Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Fish Tank, Add A Natural Touch To Your Fish Tank

Fish tanks are used to decorate many households. In many Asian countries, keeping live fish at home is supposed to bring good luck to the household. Whatever the reason for keeping a fish tank at home you cannot deny the fact that, colorful fish in bubbling water add a fresh and serene touch to the home. In the above video we show you how special water plants can be used to decorate your fish tank. While certain plants in the fish tank are placed only to add beauty, other plants can actually be eaten by the fish too. Many water plants can live with their roots parked in small pebbles and stones. So all you need to do is put a small layer of pebbles at the bottom of the fish tank and place the plants on this layer. Make sure that you wash the plants clean before placing them in the fish tank. This will help to clean up any insect eggs that might cling on to the leaves of the plants. Many fish tanks are decorated with plastic plants that closely resemble natural plants. Nothing wrong with this but for nature lovers, nothing can substitute the lush green look of natural plants. If your fish tank is full of very tiny fish, stiff plants packed densely can cause a fish to get caught within the plant stems. Keep this in mind when choosing the plants for your fish tank.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Heart Pendants, Always In Fashion The Grace And Meaning Of A Heart Shape Pendant

Heart Pendant, Always In Fashion
A heart pendant is a jewel that has remained popular for decades, this trend will continue for an obvious reason. Heart pendants symbolize love, and love is forever not a passing trend or fashion. Choice for heart pendants are numerous but, most of these are readymade. The problem with a ready made heart pendant is that it cannot be customized to your requirement. A good example is a heart diamond pendant, few jewelers would tell you that it is possible to get a good quality genuine diamond heart pendant at an affordable price. Similarly, you might be attracted to a large heart shaped topaz pendant but a very large size could be beyond your budget. It is only a good custom jeweler who can create such a pendant with dimensions to suit your budget. If you saw a citrine heart pendant, you might love the design but hoped that it would have the birth stone of your mother, probably red garnet. A custom heart pendant can handle such issues easily. Another very common problem faced by jewelry lovers is regarding the metal. Few jewelers would stock good quality silver heart pendants, this because the profit margins from selling silver jewelry is small compared to margins from gold jewelry. However, few custom jewelry providers like Kaisilver, provide high quality custom jewelry in gold and sterling silver. The design of a heart pendant can make an expensive looking emerald heart pendant more reasonabe. Look at the image shown above and notice how the white gold heart emerald pendant has been designed to accomodate a round emerald with a moderate size. It is a good idea to evaluate your options before purchasing your heart pendant, get more details on heart pendants at this link. http://www.kaisilver.com/pendnt03.htm

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Custom Jewelry, Custom Made Jewelry From Thailand

The World's Leading Online Custom Jewelry Provider

You will often find that readymade jewelry restricts your preferences. Jewelers love to sell readymade jewelry as it is easy to borrow jewelry and place on their shelves. You might for example, see a gorgeus white gold diamond ring but wish that it was made in yellow gold instead. Working on a limited budget, you might prefer to replace the diamonds with white sapphires while leaving the overall design unchanged. A readymade jewelry provider would care little for your preference. You might even end up getting a few serious stares if you walked into a high heeled jewelry store and told them that your budget was not enough to get a diamond gold ring. In these circumstances your best bet would be to go for a custom made ring. But most jewelers do not have production facilities, they are mainly stocking jewelry received on consignment.

Kaisilver, is regarded as the world's best source for custom jewelry. Situated in the heart of the jewelry industry in Thailand, we work with 3,500 of the finest craftsmen. 7 Designers create jewelry suited for all lifestyles, men's and ladies custom jewelry is made with your designs or ours. When it comes to gemstones, few jewelers can match our preferential access to over 200 million carats of gem stones. Every gem stone is handpicked and custom but by skilled gemstone cutters. We provide custom jewelry in gold or sterling silver and since the same production and design team works on custom jewelry made in gold or silver, quality is never compromised. Visit our website and email us your requirements. http://www.kaisilver.com

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Men's Fashion Jewelry, What You Should Know

There are a few myths about men's jewelry in general and men's fashion jewelry in particular. Some of these myths were spread by jewelers for their own convenience and others were simple misunderstandings. The most important gimmick played by jewelers was to have men believe that good design and craftsmanship would make men's rings appear feminine. Men began to believe that men's jewelry needed to look bulky and clumsy to appear masculine. There obviously was no truth in this belief but, it sure made the life of the jeweler much easier. Low quality men's rings and other men's jewelry flooded the market, bad gemstones and substandard craftsmanship was common to most men's rings. Men continued to wear these junk jewels with pride assuming that it made them look masculine. Another myth was that, white gold men's rings would appear dainty and fragile. There is no truth in this belief too, the design, gemstone and dimensions of a ring determine whether it looks imposing or dainty.
When Kaisilver, the world's leading online jewelry released the world's first high end collection of mens rings, jewelers across the globe were worried about the event. They feared that they would need to work harder to match the quality of Kaisilver men's jewelry that men were being exposed to. The change has been tremendous, men today demand more options, more customization and better craftsmanship for their mens rings and other mens fashion jewelry. The MAN32 shows a men's fashion ring with a broad and impressive size. The gemstones in this ring are handpicked and custom cut, you can choose the gemstones that you prefer. The finish on this ring shows a light hammering effect, you can however order this custom men's fashion ring in a high polish finish too. Like all other Kaisilver jewelry, your men's fashion ring can be ordered in gold or sterling silver. You get the same high quality craftsmanship, customization and gem stone options for gold and silver men's fashion rings.

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(c) See a range of white gold rings for men at this link: http://www.jewellery.kaijewels.com/man-white-gold-ring.htm

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Aquamarine Engagement Ring, Check Design And Durability

If you are considering getting an aquamarine engagement ring, you need to be aware of a few issues. Firstly, the aquamarine in your engagement ring is quite sturdy. However, a bad design, bad craftsmanship and insufficient gold weight can ruin an aquamarine engagement ring. If you have an aquamarine ring that uses a rectangular gemstone like the one shown in RG125u, make sure that the pointed corners of the aquamarine gemstone are well protected. Notice how the angled prongs in the image protect the gemstone. Gold weight will influence the durability of your aquamarine engagement ring, light weight rings tend to bend and deform. Such junk jewelry can cause gemstones to loosen and drop off. Ideally the band of your aquamarine engagement ring should have minimum scooping (of gold) inside the band. If you are choosing an aquamarine engagement ring with diamonds, make sure that the design provides firm mounting for the diamonds too. Good craftsmanship is another top priority for all high end jewels including an engagement aquamarine ring. Your aquamarine gem stone ring could have a great gemstone and handsome gold weight but, bad craftsmanship can still expose the gem stone to various dangers. Choosing a readymade aquamarine ring for an engagement ring might be cheaper but, it is also risky. Readymade jewels are made to please mass markets, the main purpose is to attract buyers through low price tags. This cannot be done without reducing quality, so the buyer finally gets a bad deal. A custom aquamarine engagement ring would give you good flexibility and also ensure that you get a ring that lasts. Such rings are made to buyer specifications, they might cost a bit more and might take a few weeks to get produced. So order your custom aquamarine gem stone engagement ring well in advance, it will be worth the effort. The RG125u aquamarine ring can be ordered as an 18k of 14k aquamarine ring. You can ofcourse choose a yellow gold or white gold aquamarine engagement ring. Get full details here: http://www.kaisilver.com/aquamarine-engagement-ring-01.htm

Monday, August 25, 2008

Fashion Jewelry, The Young Generation

Fashion jewelry is generally worn by the younger generation. Such jewelry might be worn to match the casual wear clothes and should be trendy. Buyers often request for cheap fashion jewelry, something that most jewelers do not stock. Some recent entries in the fashion jewelry market have started to provide exciting and trendy fashion jewelry at down to earth prices. It is indeed heartening to see these sellers cater to the young market where fashion and low prices need to be combined. The Azjewelrystore website has some exciting fashion jewels at amazingly low prices. The AA-01 bracelet combines mother of pearl, pearls and beads to create a terrific jewel. You can see this and other fashion jewels here: http://www.azjewelrystore.com:80/index_files/Page336.htm Or see the entire collection at: http://www.azjewelrystore.com/

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Affordable Jewelry, Leapord Quartz Pendant

There was a time when gold prices were affordable to many more people than today. Today's gold prices have driven gold jewelry out of the budgets of many of us. Many people wear jewelry because it makes them feel good or because, of some supernatural properties attributed to some gems. The AP002 is a classic example of an affordable jewel, this leapord quartz pendant is an impressive 4 cm in height. The simple black chord that comes with this leapord quartz pendant, allows you to get a ready to wear pendant at a price that is below 20 U.S$. The interesting pattern that is naturally formed on this quartz gemstone adds value and beauty to the pendant. You do not have to be a great believer in gemstones to admire this beauty. The 4cm height of the pendant makes it suitable for men and ladies. Just remember that this is not an unbreakable piece of plastic, it is a natural stone that has been skillfully cut to create a stunning jewel.

