Thursday, January 31, 2008

How To Wear The Claddagh Ring

The Claddagh ring is today known in almost every country, people understand the meaning and features of the ring. However, not many people really know how to wear the claddagh ring. You should know that the right way to wear the Claddagh ring depends on the meassage that you want to convey. The way you wear your claddagh ring will reveal certain essential details of your intentions.
Wear the claddagh ring on your right hand with the tip of the heart pointing towards your finger nail if, you want to reveal that your heart is vacant and open to consider a relationship. On the other hand if your heart is taken, but with no commitment to marriage as yet, wear the claddagh ring on the right hand with the tip of the heart pointing inwards towards your wrist. If you have committed to a marriage and are almost married, then it would be right to wear your claddagh ring on the left hand point the heart inwards towards your wrist.
You should know that the calddagh ring denotes love, friendship and loyalty. You could wear the claddagh ring for just about any reason, wedding, engagement, friendship, casual wear or even as a promise ring. When you think about the right way to wear a claddagh ring, remember that the hand on which it is worn (left or right) and the direction in which the tip of the heart points (towards the finger nail or wrist) will define the meaning of the ring.
This report has been compiled with information from: The website is considered to be one of the most respected authorities on all issues related to the Irish claddagh ring.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Soaking Brown Rice, Should Brown Rice Be Soaked Before Cooking?

If you compare the cooking process between conventional white rice and unpolished brown rice, there is not much difference between the two. So then, why is it recommended to soak brown rice before cooking? To understand what soaking brown rice does to the rice grains, you will need to understand what exactly gives brown rice the brown color.

Rice grains that are harvested are first processed to take off the top stiff layer called 'husk', this is done for both white rice and brown rice. Below the husk layer of the rice seed is a reddish brown layer, which is like a think skin hugging the grain, this is called bran. The above image shows that brown layer, this is what gives brown rice the brown color. If you had to go one step further and process these brown rice grains, you would get the white rice that most of us eat. A special polishing process is adopted to 'rub' off this bran layer from the seeds. Avoid the polishing process and you will get unpolished brown rice.

Now, the bran layer is a bit stiff and is what gives cooked brown rice it's rich, whole and nutty flavour. This layer needs to be softened in the cooking process, the soaking of brown rice does just that. The brown rice grains are soaked in water for 25 to 30 minutes to soften the bran layer. Once this is done, the cooking process that is normally followed for conventional white rice can be used for brown rice too. Some cook books recommend extra cooking time to instead of soaking brown rice but, this is not recommend. Too much of cooking will surely destroy some of the nutrients in brown rice. It is therefore advisable to soak brown rice before cooking.

More information regarding brown rice and other food ingredients can be found at this link: The website is a non-profit based website maintained by the the leading online custom jeweller.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Galangal Is Not The Same As Danger

Most cooks are familiar with ginger, however there is one ingredient in Thai food that is very often confused for ginger. This is galangal or kalangal, observe the above image and you will agree that galangal does look quite similar to ginger. However, you should know that galangal is not the same as danger. It is very often used in cooking Thai food and is available in fresh form or as dried powder. You will also find galangal being sold as a ready to use paste.

The cooking process for galangal and ginger is quite similar but, galangal has a distinct peppery flavour. You can get more details regarding galangal at this link: and a more complete list of thai food ingredients can be found at this link:

Saturday, January 26, 2008

March Birth Stone, Aquamarine and Bloodstone The Birthstones For March

If you were looking for a March birth stone, your choices would be an aquamarine or a bloodstone. It is necessary to understand the physical properties of these March birthstones before making a final decision. The aquamarine is a very pale blue, sometimes near white gemstone. It is interesting to know that most aquamarine that is mined is infact a pale green or blue-green color shade. Heat treatment is used to enhance the color of this March birth stone to a blue shade. The gemstone is good in hardness and is considered to be one of the more durable gems used in conventional jewelry. For gemstone sizes that range from 3mm to around 10x8mm, you can expect to get an eye clean aquamarine gemstone. Jewellers normally price aquamarine according to the color tone, the more pronounced the blue the higher the price. However, for a March birthstone ring, do not worry much about the color. Remember that it is the gemstone type that makes the birthstone. Spend your budget on a larger size and clearer gemstone. Paying a huge price for a top colored aquamarine gemstone will leave you less budget for the metal or diamonds (if any) in your March birth stone ring. This is especially true for man aquamarine gemstone rings, since most men's rings would include large size gemstones.

Another gemstone that is condsidered to be the March birth stone is the bloodstone. Mankind has known this gemstone for many centuries. People value this gem stone not only as the March birth stone but also for it's metaphysical properties. Some people believe that wearing a bloodstone jewel helps blood circulation and cures blood related diseases. In countries like China and India, bloodstone is powdered and used as an ingredient in traditional medicines.

