cream

Avocados with coconut ice cream. In case you were not aware, Avocados are grown in Thailand - generally in a project sponsored by the Royal family. This has made the delicious fruit available to local Thais at a fair price. But what we wish to tell you about is not just Thai avocados but about avocados from Thailand eaten with the traditional Thai coconut ice cream. An interesting combination not often served by Thai food vendors or restaurants, visitors to one of the Royal Thai exhibitions got a chance to taste this amazing combination. There were two options on that wonderful day, one was the avocado coconut ice cream combination, the other was sweetened coconut milk poured over avocado pieces. To begin with, the avocados were perfectly selected - the right degree of ripeness, not too soft nor stiff and raw. The avocado pulp was skilfully separated from the skin, since you could see a thin layer of green (inner skin layer) stuck to the avocado pieces it meant that,  the nutrition of the entire fruit was well preserved. The coconut ice cream was quickly scooped out of the container, just one single scoop as doing too much of the ice cream on the avocado would drown the gentle flavor of the fruit. As we talked and ate this cool delicacy, the coconut ice cream started showing signs of melting, and as the melting ice cream seeped into the avocado pieces below - the taste got even better. 

And for the strict vegetarian, this avocado delicacy was a safe eat - the price was surprisingly friendly too. So the next time you think of avocado with ice cream, try to make that a coconut ice cream - Aroi Maak Maak as the Thais would say. 

Avocado With Ice Cream

Friday, August 8, 2014

Opals From Mars? Not For Now, Opal Rings Still Rely On Australia For The Finest Opals

Opal From Mars?

In case you were not aware, Australia has for long being known as the 'opal country' - a well deserved title considering that most of the world's finest opals are mined there. Kaisilver, the world's leading online fine custom jewelry source mentions that - '.... Australia remains the preferred source for quality opals, exceptions are pink opals (from Peru) and fire opal (from Mexico)...'. So what is this talk about opals from Mars, can you actually get an opal ring that has a gemstone mined on the red planet? An Australian research team recently concluded that, the soil and geological formation on the surface of the planet Mars, does resemble that seen in the Australian opal yielding regions. Gem experts are not too excited about this find, they know that if at all there is opal on Mars, it is generally of the quality that the gem trade names 'potch' opal. Scientists for now have far more important space research on mind so, do not expect to see any Mars opal soon - no not even at the Tuscon show where some of the most exciting gem finds are first previewed!

The RG151 is a stunning white opal claddagh ring, the gem mined in the famous Australian opal belt. If you are into rocks and jewelry, you should get to know more about the gem and even more about the significance and meaning of the legendary claddagh ring. And if you have opals on your mind, the opal ring collection, has some inspiring concepts on display. 

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Thai Food, The Sweet Edge Beyond The Heat And Spice

Thai food is known for it's hot and spicy flavor, Tom Yang Kung one of the very popular Thai food dishes has been ranked as one of the top 10 foods on the globe. But there is more to Thai food than just chilly and pepper, we call it the sweet edge. Thai desserts are delicious and can at times be quite heavy and filling, you could even make half a meal on a plate of mango with sticky rice - one of the well known Thai desserts. 

Visitors to Thailand often get a taste of these mouth watering Thai dishes, they seem to miss them once they reach home and this begins an effort to make their own Thai desserts. Our collection of Thai Dessert Recipes captures the essence of Thai sweet dishes - a select collection that is frequently updated. One interesting thing about Thai desserts is that, they are generally vegetarian and this makes them very popular with visitors who prefer vegetarian food. Coconut milk or cream and sugar are quite obviously present in most of these sweet dishes. 

It might surprise you to know that many reputed Thai restaurants do not have a decent selection of Thai desserts on their menu. We noticed that few went beyond the famous coconut milk - the rest was largely fancy ice creams and colorful westernized fruit salads. Smaller shops stock a better choice of Thai desserts and big supermarkets are also helpful. The good thing about many Thai desserts that we have presented on our Thai Food Website is that, they are quite easy to make and the ingredients fairly easy to source. The image above shows the delicious Thai Layered Sweet or Khanom Chan as it is locally called. 

Friday, May 30, 2014

Thai Rice Pudding, Khanom Khrok - A Dessert Or A Complete Thai Food Dish

Is Khanom Krok, the popular Thai food dish a complete meal item or just a lip smacking dessert. Best translated as Thai Rice Pudding in English, khanom khok is just one of the sweet dishes that is popular among local Thais and visitors. While most foreigners who have tasted this Thai pudding would prefer to treat it as a dessert, it happens to be a prominent breakfast item for working Thais. Easy to make, convenient to pack and awfully mouthwatering to taste, Khanom Khrok is often made by street vendors who place their cooking ware near office buildings. It is probably the sweet content of this pudding that gets it the tag of a 'dessert' but, the dish can be really filling - justifying it to be eaten as a significant component of a meal or breakfast. Khanom Khrok is generally kept in pairs, each pudding piece is placed (face-to-face) over another. Depending on where you buy your Khanom Krok and how much you pay for it, expect to get anywhere from 4 to 6 pairs of the pudding in one packet or box. Unless you happen to be accustomed to a jumbo sized breakfast, one box or packet of this Thai pudding and a beverage like coffee or tea would make a complete breakfast. Mind you were are not advising issues related to diet and nutrition - just talking about filling a hungry tummy. 

If you prefer to treat this pudding as a Thai dessert item, trim down your main meal to accommodate this treat. Two pairs of khanom Khrok is probably where you should stop at. It might not be easy to stop biting into them so, just pack up half the contents and take it home! And for those of you who love to show your talents in the kitchen, refer to the Khanom Khok recipe and - share the dish with your loved ones and friends. And if you wish to learn more about other Thai sweet dishes, switch to the Thai Dessert Recipes section.