Get more information on this leapord quartz pendant at this link: http://www.angjewels.com/stone-pendant-ang-01.htm or visit the Angjewels website at this link: http://www.angjewels.com/ The site promises to continue delivering affordable jewelry for everyone.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Male Cladagh Ring, The Importance Of The Gemstone And Metal

If you compared the features of a ladies cladagh ring and a male cladagh ring, there would not be much difference as far as features of these two cladagh rings are concerned. The crown, hands and heart form the important features of any cladagh ring. Infact these are the essential features of any cladagh ring as they represent the meaning and significance of the cladagh ring. If you have ever tried to understand the history of the cladagh ring, you will know that the first cladagh ring was gifted by a man named Robert Joyce to his beloved. This was over 375 years ago in a small Irish fishing village named cladagh.

However, the meaning and tradition of the cladagh ring has today made the ring very popular among ladies and men. The main difference between the cladagh ring worn by ladies and men would be the, difference in dimensions and weight. Since mens rings are generally larger, a cladagh male ring would need higher metal weight to ensure that it is strong and sturdy. This becomes an important factor when pricing gold male cladagh rings. The prices of gold have increased by over 70% in the past 7 to 8 years, a heavy gold ring would today carry a hefty price tag. This probably is one of the most important reasons why, sterling silver male claddagh rings have a higher popularity among males. Making a light weight gold cladagh ring also makes the ring fragile and it can bend or dent easily. Reputed jewelers like Kaisilver have constantly advised buyers that a sturdy silver ring is always better than a lightweight flimsy gold ring. High pressure selling tactics adopted by other jewelry sellers does not allow them to make such honest and straightforward recommendations.
Another important aspect of a male cladagh ring would be gemstone selection. Large rings would need a correspondingly larger gemstone. This can mean a high expense in gemstones like emeralds, rubies, sapphires, tanzanite and even tourmaline, aquamarine and iolite. There are options to handle this situation, these are both good and interesting. Firstly if you are interested in a male gemstone cladagh ring, choose modestly priced gems. Good options would be, black onyx, carnelian (shown in the MAN60 image), red garnet, amethyst, smoky quartz, citrine, bloodstone, blue lapis, sodalite, malachite, stabilized turquoise etc. Another good idea would be to leave your male cladagh ring without a gemstone. In this case the center of the ring (heart portion) would be made of solid metal. If you wish to try something interesting, consider a two tone cladagh male ring. Let the entire ring be made in white gold and include a yellow gold heart, or vice versa.
Get more details on the MAN60 male cladagh ring at this link: http://www.gemstonejewelry.kaijewels.com/man-claddagh-ring-kj-60.htm It is one of the few high quality male cladagh rings that you will find. Custom made with good craftsmanship and a wide range of gemstone options, the Kaisilver cladagh ring is today respected all over the globe.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Good Side Of Rising Petrol Prices

There has been a tremendous uproar regarding rising petrol prices. High fuel prices have been the main cause of price rises of many commodities. It is hard to imagine any good coming out of high petrol prices but, there are few silver linings. Many people believe that high petrol prices will keep many people away from the roads. This could reduce accidents and save precious lives. Asian countries are seeing tremendous increase in mobile internet speeds. This attraction coupled with rising petrol prices could move people to public transport services. You could check your emails and even do some office work while sitting in the sky train or air conditioned bus. As people walk to and fro from bus terminals and train stations, bodies get some well deserved physical activity, something that will have positive effects on health. Governments in developing nations like Thailand, would find better demand for public transport services. This gives better fund sources for expanding and improving existing infrastructure. Rising fuel prices will also reduce air travel, this will be a boon to countries like the U.S. It means less expenses on security checks and also less chances of airborne accidents.

It is not just the issue of looking at things positively, there are some solid advantages that can be derived from high fuel prices. It's time that we became aware of it. For one, thing mankind would realize how limited natural fuels are. This would spur research and development to develop other sources of energy. At the same time, devices that use fuel will be designed to work more efficiently and consume less energy. With more research in more countries, the chances of finding an alternate to oil are high, something that could reduce the importance of the OPEC.

Mens Dragon Pendant, Dragon And Sun Pendant

Dragon pendants have been worn by men for many decades. The belief that the dragon could keep evil away and protect the wearer remains until today. At the same time, the sun is respected as the giver of life and warmth in the absence of which, all living creatures would freeze to death. The MPN03 mens silver dragon pendant brings together two powerful forces, the sun and the dragon. This mens pendant depicts the fiery dragon curled in the center of the blazing sun. The imposing dimensions of this dragon pendant make it suitable for a silver jewel. While dragon gold pendants are not uncommon, the hefty metal weight of this imposing mens pendant might prove to be too expensive in gold. You can choose between a gold or sterling silver men's dragon pendant.

To reign in the power and fury of the dragon and the sun, you will need a sturdy silver ring to go with this pendant. Do not forget to budget for that too, this is one more reason why a silver dragon pendant with a strong and sturdy silver chain makes a good choice. Various civilizations have given different interpretations both good and bad, to the dragon. The Chinese believed that if properly applied, the power of the dragon could keep away evils. We have more information on this dragon pendant at this link: http://www.manpendant.kaijewels.com/man-dragon-pendant-kj-01.htm Also get an idea of the type of silver chains that would be suitable for this imposing sterling silver dragon pendant: http://www.manpendant.kaijewels.com/chain-man-pendant-all-kj-09.htm

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Are Scarves Going Out Of Fashion?

This is not an easy question to answer. Scarves have always enjoyed a good degree of popularity and this has remained more or less constant. However, if you talk of silk scarves it is true that they are getting harder to find. Even Chinese and Korean silk is today being entirely partially replaced by polyester and nylons. For one thing, traditional craftsmen are now reducing in number. Mass produced scarves have ruined the traditional silk industry that once flourished in many Asian countries. Machine made scarves sometimes contain a small proportion of silk, sometimes they contain no silk at all. But they are capable of imitating traditional silk scarf designs that were made popular over many decades. Every seller of machine made scarves would tell you how easy it is to wash, iron and maintain your scarf. They might even go a bit further and explain how painful life would be if you had to use a silk scarf.

After having read the above paragraph, spend a few moments and observe the image of the SCN025 Thai silk scarf. The rich design and excellent silk fabric cannot be reproduced by mass produced imitations. Few sellers like Kaisilver try to keep the tradition of Thai silk alive. A handpicked selection of Thai silk scarves can be seen on their website at this link: http://www.kaisilver.com/scarf-style-th09-ks.htm Take a look and think about the rich heritage of mankind that is rapidly being replaced by more easily made imitations.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Bringing Affordability To Diamond Rings

A diamond ring is one jewel that most ladies would love to wear. Diamond rings are worn for casual wear and also as special occassion rings. Diamond wedding rings and engagement rings are most popular with buyers blessed with substantial budgets. But, what few jewelers would tell you is that it is possible to have diamond ring at a modest price. The first step would be to work with a custom jeweler who would be willing to make your diamond ring based on your requirements and budget. Most jewelers in U.S and Europe do not have their own production facilities, a standard set of readymade diamond rings are imported from countries where skilled craftsmen and low prices exist. The buyer is then forced to make a choice from a collection of standard designs and styles. The jeweler expects to make a huge margin from every diamond ring sold, this limits the buyers to a select few who have lots of money to spare.