This March birthstone is infact red jasper with red spots. Scientifically, these red spots are due to the presence of ferrous salts, but many Christians believed that they were spots of blood of Christ. Understanding the physical properties of the gemstone is very important, most bloodstone is cut into smooth (cabachon) unfaceted gems. The bloodstone that is currently mined is almost fully green, the red spots would be barely visible. Another thing to note about this birth stone for the month of March is that, cut bloodstone is normally coated with a thin layer of material. This gives the gemstone a shine and also helps bind the gemstone. If you get a bloodstone ring remember not to soak the ring in water, this could ruin the upper coating. An uncoated bloodstone would look dull and lifeless. If you are looking for a bloodstone jewel for it's metaphysical properties, choose a pendant instead of a ring. This is because a pendant would be subjected to far less wear and tear as compared to a ring.

The above information has been provided from the following links, you can get more information at these sites. For information on the MAN64 aquamarine birthstone ring, visit this link: A complete report on the bloodstone can be found here: Some of the most detailed jewelry information is available at this link:

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Pendant Design Should Consider Gemstone Protection

Most of us would select a pendant by looking at it's external appearance, the next thing that would be considered is the gemstone color and type. There is nothing wrong with this process of selecting a pendant but, another important factor needs to be considered. The life of the pendant would depend on the pendant design, craftsmanship and also the shape and cut of the gemstone. We have explained this below with a brief example.

Look at the pendant design PG1007 shown above, it consists of a very simple design concept. A rectangular shaped gemstone is mounted in gold or sterling silver. Give the design a second look and you will realize that, the pointed corners of the gemstone have been neatly covered with gold. This seemingly minor design feature, goes a long way in adding durability to the pendant. A pendant with the corners exposed could very soon develop cracks and chips on the corners.

This is something that every jeweller and most jewelry designers are aware of but, choose to ignore. The reason is that every sellers is hard pressed to create jewelry that pleases mass markets. One of the surest way to please mass markets is to make pendants with low metal weight. This is even more true in the case of sterling silver pendants. Compromising on metal weight works for the jeweller as he is able to flaunt a 'friendly' price tag. Unfortunately it is the buyer who loses in the longterm. The initial savings for a cheap pendant soon turn into a nightmare, expensive repairs and replacements would soon become necessary.

Keep this issue in mind when choosing the design for your pendant. Few of us buy jewellery every week or even every month. We would like our jewelry to look good and stay in shape for a long time. While good care and attention can help, it is necessary for the jewel to have a basically sound design concept. If your jeweller does not care about the longterm condition of what he sells, it is time that you started educating yourself about this.

The PG1007 design has been shown here with the permission of a few other excellent pendant design options can be seen at the same link.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Adding More Flavour To Shrimp Paste

Shrimp Paste, Add More Flavour Easily
Shrimp paste is an essential ingredient in many Thai food dishes. Having used shrimp paste in our home cooking for decades, I was quite pleased to learn something new about this ingredient. While reading the recipe for Thai green chicken curry, there was a mention about heating the shrimp paste in a hot grill before using it. The author of the Thai chicken curry recipe suggested, to wrap the shrimp paste in an aluminium file and heat it for 2-3 minutes in the grill. Having never done this before, it did seem like an interesting thing to try out. So while making another Thai dish, I chose to try this out with the shrimp paste. The results were good, the shrimp paste seems to get a much fuller flavour.
Just thought that this might interest you. The chicken curry recipe was found on this website, read below the page and you will see the note on making the green curry paste.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Gorgeous Pink Flower On The Hill

Our gemstone buying experts had recently made a trip to Chantabury Thailand. We found that as far as rubies were concerned, attempts to try out various forms of color enhancing treatments were in full swing. The political violence in Burma has become a thing of the past and Burmese rubies are the most common rubies in this part of Thailand.
The image you see here is not a ruby, it is a stunning image of a flower on the top of a hill. The Kaisilver gemstone buying team had taken a short break at a famous waterfall in Chantabury Thailand and this is where the image was taken. The gemstone market in Chantabury seems to be shrinking, many shops that were previously doing nothing but selling or buying gems have changed business. Gold shops, electroninc goods and mobile phones have slowly started taking up shopping space in the gemstone marketing streets.
Consisting mainly of Thais, our gemstone experts never cease to be delighted with the seafood and fruits that are abundantly available. An early morning trip to the Talad Nam Ploo is always something they look forward too. The non Thais in the Kaisilver team enjoy the scenery and natural beauty of this province.
This leisure report is submitted by: The world's largest and most reputed online jewelry provider.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Gemstone Rings, Gemstone Mounting Influences Durability Of The Gemstone And Ring

