Monday, February 25, 2008

Diamond Options For Men's Diamond Wedding Ring

Most buyers believe that a man diamond wedding ring would be priced too high for their budget. This thought is so deep rooted that, most men do not even consider a diamond men's wedding ring when looking for a wedding ring. A little understanding of the way diamonds are priced and the design options, for a diamond men's wedding ring would help to clear things up. This information will be specially invaluable for those of you who are looking for an affordable diamond man wedding ring.
Diamonds, size and price: Diamonds are priced per carat (weight unit) but, a larger diamond would be priced much higher (per carat) as compared to a smaller diamond. This holds true when comparing diamonds of equal quality. Using this information, you should try to choose a diamond men's wedding ring with a few smaller diamonds rather than go for one large diamond. This would mean that for a similar price your ring with a few small diamonds would have better quality diamonds. Do not go for cluster diamond rings with numerous small diamonds, such rings often suffer from the problem of loosening diamonds that could even drop off. The MAN56 ring shown above is a good choice for such a ring. A diamond size of 3mm to 4mm is a good size for such men's diamond wedding rings.
Quality of diamonds: Diamonds are available in various grades and clarity. Without getting caught in severe technical jargon, choose a diamond that is natural and looks good to the human eye. Rest assured that you could get a diamond men's wedding ring with the best diamond on this planet, but the price tag on such a ring would sound more like a telephone number! If you are on a budget, stop wasting money on such rings. Most jewelers show you the highest priced items, they wish to recover their overheads on rent, salaries, staff commissions, etc by making one single sale! Also, beware of the low quality powdery opaque diamonds sold on the gigantic television sale channels and department stores. These are junk diamonds and no one besides these huge business houses could get away with peddling such junk. Remember that, we are discussing about a diamond wedding ring for men that looks good to the human eye.
Synthetics and look alikes: Cubic zircon (synthetic), moissanite (synthetic), white sapphire (natural), zircon (natural) are used as diamond look alikes. Such substitutes help to moderate the price tag and are useful if you are looking for the design of a man diamond wedding ring but, not particular about the diamond being natural. When you get a men's wedding ring with one of these gems, make sure that your price tag reflects that too. Moissanite for some reason is priced very high, though it is not a natural diamond. Think twice before pouring your hard earned money on this option.
Colored diamonds: Colored diamonds are today available in two types, naturally colored and enhanced colored. A men's wedding diamond ring with a naturally colored (not white) diamond would be priced very high. Natural pink, yellow, green, brown and even black diamonds carry significant price tags, such diamonds are very rare. You could also consider using an enhanced color diamond for your diamond men's wedding ring. Such a diamond is a natural diamond that is treated for color, price is obviously more tame as compared to the price of a naturally colored diamond. The hardness of the enhanced color diamond is not affected during the treatment and the color is permanent. A brown, blue-green or champagne colored enhanced diamond is a good choice for a men's diamond wedding ring.
Keep the above information in mind when looking for a men's wedding ring with diamonds. The idea is not to sell you a ring but rather, to educate you and guide you to make a well informed purchase. This works to everyones advantage as high pitched sales talk, could cause you to waste your money on a wrongly selected ring. The diamond is the hardest gemstone to be used in conventional jewelry, it represents something that is endless, durable and bright. A men's diamond wedding ring can be affordable no matter what your jeweler tries to tell you. Read more information on diamond men's wedding rings at this link:

Friday, February 22, 2008

Lemon Grass Paste, What Is Lemon Grass Paste

Anyone who has made Thai food or even read recipes for Thai food would have come across lemon grass, one of the most popular ingredients in Thaifood. For those who have never heard of lemon grass, the name can be a bit confusing. This is because lemon grass does not look similar to any of the conventional grass types the we normally come across. Lemon grass looks more like a stem and has a delicious aroma that is released as it is cooked. The image above shows some pieces of lemon grass, these are not the same as stems of the spring onion plant.
If you plan to cook any Thai food dish, the chances that the dish would need lemon grass as an ingredient are high. These days, fresh lemon grass is available in almost all countries but, it is possible that the local grocery near you does not stock fresh lemon grass. There are a few alternatives for using fresh lemon grass, the first is dried lemon grass powder. You can follow the instructions provided on the packets and use these as substitutes for lemon grass. Please remember to read the storing instructions carefully. The lemon grass paste will need to be kept at fairly low temperatures. Since the lemon grass powder will need to be kept dry, a refrigerator is a good place to store the powder or paste lemon grass.
You can read more about lemon grass at this link:

Online Security, We All Have A Right To Know

Online transactions have today become more popular than ever. Buying a product or service over the internet provides many types of benefits. Comparison price shopping can be done easily and conveniently, this ensures that you get the right product at the right price. For travel related issues like hotel reservations and bookings, the rates quoted for bookings done over the Internet are very often cheaper than what you would get by booking at an agent or airline. Various forms of payment are available to pay for products or services purchased over the Internet.