So what about the rest of us who cannot afford those extravagant price tags? Kaisilver recently displayed the results of it's latest project, The Affordable Diamond Ring Project. This project aimed at creating a collection of genuine diamond rings that looked good without being flimsy and weak. The task is achieved by allowing buyers a complete customization process of every diamond ring ordered. Buyers can choose a design, change the dimensions and select the size and grade of diamonds that suit their budget. With a production team that includes over 3,500 skilled craftsmen, each diamond ring is custom made to perfection. A designing team comprising 7 top notch designers is at hand to advise buyers regarding design options and suitability. Top executives compared the process of buying a diamond ring to buying a car or a house. Only a fraction of car buyers can afford the latest Rolls Royce but that does not keep them away from buying a car. The same is true of home buyers too, we all love the house that we purchase even if it is not the hottest property in town.

Here are some related links that will give you a better idea of that the 'Affordable Diamond Ring' project can do for you. The awesome RG180 diamond ring shown here is fully described at this link: http://www.kaisilver.com/band-diamond-wedding-01.htm You can also see more diamond rings from Kaisilver at this link: http://diamondrings.customjewelry.org.uk/ If you are not very familiar with diamond rings, we would suggest that you read more about them before you start any selection, there is a great report on this link: http://www.claddagh-rings.com/articles/diamond-ring-information.htm Detailed information that few other jewelers would care or dare to provide is revealed on the above links.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Male Birthstone Wedding Ring, Recent Trends

Few of us have not come across male wedding rings with birthstones. These wedding rings have the birthstone of the man set in them. However, recent trends have added new meaning and dimension to birthstone male wedding rings. The first attempt to enhance the meaning of a male wedding ring was to exchange birthstones in the ring. This meant that, the wife would wear a ring with the birth stone of the husband and vice versa. Such birthstone wedding rings were believed to strengthen the bond between the couple. The true meaning and value of such birthstone wedding rings became more aparent when, the husband or wife had to be far away from each other to attend to their professional duties. A good example of such a situation would be in the case of armed services personnel. At such times wearing an exchanged birthstone wedding ring, replaces the physical distance between the couple by a much deeper spiritual closeness.
Going a step further, you could have a male wedding birth stone ring where the husband and wife wear rings with two birthstones. Each of the rings has a birthstone of the husband and wife. Such birthstone wedding rings need not be similar in design concept, all that is implied is that each wedding ring have the birthstones of the couple. The continued development of wedding rings with birthstones and the variations being seen, reflect the need of modern life. The need for a married couple to stay together through good times and tough times.
A more complete report dealing with male birthstone wedding rings can be seen at this link: http://www.man-wedding-ring.com/male-birthstone-wedding-ring-mwr-01.htm Such information is not easy to find as most jewelers are interested in just sales and profits and do not care to spend time or money, doing research on the need and meaning of various jewelry trends.

You can also access one of the most comprehensive resources dedicated to men's wedding rings at this link: http://www.man-wedding-ring.com

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

What Is Unpolished Rice or What Is Brown Rice?

The above image shows two similar types of rice, the seed on the left is brown because of the bran layer that is still left on the seed. The seed on the right is polished to take away the bran layer. Brown rice is unpolished rice that has the bran layer left on the seed, it is edible and many people eat unpolished rice for various health benefits that it provides. It has been medically proved that unpolished rice provides good fiber content for the body, it is also believed to reduce cholestrol and blood sugar levels. Unpolished rice and polished rice are quicked in a similar way but, the unpolished rice needs one more step to be performed. You should soak the unpolished rice for around 20 to 25 minutes before cooking. This soaking helps to soften the bran layer on the unpolished rice. If you are trying to eat unpolished rice for the first time try mixing 1 portion of polished rice with 1 portion of unpolished rice. The soaking would ideally be done only for the portion of the rice that is unpolished. Gradually reduce the proportion of polished rice and you could soon eat a complete meal with unpolished rice. When you purchase unpolished rice, do not buy too much of it because the rice could go stale. The rancid smell that is got with stale unpolished rice is because of the oils in the bran that go stale. In many countries you will find a few types of unpolished rice, one type is where the rice is partially polished but not fully polished. Such rice would appear a slight creamy white on the seeds.
Get the complete report on unpolished rice at this link: http://www.health.food-recipe-cooking.com/brown-rice-health-benefit.htm

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Why Are Eggplants Rubbed With Salt Before Cooking?

Many recipes that use eggplants as an ingredient recommend the eggplant pieces or slices to be rubbed with salt before cooking. We would recommend that you do not follow this practise without considering a few things. Firstly, there is no need to rub salt on the eggplant if the recipe does not require the eggplant to be fried. Rubbing salt on the eggplant pieces or slices is supposed to reduce the amount of oil that the eggplant absorbs. So if your eggplant recipe does not require you to fry the eggplant, do not worry about the salting process. Another thing to remember is that fresh and tender eggplants will not absorb much salt when fried, so if you are using such eggplants leave out the salt rubbing process. The salt process is required only if the eggplant is overmatured and stale, such eggplants do absorb a lot of oil when fried. Another very important thing to remember is that, the salt (if used) should be washed off the eggplant just before frying. Retaining the salt could affect your health and also affect the taste and flavour of your eggplant dish. Get more information regarding the eggplant or aubergine (another name) at this link: http://www.thaifood.food-recipe-cooking.com/eggplant-aubergine-vegetable-01.htm Also refer to a more complete list of Thai food ingredients at this link: http://www.food-recipe-cooking.com/thai-food-ingredients-01.htm

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Can I Wear A Fire Opal Ring All The Time?

Can A Fire Opal Gemstone Ring Be Worn All The Time?

Most buyers could answer this question themselves if, their jeweler had provided clear explanations regarding the properties of a fire opal gemstone. In any case, let's try to understand the fire opal gemstone here. Every gemstone has it's own properties that need to be considered when wearing or cleaning the gemstone, so do not be put off by what you hear about the fire opal gemstone. Firstly, moisture is an important component of all opals and fire opal is no exception. The beauty of any opal depends to a significant degree on this naturally existing moisture in the gemstone. If you expose your fire opal to heated conditions, the moisture could evaporate and take away the beauty of the gemstone. Remember, that the fire opal gemstone can break when struck by physical impact. So if you wore your fire opal jewelry all day long and did chores like cleaning, washing etc, the possibility of the gemstone being struck by physical impact increases. Chemicals and detergents can also affect the fire opal negatively, you surely do not want to wash clothes or wash your hands while wearing your fire opal ring. Similarly avoid ultrasonic cleaners to wash fire opal gem stone jewelry. There have been a few cases where fire opal gems have cracked when exposed to extreme changes in temperature. The emphasis here is on the word extreme. You should probably worry about this if you are living in a room that is very cold and then walk out into an area where the temperature is very hot. The problem of fire opals cracking with extreme and sudden changes in temperature are very rare so no undue worry is called for.

Before you decide that the fire opal is a very fussy gemstone think about this. If you had an expensive sapphire ring, would you not look after it with great care? Would you not wear the ring only on special occassions and then safely store it away once you returned home? Most of us would answer yes to these questions, then why the worry over the fire opal gemstone? The answer is simple, for all it's beauty and rarity the fire opal gemstone is very modestly priced. People therefore feel that a cheap gemstone is not worth that much caring for!. If you share these ideas too, the sooner you forget them the better. Value your jewelry for the satisfaction it gives you, once you did this you would care for your fire opal ring or other fire opal jewelry as if it were the best jewel in your collection.