Importance Of Gemstone Mounting For Your Gem Stone Ring.
Many people are not aware of the importance of the type of gemstone mounting. This is a feature that should be given more impprtance especially for gemstone rings. It is true that the physical properties of the gemstone will primarily affect the durability of the gemstone but, external factors are equally important. Let us discuss a few issues that should be considered when choosing a gemstone ring.
Gemstone type: Typically the hardness of the gemstone would decide it's durability. A ruby, sapphire or diamond gem are considered to be very hard. Emeralds are not soft but, the fact that all emeralds are treated with natural oils and all emeralds contain natural inclusions means that, you need to be a bit careful when wearing, storing or cleaning your gemstone ring. Do not be under the impression that the more expensive a gemstone the higher it's durability. A tanzanite gemstone ring could be very epensive and yet, we do not recommend wearing tanzanite rings all day long or when doing physical activity like excercising.
Type of mounting: The edges and corners of the gem in your gemstone ring should be protected from physical impact. Pointed gemstone corners can chip or break with physical impact. It is true that the thinnest part of a gemstone is the edges, these again should be looked after carefully. The best mounting for gemstones would be to border the entire gemstone with gold or silver. If this is not possible, at least cover the pointed corners with 'V' prongs. One function of a proper gemstone mounting is to, hold the gemstone firmly and make sure that it does not loosen or drop off from the gemstone ring. The other function is to protect the gemstone from breaking and cracking.
Sufficient care: No matter what the hardness of the gemstone or what the gemstone mounting type used, it is a good idea to take reasonable care of your gemstone ring. Do this when wearing, storing and even cleaning the ring. Your jeweller could provide more specific information related to the gemstone in your ring, make sure that you choose the right jewellers. Certain gems like Kunzite can actually fade when exposed to strong light or heat for long periods. This is something that you should know when thinking of buying a kunzite gemstone ring. In cases of a bloodstone gem stone ring, avoid soaking the ring in water or detergents. Bloodstones are coated with a special material to increase the gloss and lifespan of the gemstone. This coating could get ruined if the gemstone is soaked in water or washed with harsh detergents.
We have provided a good example of the RG171 amethyst diamond ring. The gemstone looks gorgeous, the gemstone is not very fragile. But the type of gemstone mounting with exposed edges and exposed sharp corners means that, this gemstone ring should be worn and stored carefully. We would also not recommend such designs for everyday and full dear wear. The image and details are provided by Kaisilver, the world's largest online provider of high end custom made jewelry. Read more details of this ring from this link:
An excellent resource for emerald gemstones can be found at this link We would strongly suggest that you read the complete contents before selecting an emerald gemstone ring. Knowing your gemstone better will help you choose the right design and help you to better look after your favourite gemstone ring.
We have received permission from the extrajewel blog to provide a link to their coverage of the bloodstone. Read more details on this link: If you would like to stay updated with all gemstone and jewelry information on that blog, keep a close watch on their link at: Fresh content of honest, useful and hard to find gemstone and jewelry information is updated regularly.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Black Onyx, A Great Gemstone For Men's Rings

It is true that black onyx men's rings are worn by many men. It is interesting to know why men's rings with black onyx gems are liked by men This is despite the fact that many men do not like to wear jewelry, especially jewelry with flashing gemstones and glittering diamonds. Men have been known to prefer a style that is quiet and confident rather than, one that is loud and glaring. The black onyx gemstone perfectly suits the preferences of most men, let's see why.
(a) Not glaring: A black onyx gemstone men's ring will not have a gemstone that is bright colored or have a glitter. The gemstone is dark black in color and opaque, something that reminds one of reliability and confidence without being noisy. Watch a man who wears a black onyx gemstone ring and you will see that the ring keeps up to his personality.
(b) Not expensive: Men's rings are normally quite large, this means that the gemstone would be proportionately large too. A black onyx gemstone is modestly priced even in sizes of 3 to 5 carats, this cannot be said for gems like sapphires, rubies, tanzanite and even tourmaline and aquamarine. You could therefore get a good and sturdy men's onyx ring at a reasonable price.
(c) Gold or silver: The modest price and classic black color, make the black onyx gem stone suitable for men's rings in gold or sterling silver. The gemstone will have no problem if a tarnished silver ring is cleaned with recommended silver polish lotions. If you are thinking of a gold men's black onyx ring, the black color of the gemstone would look awesome in yellow or white gold.
(d) Durable: The gemstone in your black onyx men's ring is sufficiently hard and durable. It would not require any extra care when wearing or cleaning. Just make sure that the ring is not struck with direct physical impact, that is all it takes to keep your men's onyx ring in good condition. The good durability of the black onyx gem stone makes it suitable for men's rings as, men do not take too much care of their jewelry.
Get an idea of the types of designs that are suitable for your man onyx ring. Read the details and learn how to evaluate various onyx rings before making your choice. It is not necessary that you make any purchases from this website, the information provided is useful and rarely revealed by other jewellers.
A complete blog containing valuable information regarding gemstones and jewelry can be seen at this link: Check it out and stay updated with some exclusive reports on gemstones and jewelry.