Along with the rapid development of online trade has come another new but, unwelcome development. This is related to the threats to online security and privacy. There was a time when the trust that was required to trade only related to the buyer and seller. Things are different today, the party that poses an online threat could be neither a buyer nor a seller. The other important thing to understand is that, the number and severity of threats is constantly increasing. It is today possible for a financially healthy business, to get financially crippled by some of these threats.

Ideally it is the seller who should take the pains to explain these threats to prospective buyers. The buyer can then do a transaction with caution and take necessary steps to reduce or eliminate the chances of such threats. Sellers however fear that, informing buyers could keep them (buyers) away from completing transactions online. Very few online sellers are willing to educate buyers, Kaisilver has been a pioneer in increasing public awareness regarding online security threats. An extensive blog is maintained to explain the latest threats to online security. You can visit the blog at:

Friday, February 15, 2008

Inlay Ring, How To Look After Inlay Rings

To understand how to look after an inlay ring, you will need to have a brief background of the process used to make an inlay ring. If you observe the ring MAN29 image, you will notice that the various gemstones are flush with the gold mounting. This accomplished by an intricate production process referred to as inlay. The metal casting is first made with the design, the gemstone shapes are defined as depressions in the casting. The gemstones are then 'sliced' into thin pieces and stuck into the depressions. The sticking is done by using a special glue, this holds the stone on the metal.

At this point, the gemstones would be protruding above the depressions in the metal mountings and will not be flush with the mounting. The mounting with the gemstones stuck is left to dry for around 24 to 36 hours. The gems firmly stick themselves to the mounting and the next process begins. In this phase the ring is polished, this is done with the metal and gemstones. The gemstones are polished off, the portion that extends above the mounting would now be flush with the metal. The final result can be seen in the image shown above.

After reading the above process you will realize that, the glue is an important component of the ring. There are no prongs or metal borders to hold the gemstone in place. The glue will weaken if the ring is soaked in water or any other liquid. Ultrasonic cleaners should never be used to clean inlay rings. Further, ver few jewelers are equipped with the equipment and skill necessary to create or repair an inlay ring. Replacing loose inlaid gems would therefore be a tough and expensive issue. For this reason it is important to keep your inlay ring safe and avoid soaking it. Heated conditions could also weaken the glue, so avoid this too. It is normally believed that, dry environments increase the lifespan of inlay rings. Humid conditions probably affect the firmness of the glue mounting.

More details of inlay rings and ways to look after inlay rings can be found in this highly informative jewelry newsletter.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Silver Rings Need Not Mean A Compromise In Quality

Silver mother's ringSterling silver cat ring
Sterling silver claddagh ringAntique silver ring design

It is true that most jewelers give a shabby treatment to buyers wishing to buy silver rings. Good designs and craftsmanship for silver rings is quite hard to find. Infact it has almost been accepted as a rule that, silver rings will be made with low quality gems and crude craftsmanship. Not everyone who wishes to wear a silver ring does so just because it is cheaper than gold. The classic touch and appearance of a silver ring has earned it a substantial loyal following. The importance of silver rings has also been highlighted due to the prohibitive price of gold. Designers continue to design gold rings with increasingly lower weights, this results in a compromise on longterm durability. Simple reasoning should convince you that, a good quality and well made silver ring is better than a light weight piece of junk made in gold. Ofcourse, there is nothing wrong if you can afford a high priced gold ring that is made with sufficient gold weight.

It is also not necessary that gemstones in silver rings should be manmade or very low quality natural gems. Many natural gems are modestly priced and can be used in silver jewelry. Gems like peridot, citrine, amethyst, blue topaz, garnet, onyx, carnelian, quartz and quite a few more can be had in good color and quality. So do not believe a jeweler who makes you believe that a silver ring with a good quality natural gem stone is not possible to find or make. The same is true of the design for your silver ring, it is possible to make a single piece good quality silver ring with, good design, weight and gemstone. Such a ring will ofcourse not be as cheap as a mass produced machine pumped silver ring, mass production is always bundled with low quality craftsmanship. If you are willing to understand that a single piece silver ring will involve putting in a lot of individual attention and effort, then understanding the price tag of a good quality custom silver ring will not be a problem.

The silver rings shown on this page display an exclusive collection of good quality silver rings. Each ring is made as per buyer specifications with a gemstone selected by the buyer. There is no compromise on metal weight and no compromise on quality of craftsmanship. The rings are shown here with courtsey of the world's largest online provider of high quality custom jewelry in gold or sterling silver. Read the information on the link and know what to request and expect when you are looking for a silver ring.