Get more information on the fire opal gem stone at this link: http://www.newsletter.kaijewels.com/news015.htm Check out some high quality opal ring designs at this link: http://opalrings.customjewelry.org.uk/

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Heart Pendant, Meaning And Suitability Of Gifting A Heart Pendant

Things To Consider When Gifting A Heart Pendant.

A heart pendant shows love and gives a feeling that you care for someone. It is important to understand the term 'love' when it comes to a heart shaped pendant. Love need not always mean love between husband and wife or, love that will eventually lead to a marriage. A mother could gift a heart pendant to her daughter, a husband could gift a heart pendant to his wife both these actions signify love but in different situations. If you thought that heart pendants were only gifted at Valentine's, change your mind. People gift gold or silver heart pendants for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, mother's day and even for graduation celebrations. When it comes to gifting a jewel to a girl or a lady, almost every occassion is suitable for gifting a heart pendant.

The price for a heart pendant would depend on the type of pendant that you select. Each one of us would fix a budget for a heart pendant based on the occassion for which we are buying the jewel. Valentine's gifts that are exchanged between college students and casual friends could include light weight gold or sterling silver heart pendants. If you were gifting a heart pendant to your wife for her birthday, genuine gemstone heart pendants are a great choice. The PG028 heart pendant is an awesome jewel that flaunts a 30+ carat genuine, handpicked and custom cut heart shaped swiss blue topaz gemstone. Not many gemstones can be found in this size and your choice for genuine gemstone heart pendants would most likely be limited to, swiss blue topaz, london blue topaz, white topaz, sky blue topaz, amethyst, black onyx, turqoise (stabilized), lemon quartz etc. The concept of 'large' in gemstones depends on the type of gemstone that you choose. In the case blue topaz, a heart shaped pendant could be ordered with a gemstone that is even more than 50 carats. However, if you consider a pink tourmaline or green tourmaline heart pendant limit your gemstone size expectation to around 3 to 4 carats at best. On the other hand, a gemstone like ruby, sapphire, emerald and tanzanite can carry hefty price tags as the gemstone size increases beyond 2 carats.

The above design is surely not the only design for a silver or gold heart pendant. You could infact have a solid gold or silver heart pendant with no gemstone at all. If you are on a limited budget but need a ruby, sapphire, emerald, tanzanite or even a diamond pendant consider a simple design. This design could be a simple frame in the shape of a heart, set small gemstones or diamonds all around the edge of the frame. You could also have a sterling silver or gold heart pendant and include a small heart shaped gemstone at the center of the pendant. These are just some design concepts that might interest you when choosing a heart shaped gold or silver pendant.

The metal for your heart pendant could be gold or sterling silver. Remember that it is better to get a well made, sturdy silver heart pendant rather than waste your money on a light weight flimsy gold heart pendant. A light weight heart pendant can bend and dent easily, most cheap heart pendants will have loosely mounted gems. You risk losing the gemstone and incurring frequent repair expenses with such jewels. If you would like a silver heart pendant, consider an antique design. Jewelry with artistic designs look gorgeous when made in sterling silver. Silver is ofcourse more economical as compared to gold.

When working on a budget for your heart pendant, keep the chain in mind. Will you be gifting the chain too? Would you expect the receiver to buy a chain to wear the heart pendant on? If you prefer to gift the chain and pendant work on the price point for each of them. You might find it more feasible in such cases to choose a sterling silver heart pendant with a sterling silver chain. As we had mentioned above, the budget that each person would allot for a heart pendant would depend on the occassion.

If you are interested in a heart pendant like the PG028, read more details regarding gemstone options and sizes at this link: http://www.kaisilver.com/pg028_01.htm Evaluate the design specifications, the information could guide you in making the right decision no matter where you buy your heart pendant from. A classic 3 diamond heart shaped pendant that is surprisingly affordable can be seen at this link: http://www.kaisilver.com/diamond-heart-pendant-ks-01.htm

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Are Emerald Rings Durable, Understanding Emeralds

When you talk of durability of an emerald or any other gemstone you need to understand the properties of the gemstone. The physical properties of a gemstone would include the color of the gemstone and the hardness of the gemstone. Not all gemstones are made equally hard and are therefore not equally durable. However, people love gemstones because of their color, texture or even because of their price and rarity. The emerald is a rare gemstone and good quality emeralds are very scarce these days. As the emerald gemstone mines produce increasingly smaller gems and gems with low clarity, the price tags on emeralds move steadily upwards. At the same time, a high price tag does not mean that your emerald is very strong and durable. So let us understand the properties of an emerald gem stone.

Firsly, all emeralds contain inclusions, cracks and inclusions are also common in emerald gemstones. A good quality emerald could be defined as one that has fewer inclusions and fissures or, where these are not present on the surface of the gemstone. Unless you talk of very small emerald gem stones, 'eye clean' is a term that is unlikely to be relevant to this gemstone. Yet, emerald lovers are willing to pay high prices for these gems, emerald has a history that dates back to many centuries. The rich, famous and beautiful were all fascinated by this green gemstone. It was also known to be one the favourite gemstones of Cleopatra. History later proved that, many of her 'emeralds' were in fact peridot, but she did love emeralds. A gemstone with inclusions could crack with physical impact, if the fissures are very long the probility of breaking or chipping also increases.

Different gems have differrent degrees of hardness and this is measured on the Moh's scale of hardness. The hardest gemstone used in jewelry is a diamond and it is rated at a whole 10. Emeralds come in at around 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness. This is considered to be a fairly good hardness of gems but, the fact that all emeralds have inclusions and fissures needs to be considered too. The fissures and cracks that naturally occur in emerald reveal themselves as gaps, this makes the gemstone more likely to break on physical impact. You should therefore try to protect your emerald ring from physical impact.

Another factor that needs to be understood regarding emerald rings is that, all emerald gems are treated with natural oils. This has been done for centuries and is responsible for increasing the lustre of emeralds. The oils ofcourse seep into the cracks and fissures of the emerald gem stone and soften their appearance. With this knowledge you will know that your emerald ring cannot be soaked in water or kept near a heat source. Anything that could cause the natural oils to dry up or leak out would affect the beauty of your emerald gem stone ring.

When you read the above details do not be alarmed, all gems have specific properties and these will need to be considered when wearing, storing or cleaning them. For example, Kunzite fades in strong light, fire opal does not like very rapid temperature changes, opals need to be kept out of heat as they naturally contain moisture. So keep the properties of the emerald in mind when you wear or clean your emerald ring. It is an expensive gemstone and most people would take great care of it, understanding the features of the gemstone will ensure that you direct your efforts in the right direction.

The design of your emerald ring could go a long way to increase the durability of your ring, so choosing the right design is important. Visit this link to see some excellent, researched design ideas for emerald rings. http://www.kaisilver.com/emerald-engagement-ring-01.htm

Friday, March 21, 2008

Durian, Ways In Which The Thais Eat Durian

How Is The Durian Fruit Eaten In Thailand?
Few visitors to Thailand would have not come across the durian fruit in some form or the other. The fruit has a very strong smell, the main thing is that some people love the smell of the durian and some people hate it. Many reputed hotels in Thailand do not allow you to eat durian in your room, this is because the strong smell sticks to bed, curtains in the room. It will take a lot of effort to remove the smell from the carpet of a room that had durian fall or thrown on it! Some airlines require durian to be well wrapped so that the smell is retained inside the container. But most Thais love the durian and it is eaten in a number of ways.
Eating plain durian: The most common way in which Thai people eat durian is to open the fruit, separate the outer skin and eat the inner portion. You should know that durian has a high sugar content and should therefore be eaten in moderation. Not many Thais heed this advice though.
Durian and sticky rice: Mango is one of the fruits that is often consumed with sticky rice, durian is another. Sticky rice is special type of rice that gets to be quite sticky once quicked. Sweetened coconut milk is added to cooked sticky rice and durian eaten along with it. We have included a link below to the mango sticky rice recipe, follow the same recipe and replace the ripe mangoes with durian. You would have the complete recipe for durian sticky rice.
Durian chips: The Thais have a never ending eating spree of various snacks. Durian pieces are cut into fine chips and fried, modern ovens have also been devised to make these durian chips. These durian chips are eaten at any time of the day and for durian lovers, form a good option when fresh durian is unavailable due to the season change.
Durian paste: This is a sticky paste of processed durian, a darkish yellow and very sweet. Many vendors add generous amounts of sugar when making this paste. This adds to the sweetness and also takes advantage of the fact that sugar is a good preservative. This is a product that is manufactured in the durian season when the fruit is available in abundance.
You might want to try the recipe for the durian sticky rice Thai dessert. Refer to the mango sticky rice recipe on this link and replace the mango with durian. There is quite a lot sugar in durian and sugar is added as an ingredient in the recipe too. It is best to eat the dessert in moderation. http://www.thaifood.food-recipe-cooking.com/mango-sticky-rice-recipe-vg-th-01.htm