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Cell Phone Dangers, Some Unknown Hazards Of Cell Phones

Cell phones have become an integral part of our professional and social life. The usage of cell phones has developed very rapidly, so fast that many dangers of using the cell phone have been overlooked. You would have heard numerous stories about brain damage and other health related issues that can occur with too much of cell phone usage. However there are a few other dangers of cell phones that have not been given sufficient publicity. In recent years, these dangers have been brought to the forefront as serious injuries have been reported.
One of these dangers is, the fatal accident that could occur when using a cell phone while the instrument is being charged. The phones often get heated as they are charged, using them could increase the heat in the instrument and cause it to burst. Incidents have also been reported where cell phones connected to the charging instrument, have exploded in rainstorms. This is due to the lightning being conducted through the wiring in the house or office. The instrument gets electrically charged and can cause a high voltage to be discharged from the cell phone.
Some Asian countries have also reported cases where, instruments being charged have got overheated. The battery was proved to be the problem, overheating caused the battery to burst and cause injury. During the year 2007, Nokia had to recall several batteries from the Indian market as they were found to be defective and prone to burst due to overheating. Initial incidents reported were blamed on fake batteries, faulty handling of the instrument etc. The company was however forced to admit that the batteries were defective, and caused the accident.
Keep these issues in mind when using your cell phone. The instrument started out being a tool or utility in our daily lives, let it not control us and expose us to serious dangers. Read a report on cell phone hazards at this link: You can also read more interesting and useful health articles at this link:

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

View From The Wat Sukhim Temple In Chantaburi Thailand

Chantaburi is a province that is around 300 km to the south of Bangkok. The province is better known for it's gemstone trade. An excellent unpolluted climate greets visitors to this wonderful province. Friendly people, lots of sea food and plenty of fruits are some of the main attractions of Chantaburi.

The beautiful image above was taken from the terrace of the famous Wat Sukhim temple in Chantaburi. The temple is built on a hill top and can be reached by climbing a flight of well constructed and well maintained stairs. You can also get yourself pulled up a metal cart drawn by steel wires. A surprising thing about the Wat Sukhim temple is the fantastic array of classic furniture and porcelain wares. These were dontated to the temple by devotees for various reasons and at different times.

This write up is compiled by the leading online custom jewelry provider from Thailand.

A Painting Done By An Elephant, Chiangmai Thailand

Had a chance to visit Chiangmai, one of the nothern provinces of Thailand in Dec 2006. On a trip to the elephant training grounds in Chiangmai, we were amazed to see something unbelievable. The elephants in the Chiangmai training park actually paint some beautiful pictures on sheets of paper. Check the image above, you will most likely not believe that it was done by an elephant!!!

Before you assume that this is a piece of fiction, a story made up by us, consider making a short trip to Chiangmai and checking this out for yourself. A few elephants paint images on each show, there is also a chance for you to actually bid (auction) and buy a painting made by an elephant.

This article is compiled by the staff at the world's largest online provider of high end custom jewelry.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Man Cross Ring, Simple Design Possible.

Men's rings are not as common as ladies rings, this remains true in recent times too. However, it is important to understand that men's rings generally have meaning and symbolism, though some men do wear rings based on fashion and design. Good examples of men's rings with meaning are the men's claddagh ring, a men's wedding ring and religious men's rings. The holy cross is one of the more popular choices for a men's religious ring. At the same time, most men prefer their ring to be sobre and simple. Keeping this in mind, the MH-02 man cross ring offers a good idea for a men's religious ring.
The ring includes no colorful gems and no flashy diamonds, it is simple and yet makes a definite statement. The benefits of such a design are more than one, such a man cross ring will be acceptable to most men as it is not gaudy. At the same time, since no budget needs to be allocated for expensive gems and diamonds, sufficient budget for metal weight is possible. Good metal weight is very important for the longterm durability of all jewelry, this is especially true of men's rings. You will notice that the design is very suitable for gold or sterling silver, this is very relevant with today's rapidly rising gold prices. The durability of this man cross ring is further enhanced as, there are no gems or diamonds that can loosen, scratch or break.
This man cross ring is surely not the only design that you will find. However, it represents a design concept that is smart and long lasting. The etching of the cross could be replaced by any other design, the star of David, the Egyptian Ankh or the famous claddagh symbol could be etched without a problem. Symbols like the lightning, yin yang and chinese alphabets also have special meaning in jewelry.
We thank the Kaisilver and Kaijewels websites, for allowing us to use this design to demonstrate what a good man cross ring should look like. The image and context for this content was taken from this link:

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Princess Ring, Are There Many Types Of Princess Rings?

More Than One Type Of Princess Ring.

The term princess ring can mean more than one type of ring. To most jewelry buyers and sellers, a princess ring refers to a ring with a diamond that has a 'princess' cut. In the gemstone world a princess cut is basically a square gemstone or diamond with a specific type of cut. You could have princess cut for any gemstone and not just a diamond, however no other gemstone would give the same beauty and glitter as a princess cut diamond. These type of princess rings with princess cut diamonds or other gems, are popular in wedding rings and engagement rings. The RG226 design shown below is a good example of a princess cut diamond ring. More details can be found at this link:

There is another type of ring that is related to royalty and the kings and queens of yester years. Such a ring is also referred to as a princess ring, meaning a ring fit to be worn by a princess. Princess rings of this type are adorned with many gemstones and can include diamonds too. They are antique designs and not very easy to find in today's world. The reason is because such a princess ring needs extremely skilled craftsmen to create. The gemstones in this princess ring would include many gems of differring shapes and sizes. Matching the gems in color, size and shape is a tedious task. Most modern jewelers prefer easy designs that can be made by mechanized operations. Very few jewelers have the resources necessary to create a genuine antique design jewel. The RG109 ring shown below is an example of a Thai princess ring. Information can be found on this link:

The information on this web page will help you better understand the meaning of the term 'princess' ring. As an interesting note, the antique style princess ring would look awesome in sterling silver or gold. The combination of gemstones provides excellent ideas for mixing and matching of gemstones by color preference. Make sure that you work with a jeweler who is willing to provide complete customization for your ring.

Is It Safe To Use Paypal For Online Payments?

This question is not an easy one to answer. There is no method for online payments that is 100% safe, this is the truth no matter what ecommerce sellers tell you. However, being aware of the dangers of using a particular form of online payment will help you reduce or even eliminate the risks associated with using it. There was a time when online buyers were afraid of being cheated by online sellers. In recent times, the fear of fraud haunts both sellers and buyers. The reason is because the fraudsters are very often third parties who are not part of the online transaction at all.

Let us explain the concept of Paypal online payments in a simple way. Paypal started of as an independent provider of online payment options. It was subsequently taken over by Ebay (the auction giant). This did good things for Ebay and also gave more credibility to Paypal as a mode of online payment. What Paypal basically does is allows a user (buyer or seller) to open an account and link an email (1 or more emails) to that account. Money is then paid to or received from Paypal account holders, through this email address. Credit card or Debit cards are used as a means to validate whether the Paypal users (buyers and sellers) are genuine. Once you have your paypal account ready, you can fund your account through a bank account (limited to certain countries) or through your verified credit card. You can ofcourse have funds in your Paypal account that consist of Paypal payments received from others.

The main thing is that your credit card details or bank details are never disclosed to the other party to the transaction. This is a very important advantage of using Paypal as a mode of online payment. If you used a credit card instead of Paypal, you would need to keep disclosing your credit card details to every seller that you transacted with. This is dangerous even, in cases where the seller is honest. It is possible that the seller could have his servers hacked, your credit card details then become public. The seller might have a junior staff who either disclosed or robber credit card details and used it for fraudulent purposes. There are numerous incidents when this has really ocurred.

So what are the dangers of using Paypal? Most online accounts whether financial or otherwise, require the use of a username and password. This is true of Paypal too, the confidentiality and security of your account is dependent on these login details. In recent times fraudsters have devised various tricks and gimmicks to extract these important login information from innocent holders of Paypal accounts. This is done through fake emails that are made to seem as if they were sent by Paypal authorities. The victims are directed to fraudulent websites that appear very much like the official Paypal website. The idea is to convince the victim that he or she, needs to login to their Paypal account and take some action. The owner of the fraudulent website syphons off funds from the victimes Paypal account.

The above frauds are not limited to Paypal accounts alone. With the rapid deployment of online banking facilities, fraudsters are now trying to extract bank login information from bank account holders too. The idea is once again to try and access funds from the victims bank account.