More Thai dessert recipes can be seen at this link: http://www.food-recipe-cooking.com/thai-food-desserts-01.htm

Monday, March 17, 2008

Antique Rings, The Suitability Of Sterling Silver

An antique ring style would need to include some important features to make it appear like an antique ring. Most of the essential features of an antique ring would ideally be done in sterling silver. For one thing, an antique ring would require a healthy metal weight. This is because during the times that antique rings were made, precious metals were really not all that expensive. Another possibility is that, people who could not afford the price of an antique ring with good weight would not wear a jewel at all. In current times the prohibitive price of gold, makes it unattractive for a large antique ring design with good gold weight. Sterling silver is therefore a better option when making a ring with an antique design.
Another fact is that, you would expect an antique ring design to appear old and antique. The natural tarnish that appears on all silver jewelry, creates a classic and antique appearance on sterling silver rings. This is surely an essential feature that would be expected of all antique rings. It is possible to control tarnish and allow only slight tarnish to remain on your antique silver ring.
Attractive pricing would be a plus point for any product, this is true of antique silver rings too. The fact that silver is far cheaper than gold allows you to get a solid, sturdy and imposing antique silver style ring. You therefore get an antique silver ring that lasts long and does not bend or deform easily.
You could get better examples of antique sterling silver rings at this link http://www.kaisilver.com/hsr01_h.htm You will see some amazing design concepts for antique silver rings, observe how gem stones can add meaning and beauty to your silver rings and other jewelry.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Men's Sterling Silver Ring, The Recommended Choice

There are many reasons why you should consider going for a men's sterling silver ring. One of these is surely the economical price that could get you a good quality sterling silver men's ring. Consider the fact that men's rings would have fairly large size and dimensions. Then remember that, proportional metal weight will be required to make the ring strong and sturdy. A light weight men's ring could bend and dent, have loose gem stone mounting and incur frequent repairing expenses. This is even more true in recent times as mounting gold prices, have taken gold jewelry out of the budget of most of us. In these circumstances a sterling silver men's ring gives you an option for a well made sturdy and durable ring.

It is true that most jewelers do not prefer to make silver rings for men, this relates not only to men's silver ring but to all silver jewelry. Gold jewelry offers better profit margins for the jeweler, a light weight junk gold jewel is often peddled with much fanfare and publicity! At the same time it is also true that many buyers, do not understand the meaning of a true high end silver men's ring. There is a big difference between a mass produced sterling silver men's ring and a silver ring that is custom made with good weight, craftsmanship and gem stones. A custom ring could contain the gem stone of your choice, it would also have a weight that is proportionate to your ring size and dimensions. Mass produced jewelry is made to please mass markets, compromise on quality, metal weight and even gem stone options are required to do this.

You should therefore look for a jeweler who is willing to make a good quality custom sterling silver men's ring for you. This might not be an easy task but keep looking and you will surely find one. If you are looking for a sterling silver men's ring for a special occassion like a wedding, engagement or birthday provide sufficient time for the search. A custom jeweler would surely need to make your custom silver men's ring from scratch, the gem stone will be custom cut as required by the mounting too. Get more information and ideas for your men's sterling silver ring from this link http://www.jewellery.kaijewels.com/man-sterling-silver-ring.htm

Monday, February 25, 2008

Diamond Options For Men's Diamond Wedding Ring

Most buyers believe that a man diamond wedding ring would be priced too high for their budget. This thought is so deep rooted that, most men do not even consider a diamond men's wedding ring when looking for a wedding ring. A little understanding of the way diamonds are priced and the design options, for a diamond men's wedding ring would help to clear things up. This information will be specially invaluable for those of you who are looking for an affordable diamond man wedding ring.
Diamonds, size and price: Diamonds are priced per carat (weight unit) but, a larger diamond would be priced much higher (per carat) as compared to a smaller diamond. This holds true when comparing diamonds of equal quality. Using this information, you should try to choose a diamond men's wedding ring with a few smaller diamonds rather than go for one large diamond. This would mean that for a similar price your ring with a few small diamonds would have better quality diamonds. Do not go for cluster diamond rings with numerous small diamonds, such rings often suffer from the problem of loosening diamonds that could even drop off. The MAN56 ring shown above is a good choice for such a ring. A diamond size of 3mm to 4mm is a good size for such men's diamond wedding rings.
Quality of diamonds: Diamonds are available in various grades and clarity. Without getting caught in severe technical jargon, choose a diamond that is natural and looks good to the human eye. Rest assured that you could get a diamond men's wedding ring with the best diamond on this planet, but the price tag on such a ring would sound more like a telephone number! If you are on a budget, stop wasting money on such rings. Most jewelers show you the highest priced items, they wish to recover their overheads on rent, salaries, staff commissions, etc by making one single sale! Also, beware of the low quality powdery opaque diamonds sold on the gigantic television sale channels and department stores. These are junk diamonds and no one besides these huge business houses could get away with peddling such junk. Remember that, we are discussing about a diamond wedding ring for men that looks good to the human eye.
Synthetics and look alikes: Cubic zircon (synthetic), moissanite (synthetic), white sapphire (natural), zircon (natural) are used as diamond look alikes. Such substitutes help to moderate the price tag and are useful if you are looking for the design of a man diamond wedding ring but, not particular about the diamond being natural. When you get a men's wedding ring with one of these gems, make sure that your price tag reflects that too. Moissanite for some reason is priced very high, though it is not a natural diamond. Think twice before pouring your hard earned money on this option.
Colored diamonds: Colored diamonds are today available in two types, naturally colored and enhanced colored. A men's wedding diamond ring with a naturally colored (not white) diamond would be priced very high. Natural pink, yellow, green, brown and even black diamonds carry significant price tags, such diamonds are very rare. You could also consider using an enhanced color diamond for your diamond men's wedding ring. Such a diamond is a natural diamond that is treated for color, price is obviously more tame as compared to the price of a naturally colored diamond. The hardness of the enhanced color diamond is not affected during the treatment and the color is permanent. A brown, blue-green or champagne colored enhanced diamond is a good choice for a men's diamond wedding ring.
Keep the above information in mind when looking for a men's wedding ring with diamonds. The idea is not to sell you a ring but rather, to educate you and guide you to make a well informed purchase. This works to everyones advantage as high pitched sales talk, could cause you to waste your money on a wrongly selected ring. The diamond is the hardest gemstone to be used in conventional jewelry, it represents something that is endless, durable and bright. A men's diamond wedding ring can be affordable no matter what your jeweler tries to tell you. Read more information on diamond men's wedding rings at this link: http://www.man-wedding-ring.com/mens-diamond-wedding-ring-th-mwr-01.htm

Friday, February 22, 2008

Lemon Grass Paste, What Is Lemon Grass Paste

Anyone who has made Thai food or even read recipes for Thai food would have come across lemon grass, one of the most popular ingredients in Thaifood. For those who have never heard of lemon grass, the name can be a bit confusing. This is because lemon grass does not look similar to any of the conventional grass types the we normally come across. Lemon grass looks more like a stem and has a delicious aroma that is released as it is cooked. The image above shows some pieces of lemon grass, these are not the same as stems of the spring onion plant.
If you plan to cook any Thai food dish, the chances that the dish would need lemon grass as an ingredient are high. These days, fresh lemon grass is available in almost all countries but, it is possible that the local grocery near you does not stock fresh lemon grass. There are a few alternatives for using fresh lemon grass, the first is dried lemon grass powder. You can follow the instructions provided on the packets and use these as substitutes for lemon grass. Please remember to read the storing instructions carefully. The lemon grass paste will need to be kept at fairly low temperatures. Since the lemon grass powder will need to be kept dry, a refrigerator is a good place to store the powder or paste lemon grass.
You can read more about lemon grass at this link: http://www.thaifood.food-recipe-cooking.com/lemon-grass-01.htm

Online Security, We All Have A Right To Know

Online transactions have today become more popular than ever. Buying a product or service over the internet provides many types of benefits. Comparison price shopping can be done easily and conveniently, this ensures that you get the right product at the right price. For travel related issues like hotel reservations and bookings, the rates quoted for bookings done over the Internet are very often cheaper than what you would get by booking at an agent or airline. Various forms of payment are available to pay for products or services purchased over the Internet.