Ecommerce is here to stay, people book air tickets, buy merchandise, and pay for various other services through online payment modes. It will not be easy to give up the convenience and economies of making transactions online. For this reason, it is necessary for both buyers and sellers to stay updated regarding various payment frauds. Educating everyone regarding these dangers would go a long way to develop confidence in Internet transactions. However, online sellers are afraid that disclosing the truth might scare buyers. This short sighted attitude is causing many innocent buyers to lose their hard earned money, and also lose confidence in one of the fastest growing business channels, the Internet.

A very useful report regarding the issues involved in using a Paypal account and suggestions to keep your Paypal account safe can be found at this link. Read it and pass the link to your friends, relatives and acquaintances. We will together build a safer and happier ecommerce environment for everyone.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Ruby Ring, 6 Essentials Of A Good Ruby Ring

Few gemstones have fascinated mankind like the ruby has. The importance and popularity of the ruby ring has not diminished for decades. The gemstone is one of the favourites for a casual wear ring or as a special occassion ring like a, ruby wedding, an engagement ruby ring or a ruby ring to celebrate an anniversary. In this article, we will explain 6 of the most important things that you should know about the ruby gemstone. Keep this in mind when shopping for your emerald ring.

Origin: Many gemstones are found in more than one region or country. Rubies for example, are mined in Africa, Burma, Thailand and even in India. Your ruby ring could contain a gemstone that is mined in any of these countries, but the Burmese ruby is always considered to be the preferred source for a ruby gemstone. In recent times, another source of ruby has been discovered. These are the Serengeti rubies from Tanzania, the quality and clarity of these gems is quite low, TV sales channels have however managed to generate some excitement by pushing large sizes of these rubies.

Size: Like most gemstones the ruby is priced per carat, the carat is a weight unit used to weigh gems. However the price of a larger (size) ruby would be much higher per carat, as compared to the price of a smaller ruby gemstone. This is something that you should keep in mind when buying a ruby ring. As the size of the gemstone in your ruby ring increases, you will need to prepare yourself to pay much more and also, accept more visible flaws in the gemstone. To give you an estimate of size, a ruby gemstone that is over 2 carats in weight, can be considered to be a large ruby gemstone.

Color and Clarity: Most buyers are aware that color and clarity influence the price of a gemstone. However the degree of color and clarity that is acceptable, varies from gemstone to gemstone. For example, it is quite okay to expect an eye clean and good color amethyst gemstone for a 5 carat amethyst gemstone pendant. A ruby ring is a different story, very few rubies that 2 carats and above, would be eye clean. The emerald gemstone strikes a different note as natural inclusions and fissures can be expected, (and are accepted) even in 1 carat gemstone sizes. A very important thing to remember is that, for expensive gems like rubies, sapphires and emeralds a gemstone from a preferred origin is acceptable even if it has lesser clarity. A Burmese ruby ring would therefore be a great buy even if, the gemstone showed visible inclusions.

Treatments: All natural rubies are heat treated, this enhances the clarity and color of the gemstone. The GIA standards consider the normal heat treatment of rubies to be acceptable. It is important to understand that, conventional heat treatment for the gemstone in your ruby ring causes a permanent improvement in the appearance of the gemstone. You should be warned that a more recent development has been the heat treatment of rubies where, gases are added during the heating processes. This process seems to transform low grade rubies into, beautiful high value gemstones. Do not go for a ruby ring with a gemstone that is treated in this way, gemstone experts warn that this treatment could be temporary.

Natural or manmade: As far as we are concerned, there are only 2 types of rubies. These are natural rubies and manmade rubies. Confusing trade names like lab created rubies, cz rubies and synthetic rubies all refer to gems that have been mass produced in a factory. A lab created ruby is made by analyzing the chemical properties of a natural ruby and then duplicating those in a laboratory. All manmade rubies are churned out by the millions, large sizes are possible and such gems show great color and clarity. The right price for man made rubies should be around 0.50 U.S$ to 2 U.S$ per carat. If the market price is higher than this, it is because sellers have managed to fool buyers into believing that, some man made rubies are better than other man made rubies!!!. Just make sure that you get what you pay for. There is nothing wrong in wearing a ruby ring with a fake gemstone, as long as you know and pay for the fake stone.

Durability: Few gemstones show the toughness of rubies and sapphire. Your ruby ring wears a gemstone that has a hardness factor of 9 on the Mohs scale. This comes second to only diamonds, which are considered to be the hardest gems used in conventional jewelry. The durability of the gemstone allows designers to generate some amazing designs for ruby rings and other jewels. At the same time, take a little care when wearing or storing your favourite ruby gemstone ring. Avoid physical impact from striking the gemstone and do not place the ring near direct heat sources or expose it to harsh chemicals. The design of your ruby ring can be used to enhance the life and beauty of your ring. Make sure that you deal with a jeweller who offers designs that do more than, just making a ring that appears gorgeous externally.