Along with the rapid development of online trade has come another new but, unwelcome development. This is related to the threats to online security and privacy. There was a time when the trust that was required to trade only related to the buyer and seller. Things are different today, the party that poses an online threat could be neither a buyer nor a seller. The other important thing to understand is that, the number and severity of threats is constantly increasing. It is today possible for a financially healthy business, to get financially crippled by some of these threats.

Ideally it is the seller who should take the pains to explain these threats to prospective buyers. The buyer can then do a transaction with caution and take necessary steps to reduce or eliminate the chances of such threats. Sellers however fear that, informing buyers could keep them (buyers) away from completing transactions online. Very few online sellers are willing to educate buyers, Kaisilver has been a pioneer in increasing public awareness regarding online security threats. An extensive blog is maintained to explain the latest threats to online security. You can visit the blog at: http://extrajewel.com/security

Friday, February 15, 2008

Inlay Ring, How To Look After Inlay Rings

To understand how to look after an inlay ring, you will need to have a brief background of the process used to make an inlay ring. If you observe the ring MAN29 image, you will notice that the various gemstones are flush with the gold mounting. This accomplished by an intricate production process referred to as inlay. The metal casting is first made with the design, the gemstone shapes are defined as depressions in the casting. The gemstones are then 'sliced' into thin pieces and stuck into the depressions. The sticking is done by using a special glue, this holds the stone on the metal.

At this point, the gemstones would be protruding above the depressions in the metal mountings and will not be flush with the mounting. The mounting with the gemstones stuck is left to dry for around 24 to 36 hours. The gems firmly stick themselves to the mounting and the next process begins. In this phase the ring is polished, this is done with the metal and gemstones. The gemstones are polished off, the portion that extends above the mounting would now be flush with the metal. The final result can be seen in the image shown above.

After reading the above process you will realize that, the glue is an important component of the ring. There are no prongs or metal borders to hold the gemstone in place. The glue will weaken if the ring is soaked in water or any other liquid. Ultrasonic cleaners should never be used to clean inlay rings. Further, ver few jewelers are equipped with the equipment and skill necessary to create or repair an inlay ring. Replacing loose inlaid gems would therefore be a tough and expensive issue. For this reason it is important to keep your inlay ring safe and avoid soaking it. Heated conditions could also weaken the glue, so avoid this too. It is normally believed that, dry environments increase the lifespan of inlay rings. Humid conditions probably affect the firmness of the glue mounting.

More details of inlay rings and ways to look after inlay rings can be found in this highly informative jewelry newsletter. http://www.newsletter.kaijewels.com/news011.htm

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Silver Rings Need Not Mean A Compromise In Quality

Silver mother's ringSterling silver cat ring
Sterling silver claddagh ringAntique silver ring design

It is true that most jewelers give a shabby treatment to buyers wishing to buy silver rings. Good designs and craftsmanship for silver rings is quite hard to find. Infact it has almost been accepted as a rule that, silver rings will be made with low quality gems and crude craftsmanship. Not everyone who wishes to wear a silver ring does so just because it is cheaper than gold. The classic touch and appearance of a silver ring has earned it a substantial loyal following. The importance of silver rings has also been highlighted due to the prohibitive price of gold. Designers continue to design gold rings with increasingly lower weights, this results in a compromise on longterm durability. Simple reasoning should convince you that, a good quality and well made silver ring is better than a light weight piece of junk made in gold. Ofcourse, there is nothing wrong if you can afford a high priced gold ring that is made with sufficient gold weight.

It is also not necessary that gemstones in silver rings should be manmade or very low quality natural gems. Many natural gems are modestly priced and can be used in silver jewelry. Gems like peridot, citrine, amethyst, blue topaz, garnet, onyx, carnelian, quartz and quite a few more can be had in good color and quality. So do not believe a jeweler who makes you believe that a silver ring with a good quality natural gem stone is not possible to find or make. The same is true of the design for your silver ring, it is possible to make a single piece good quality silver ring with, good design, weight and gemstone. Such a ring will ofcourse not be as cheap as a mass produced machine pumped silver ring, mass production is always bundled with low quality craftsmanship. If you are willing to understand that a single piece silver ring will involve putting in a lot of individual attention and effort, then understanding the price tag of a good quality custom silver ring will not be a problem.

The silver rings shown on this page display an exclusive collection of good quality silver rings. Each ring is made as per buyer specifications with a gemstone selected by the buyer. There is no compromise on metal weight and no compromise on quality of craftsmanship. The rings are shown here with courtsey of http://www.silverrings.kaijewels.com the world's largest online provider of high quality custom jewelry in gold or sterling silver. Read the information on the link and know what to request and expect when you are looking for a silver ring.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

How To Wear The Claddagh Ring

The Claddagh ring is today known in almost every country, people understand the meaning and features of the ring. However, not many people really know how to wear the claddagh ring. You should know that the right way to wear the Claddagh ring depends on the meassage that you want to convey. The way you wear your claddagh ring will reveal certain essential details of your intentions.
Wear the claddagh ring on your right hand with the tip of the heart pointing towards your finger nail if, you want to reveal that your heart is vacant and open to consider a relationship. On the other hand if your heart is taken, but with no commitment to marriage as yet, wear the claddagh ring on the right hand with the tip of the heart pointing inwards towards your wrist. If you have committed to a marriage and are almost married, then it would be right to wear your claddagh ring on the left hand point the heart inwards towards your wrist.
You should know that the calddagh ring denotes love, friendship and loyalty. You could wear the claddagh ring for just about any reason, wedding, engagement, friendship, casual wear or even as a promise ring. When you think about the right way to wear a claddagh ring, remember that the hand on which it is worn (left or right) and the direction in which the tip of the heart points (towards the finger nail or wrist) will define the meaning of the ring.
This report has been compiled with information from: http://www.claddagh-rings.com/wearing-claddagh-ring.htm The website is considered to be one of the most respected authorities on all issues related to the Irish claddagh ring.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Soaking Brown Rice, Should Brown Rice Be Soaked Before Cooking?

If you compare the cooking process between conventional white rice and unpolished brown rice, there is not much difference between the two. So then, why is it recommended to soak brown rice before cooking? To understand what soaking brown rice does to the rice grains, you will need to understand what exactly gives brown rice the brown color.

Rice grains that are harvested are first processed to take off the top stiff layer called 'husk', this is done for both white rice and brown rice. Below the husk layer of the rice seed is a reddish brown layer, which is like a think skin hugging the grain, this is called bran. The above image shows that brown layer, this is what gives brown rice the brown color. If you had to go one step further and process these brown rice grains, you would get the white rice that most of us eat. A special polishing process is adopted to 'rub' off this bran layer from the seeds. Avoid the polishing process and you will get unpolished brown rice.

Now, the bran layer is a bit stiff and is what gives cooked brown rice it's rich, whole and nutty flavour. This layer needs to be softened in the cooking process, the soaking of brown rice does just that. The brown rice grains are soaked in water for 25 to 30 minutes to soften the bran layer. Once this is done, the cooking process that is normally followed for conventional white rice can be used for brown rice too. Some cook books recommend extra cooking time to instead of soaking brown rice but, this is not recommend. Too much of cooking will surely destroy some of the nutrients in brown rice. It is therefore advisable to soak brown rice before cooking.

More information regarding brown rice and other food ingredients can be found at this link: http://www.food-recipe-cooking.com/thai-food-ingredients-01.htm The website is a non-profit based website maintained by the www.kaisilver.com the leading online custom jeweller.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Galangal Is Not The Same As Danger

Most cooks are familiar with ginger, however there is one ingredient in Thai food that is very often confused for ginger. This is galangal or kalangal, observe the above image and you will agree that galangal does look quite similar to ginger. However, you should know that galangal is not the same as danger. It is very often used in cooking Thai food and is available in fresh form or as dried powder. You will also find galangal being sold as a ready to use paste.

The cooking process for galangal and ginger is quite similar but, galangal has a distinct peppery flavour. You can get more details regarding galangal at this link: http://www.thaifood.food-recipe-cooking.com/galangal-01.htm and a more complete list of thai food ingredients can be found at this link: http://www.food-recipe-cooking.com/thai-food-ingredients-01.htm

Saturday, January 26, 2008

March Birth Stone, Aquamarine and Bloodstone The Birthstones For March

If you were looking for a March birth stone, your choices would be an aquamarine or a bloodstone. It is necessary to understand the physical properties of these March birthstones before making a final decision. The aquamarine is a very pale blue, sometimes near white gemstone. It is interesting to know that most aquamarine that is mined is infact a pale green or blue-green color shade. Heat treatment is used to enhance the color of this March birth stone to a blue shade. The gemstone is good in hardness and is considered to be one of the more durable gems used in conventional jewelry. For gemstone sizes that range from 3mm to around 10x8mm, you can expect to get an eye clean aquamarine gemstone. Jewellers normally price aquamarine according to the color tone, the more pronounced the blue the higher the price. However, for a March birthstone ring, do not worry much about the color. Remember that it is the gemstone type that makes the birthstone. Spend your budget on a larger size and clearer gemstone. Paying a huge price for a top colored aquamarine gemstone will leave you less budget for the metal or diamonds (if any) in your March birth stone ring. This is especially true for man aquamarine gemstone rings, since most men's rings would include large size gemstones.

Another gemstone that is condsidered to be the March birth stone is the bloodstone. Mankind has known this gemstone for many centuries. People value this gem stone not only as the March birth stone but also for it's metaphysical properties. Some people believe that wearing a bloodstone jewel helps blood circulation and cures blood related diseases. In countries like China and India, bloodstone is powdered and used as an ingredient in traditional medicines.

This March birthstone is infact red jasper with red spots. Scientifically, these red spots are due to the presence of ferrous salts, but many Christians believed that they were spots of blood of Christ. Understanding the physical properties of the gemstone is very important, most bloodstone is cut into smooth (cabachon) unfaceted gems. The bloodstone that is currently mined is almost fully green, the red spots would be barely visible. Another thing to note about this birth stone for the month of March is that, cut bloodstone is normally coated with a thin layer of material. This gives the gemstone a shine and also helps bind the gemstone. If you get a bloodstone ring remember not to soak the ring in water, this could ruin the upper coating. An uncoated bloodstone would look dull and lifeless. If you are looking for a bloodstone jewel for it's metaphysical properties, choose a pendant instead of a ring. This is because a pendant would be subjected to far less wear and tear as compared to a ring.

The above information has been provided from the following links, you can get more information at these sites. For information on the MAN64 aquamarine birthstone ring, visit this link: http://www.jewellery.kaijewels.com/man-birth-stone-ring.htm A complete report on the bloodstone can be found here: http://www.jewelry.kaijewels.com/bloodstone-gem-stone-kj-01.htm Some of the most detailed jewelry information is available at this link: http://www.kaijewels.com/

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Pendant Design Should Consider Gemstone Protection

Most of us would select a pendant by looking at it's external appearance, the next thing that would be considered is the gemstone color and type. There is nothing wrong with this process of selecting a pendant but, another important factor needs to be considered. The life of the pendant would depend on the pendant design, craftsmanship and also the shape and cut of the gemstone. We have explained this below with a brief example.

Look at the pendant design PG1007 shown above, it consists of a very simple design concept. A rectangular shaped gemstone is mounted in gold or sterling silver. Give the design a second look and you will realize that, the pointed corners of the gemstone have been neatly covered with gold. This seemingly minor design feature, goes a long way in adding durability to the pendant. A pendant with the corners exposed could very soon develop cracks and chips on the corners.

This is something that every jeweller and most jewelry designers are aware of but, choose to ignore. The reason is that every sellers is hard pressed to create jewelry that pleases mass markets. One of the surest way to please mass markets is to make pendants with low metal weight. This is even more true in the case of sterling silver pendants. Compromising on metal weight works for the jeweller as he is able to flaunt a 'friendly' price tag. Unfortunately it is the buyer who loses in the longterm. The initial savings for a cheap pendant soon turn into a nightmare, expensive repairs and replacements would soon become necessary.

Keep this issue in mind when choosing the design for your pendant. Few of us buy jewellery every week or even every month. We would like our jewelry to look good and stay in shape for a long time. While good care and attention can help, it is necessary for the jewel to have a basically sound design concept. If your jeweller does not care about the longterm condition of what he sells, it is time that you started educating yourself about this.

The PG1007 design has been shown here with the permission of http://www.kaisilver.com/pendnt01.htm a few other excellent pendant design options can be seen at the same link.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Adding More Flavour To Shrimp Paste

Shrimp Paste, Add More Flavour Easily
Shrimp paste is an essential ingredient in many Thai food dishes. Having used shrimp paste in our home cooking for decades, I was quite pleased to learn something new about this ingredient. While reading the recipe for Thai green chicken curry, there was a mention about heating the shrimp paste in a hot grill before using it. The author of the Thai chicken curry recipe suggested, to wrap the shrimp paste in an aluminium file and heat it for 2-3 minutes in the grill. Having never done this before, it did seem like an interesting thing to try out. So while making another Thai dish, I chose to try this out with the shrimp paste. The results were good, the shrimp paste seems to get a much fuller flavour.
Just thought that this might interest you. The chicken curry recipe was found on this website, read below the page and you will see the note on making the green curry paste. http://www.thaifood.food-recipe-cooking.com/green-chicken-curry-thai-nv-01.htm

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Gorgeous Pink Flower On The Hill

Our gemstone buying experts had recently made a trip to Chantabury Thailand. We found that as far as rubies were concerned, attempts to try out various forms of color enhancing treatments were in full swing. The political violence in Burma has become a thing of the past and Burmese rubies are the most common rubies in this part of Thailand.
The image you see here is not a ruby, it is a stunning image of a flower on the top of a hill. The Kaisilver gemstone buying team had taken a short break at a famous waterfall in Chantabury Thailand and this is where the image was taken. The gemstone market in Chantabury seems to be shrinking, many shops that were previously doing nothing but selling or buying gems have changed business. Gold shops, electroninc goods and mobile phones have slowly started taking up shopping space in the gemstone marketing streets.
Consisting mainly of Thais, our gemstone experts never cease to be delighted with the seafood and fruits that are abundantly available. An early morning trip to the Talad Nam Ploo is always something they look forward too. The non Thais in the Kaisilver team enjoy the scenery and natural beauty of this province.
This leisure report is submitted by: http://www.gemstonejewelry.kaijewels.com/ The world's largest and most reputed online jewelry provider.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Gemstone Rings, Gemstone Mounting Influences Durability Of The Gemstone And Ring