Read this report and keep the main issues in mind. Few jewelers provide such clear and frank information regarding gemstones and jewelry. It is in your interest to work with reputed jewelers who are willing to keep you informed. Stay away from sellers who woo you through media publicity and other marketing campaigns. Remember that the cost of these expensive advertising campaigns finds it's way into the price tag, you pay for it.

A useful source that provides detailed information regarding the ruby gemstone can be read at this link. You do not need to buy from this jeweller, just take the information and use it to evaluate your buying options.

If you are interested in not just the ruby gemstone, but would like to have a more general knowledge of other gemstones and jewelry too, visit this link with host of useful articles. Rare to find information and disclosures that most jewelry buyers would be unaware of.

Sticky Rice, How To Cook Thai Sticky Rice

Before we provide any tips on how to cook sticky rice let us understand that to begin with, sticky rice is not the same as the white rice that we are used to eating. Sticky rice is a special type of rices that gets sticky when cooked. Many people think that Thai sticky rice is made by cooking conventional white rice with additional water. This is not true, so make sure that you get the right type of rice to begin with.

To cook sticky rice, you will need to soak the rice in water for a night. The rice is then cooked in a basket lined with a thin cloth. The soaked rice is drained of the water and put in this basket, the basket is then placed on a vessel filled with water. The vessel is placed on a flame and heated. The steam from the boiling water passes through the basket and cloth and cooks the rice that is placed in the basket. The cooked sticky rice appears sticky and has a kind of shine to it. The Thai people generally eat their sticky rice with pieces of roasted pork. A terrific Thai dessert also uses sticky rice and this is the, mango and sticky rice dish. In some cases the ripe mango is replaced by ripe durian, the fruit with a very strong smell.

If you feel like cooking sticky rice, try the easy but terribly tasty mango sticky rice recipe. This link has the recipe and also provides detailed instructions on how to cook sticky rice. Go easy on the sugar proportions if you prefer your dessert to be moderately sweet. Also pay attention to the coconut milk recipe if you cannot get readymade coconut milk at your grocer.

What Is Economy Class Syndrome?

It is a well known fact that the seats in the economy class of an aircraft are very narrow. Passengers are forced to sit in a cramped stance for as long as the flight takes to reach it's destination. This cramped condition leads to blood flow problems, this is more likely in cases where flights are longer than 3 to 4 hours. The problem is defined more clearly in medical terms as 'Deep Vein Thrombosis' also referred to as, DVT for short. As the name implies, there is a tendency for blood to clot in the deeper veins of the body. The dangerous part is when the blood clot or a part of the clot, breaks away and moves through the blood stream.

This clot or a piece of the clot might get 'stuck' in vital veins related to the heart, brain or even lungs. Blood flow to the vital organ is then stopped or severly restricted, the organ is starved of oxygen which is normally transmitted through the body along with blood circulation. Such a condition can be fatal and even lead to death. Certain medical conditions in passengers could make them more likely to be affected by the economy class syndrome.

Airlines have started publicising the necessity to perform a few simple excercises when flying. Few other precautions can also be followed and these would include, avoiding alcohol, drinking lots of fresh water and fruit juices, regular excercise etc. Since the danger is real, it is worth getting a complete understanding of DVT. Check the report on the link, it provides an excellent explanation of the condition and also gives some valuables tips and suggestions to reduce the chances of being affected by the economy class syndrome.

Are Iolite And Tanzanite The Same?

Iolite and tanzanite are definitely not the same gemstone. Some pale colored iolite could appear like Tanzanite to the inexperienced eye. Firstly, the geographical locations where Iolite and Tanzanite are found are far apart. Iolite is mined in India, Brazil, Mozambique and Sri Lanka. On the other hand there is just one region in the world where Tanzanite is mined and that is in Tanzania.

You might know that Tanzanite is many times more expensive as compared to Iolite. This despite the fact that Iolite is much sturdier and durable as compared to Tanzanite. The truth is that, a massive publicity blitz managed by Tiffany's did much to increase the price of Tanzanite. In practice, both gemstones have their own following and deserve to be given equal status, this despite the large price difference between Tanzanite and Iolite.

Today much of the fashion and glamor world seems obsessed with Tanzanite. Some of the larger and very rare Tanzanite gems are today flaunted by hollywoods top stars and wealthy industrialists. Iolite on the other hand is also worn because of beliefs in it's special metal physical properties. In the years of the vikings, Iolite has said to help in navigation and show the right directions for sailing.