Importance Of Gemstone Mounting For Your Gem Stone Ring.
Many people are not aware of the importance of the type of gemstone mounting. This is a feature that should be given more impprtance especially for gemstone rings. It is true that the physical properties of the gemstone will primarily affect the durability of the gemstone but, external factors are equally important. Let us discuss a few issues that should be considered when choosing a gemstone ring.
Gemstone type: Typically the hardness of the gemstone would decide it's durability. A ruby, sapphire or diamond gem are considered to be very hard. Emeralds are not soft but, the fact that all emeralds are treated with natural oils and all emeralds contain natural inclusions means that, you need to be a bit careful when wearing, storing or cleaning your gemstone ring. Do not be under the impression that the more expensive a gemstone the higher it's durability. A tanzanite gemstone ring could be very epensive and yet, we do not recommend wearing tanzanite rings all day long or when doing physical activity like excercising.
Type of mounting: The edges and corners of the gem in your gemstone ring should be protected from physical impact. Pointed gemstone corners can chip or break with physical impact. It is true that the thinnest part of a gemstone is the edges, these again should be looked after carefully. The best mounting for gemstones would be to border the entire gemstone with gold or silver. If this is not possible, at least cover the pointed corners with 'V' prongs. One function of a proper gemstone mounting is to, hold the gemstone firmly and make sure that it does not loosen or drop off from the gemstone ring. The other function is to protect the gemstone from breaking and cracking.
Sufficient care: No matter what the hardness of the gemstone or what the gemstone mounting type used, it is a good idea to take reasonable care of your gemstone ring. Do this when wearing, storing and even cleaning the ring. Your jeweller could provide more specific information related to the gemstone in your ring, make sure that you choose the right jewellers. Certain gems like Kunzite can actually fade when exposed to strong light or heat for long periods. This is something that you should know when thinking of buying a kunzite gemstone ring. In cases of a bloodstone gem stone ring, avoid soaking the ring in water or detergents. Bloodstones are coated with a special material to increase the gloss and lifespan of the gemstone. This coating could get ruined if the gemstone is soaked in water or washed with harsh detergents.
We have provided a good example of the RG171 amethyst diamond ring. The gemstone looks gorgeous, the gemstone is not very fragile. But the type of gemstone mounting with exposed edges and exposed sharp corners means that, this gemstone ring should be worn and stored carefully. We would also not recommend such designs for everyday and full dear wear. The image and details are provided by Kaisilver, the world's largest online provider of high end custom made jewelry. Read more details of this ring from this link: http://www.jewelry.kaijewels.com/amethyst-and-diamond-ring-01.htm
An excellent resource for emerald gemstones can be found at this link http://www.newsletter.kaijewels.com/emerald-gemstone-information.htm We would strongly suggest that you read the complete contents before selecting an emerald gemstone ring. Knowing your gemstone better will help you choose the right design and help you to better look after your favourite gemstone ring.
We have received permission from the extrajewel blog to provide a link to their coverage of the bloodstone. Read more details on this link: http://extrajewel.com/jewelinfo/archives/21 If you would like to stay updated with all gemstone and jewelry information on that blog, keep a close watch on their link at: http://extrajewel.com/jewelinfo/ Fresh content of honest, useful and hard to find gemstone and jewelry information is updated regularly.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Black Onyx, A Great Gemstone For Men's Rings

It is true that black onyx men's rings are worn by many men. It is interesting to know why men's rings with black onyx gems are liked by men This is despite the fact that many men do not like to wear jewelry, especially jewelry with flashing gemstones and glittering diamonds. Men have been known to prefer a style that is quiet and confident rather than, one that is loud and glaring. The black onyx gemstone perfectly suits the preferences of most men, let's see why.
(a) Not glaring: A black onyx gemstone men's ring will not have a gemstone that is bright colored or have a glitter. The gemstone is dark black in color and opaque, something that reminds one of reliability and confidence without being noisy. Watch a man who wears a black onyx gemstone ring and you will see that the ring keeps up to his personality.
(b) Not expensive: Men's rings are normally quite large, this means that the gemstone would be proportionately large too. A black onyx gemstone is modestly priced even in sizes of 3 to 5 carats, this cannot be said for gems like sapphires, rubies, tanzanite and even tourmaline and aquamarine. You could therefore get a good and sturdy men's onyx ring at a reasonable price.
(c) Gold or silver: The modest price and classic black color, make the black onyx gem stone suitable for men's rings in gold or sterling silver. The gemstone will have no problem if a tarnished silver ring is cleaned with recommended silver polish lotions. If you are thinking of a gold men's black onyx ring, the black color of the gemstone would look awesome in yellow or white gold.
(d) Durable: The gemstone in your black onyx men's ring is sufficiently hard and durable. It would not require any extra care when wearing or cleaning. Just make sure that the ring is not struck with direct physical impact, that is all it takes to keep your men's onyx ring in good condition. The good durability of the black onyx gem stone makes it suitable for men's rings as, men do not take too much care of their jewelry.
Get an idea of the types of designs that are suitable for your man onyx ring. Read the details and learn how to evaluate various onyx rings before making your choice. It is not necessary that you make any purchases from this website, the information provided is useful and rarely revealed by other jewellers. http://www.kaijewels.com/man-black-onyx-ring-th-kj-01.htm
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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cell Phone Dangers, Some Unknown Hazards Of Cell Phones

Cell phones have become an integral part of our professional and social life. The usage of cell phones has developed very rapidly, so fast that many dangers of using the cell phone have been overlooked. You would have heard numerous stories about brain damage and other health related issues that can occur with too much of cell phone usage. However there are a few other dangers of cell phones that have not been given sufficient publicity. In recent years, these dangers have been brought to the forefront as serious injuries have been reported.
One of these dangers is, the fatal accident that could occur when using a cell phone while the instrument is being charged. The phones often get heated as they are charged, using them could increase the heat in the instrument and cause it to burst. Incidents have also been reported where cell phones connected to the charging instrument, have exploded in rainstorms. This is due to the lightning being conducted through the wiring in the house or office. The instrument gets electrically charged and can cause a high voltage to be discharged from the cell phone.
Some Asian countries have also reported cases where, instruments being charged have got overheated. The battery was proved to be the problem, overheating caused the battery to burst and cause injury. During the year 2007, Nokia had to recall several batteries from the Indian market as they were found to be defective and prone to burst due to overheating. Initial incidents reported were blamed on fake batteries, faulty handling of the instrument etc. The company was however forced to admit that the batteries were defective, and caused the accident.
Keep these issues in mind when using your cell phone. The instrument started out being a tool or utility in our daily lives, let it not control us and expose us to serious dangers. Read a report on cell phone hazards at this link: http://www.health.food-recipe-cooking.com/mobile-phone-danger-01.htm You can also read more interesting and useful health articles at this link: http://www.health.food-recipe-cooking.com/health-all.htm

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

View From The Wat Sukhim Temple In Chantaburi Thailand

Chantaburi is a province that is around 300 km to the south of Bangkok. The province is better known for it's gemstone trade. An excellent unpolluted climate greets visitors to this wonderful province. Friendly people, lots of sea food and plenty of fruits are some of the main attractions of Chantaburi.

The beautiful image above was taken from the terrace of the famous Wat Sukhim temple in Chantaburi. The temple is built on a hill top and can be reached by climbing a flight of well constructed and well maintained stairs. You can also get yourself pulled up a metal cart drawn by steel wires. A surprising thing about the Wat Sukhim temple is the fantastic array of classic furniture and porcelain wares. These were dontated to the temple by devotees for various reasons and at different times.

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A Painting Done By An Elephant, Chiangmai Thailand

Had a chance to visit Chiangmai, one of the nothern provinces of Thailand in Dec 2006. On a trip to the elephant training grounds in Chiangmai, we were amazed to see something unbelievable. The elephants in the Chiangmai training park actually paint some beautiful pictures on sheets of paper. Check the image above, you will most likely not believe that it was done by an elephant!!!

Before you assume that this is a piece of fiction, a story made up by us, consider making a short trip to Chiangmai and checking this out for yourself. A few elephants paint images on each show, there is also a chance for you to actually bid (auction) and buy a painting made by an elephant.

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