While large size Tanzanite gems are getting to be very rare and terribly expensive, an upward movement in price for Iolite gems that are larger than 2 to 3 carats is also being observed. Considering that Tanzanite is more than 10 times expensive as compared to Iolite, it would not be possible to make a direct comparison for supply and demand of the two gems.

A comphrehensive report regarding the Iolite gemstone can be seen at this link. The newsletter hosted by one of the world's largest online jeweller, is considered to be an authority in gemstones and jewelry.

Bird Flu, Can It Spread From Human To Human

Until very recently it was believed that the H5N1 bird flu virus could not spread from person to person. But most reputed articles published did mention that medical experts were closely monitoring the changing behaviour of this virus. Around Nov-Dec 2007, the medical world did agree that one or two cases of bird flu virus among humans were noticed where, the virus spread from person to person. This poses two major worries to the medical world, the first is that there is a possibility of the virus spreading faster than expected if, it could indeed infect one human from another (already infected) human. The second worry is about the best way in which to contain the spread of the H5N1 virus and also treat infected patients.

For now, there is no definite cure for the bird flu infection. It is hoped that pharmaceutical research organizations would willingly share their findings rather than, keep it a secret and hope to reap financial benefits from any breakthroughs that they might come across.

We have found an excellent article regarding the H5N1 bird flu virus at this link. The article is simple and non-technical, surely one of the more reputed reports for the common man to read and understand.

Is It Dangerous To Boil Water In A Microwave Oven?

There is a often asked question about, boiling water in a mircowave oven. People want to know how safe it is to boil water in a microwave oven. Search on the Internet and you will come across a few instances where, water boiled in a mircowave oven has actually 'burst' on the face of a person. Is this really possible and can this really happen.

Before we jump to any conclusions, we would like to say that there are some very specific conditions under which, boiling water in a microwave could be dangerous. If the water is placed in a fairly new vessel that has not been used much and has few or no scratches or small pits, and the vessel has nothing but water in it, there is a possibility of the water bursting. Scientifically it is believed that the water can get 'super heated'. When this does happen, even a slight movement of the vessel could cause the hot water to splash out of the vessel.

Should the maker of the mircowave oven give a clear warning of such a possibility? We would not worry about these legal issues and request you to become aware that, boiling water in a microwave could be dangerous. A more thorough explanation regarding this possibility is explained in the content on this link. Measures have also been suggested to make it safe to boil water in your microwave oven. Give it a good read and if you find it useful, pass the information on to your friends and relative.

Wedding Band Pair, What Are Wedding Band Pairs?

A wedding is a solemn promise or commitment between two individuals. The promise is to stay together in good times and bad, and the commitment extends to having and caring for a 'family'. Wedding rings are worn as a symbol of this commitment. A wedding band pair is not very different from the conventional wedding ring. However, what is important in a wedding band pair is that the husband and wife wear a wedding ring that has the same design.

The important thing to understand is that we refer to the design being the same, each ring could still have different size, dimension or gemstone. A wedding band pair could therefore consist of a men's ring that, is a bit wider (band width) as compared to the lady's ring. Similarly, a pair of birthstone wedding bands could consist of each of the birthstones (of the husband and wife). There is also a growing popularity for exchanging birthstones in wedding rings.

The meaning of a wedding band pair is far more deeper than the name would suggest. It helps to enhance the symbolism of a wedding, creating an additional attachment between the husband and wife. This could happen by having wedding ring pairs, that are not necessarily wedding bands.

The above image shows the simplest form of wedding band that is suitable for making a wedding band pair. This is a simple plain wedding band, keep the lady's band a bit narrower thant the man's band, and you will have a perfect wedding band pair. An interesting element could be added to plain wedding band pairs by, choosing a texture or etching for the bands. You can get a more thorough understanding of wedding band pairs by reading this link:

Thai Desserts, Thai Food Has A Sweet Touch Too

Thai Dessert, Made With Bananas

The spice and strong flavour of Thai food is well known throughout the world. Most foreigners thing of Thai food being little more than lung bursting or mouth burning. It was therefore a pleasant surprise when me and my wife had a glimpse of some gorgeous Thai desserts. It is no surprise that one of the most popular Thai desserts has bananas and coconut milk as it's main ingredients. Thailand boasts of over a dozen prominent varieties of bananas. And coconut milk is ofcourse used in most of Thai dishes.

Basically, the Thai banana dessert recipe consists of bananas cooked in coconut milk. There are a particular type of bananas used in this Thai dessert recipe so make sure that you choose the right ones. It is also interesting to know that while, most Westerners consider coconut milk and coconut milk to be one and the same thing, there is infact a difference between the two. Above is an image of what the dish looks like and then a link to the recipe page for this delicious Thai dessert recipe.