Saturday, March 22, 2008

Are Emerald Rings Durable, Understanding Emeralds

When you talk of durability of an emerald or any other gemstone you need to understand the properties of the gemstone. The physical properties of a gemstone would include the color of the gemstone and the hardness of the gemstone. Not all gemstones are made equally hard and are therefore not equally durable. However, people love gemstones because of their color, texture or even because of their price and rarity. The emerald is a rare gemstone and good quality emeralds are very scarce these days. As the emerald gemstone mines produce increasingly smaller gems and gems with low clarity, the price tags on emeralds move steadily upwards. At the same time, a high price tag does not mean that your emerald is very strong and durable. So let us understand the properties of an emerald gem stone.

Firsly, all emeralds contain inclusions, cracks and inclusions are also common in emerald gemstones. A good quality emerald could be defined as one that has fewer inclusions and fissures or, where these are not present on the surface of the gemstone. Unless you talk of very small emerald gem stones, 'eye clean' is a term that is unlikely to be relevant to this gemstone. Yet, emerald lovers are willing to pay high prices for these gems, emerald has a history that dates back to many centuries. The rich, famous and beautiful were all fascinated by this green gemstone. It was also known to be one the favourite gemstones of Cleopatra. History later proved that, many of her 'emeralds' were in fact peridot, but she did love emeralds. A gemstone with inclusions could crack with physical impact, if the fissures are very long the probility of breaking or chipping also increases.

Different gems have differrent degrees of hardness and this is measured on the Moh's scale of hardness. The hardest gemstone used in jewelry is a diamond and it is rated at a whole 10. Emeralds come in at around 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale of hardness. This is considered to be a fairly good hardness of gems but, the fact that all emeralds have inclusions and fissures needs to be considered too. The fissures and cracks that naturally occur in emerald reveal themselves as gaps, this makes the gemstone more likely to break on physical impact. You should therefore try to protect your emerald ring from physical impact.

Another factor that needs to be understood regarding emerald rings is that, all emerald gems are treated with natural oils. This has been done for centuries and is responsible for increasing the lustre of emeralds. The oils ofcourse seep into the cracks and fissures of the emerald gem stone and soften their appearance. With this knowledge you will know that your emerald ring cannot be soaked in water or kept near a heat source. Anything that could cause the natural oils to dry up or leak out would affect the beauty of your emerald gem stone ring.

When you read the above details do not be alarmed, all gems have specific properties and these will need to be considered when wearing, storing or cleaning them. For example, Kunzite fades in strong light, fire opal does not like very rapid temperature changes, opals need to be kept out of heat as they naturally contain moisture. So keep the properties of the emerald in mind when you wear or clean your emerald ring. It is an expensive gemstone and most people would take great care of it, understanding the features of the gemstone will ensure that you direct your efforts in the right direction.

The design of your emerald ring could go a long way to increase the durability of your ring, so choosing the right design is important. Visit this link to see some excellent, researched design ideas for emerald rings.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Durian, Ways In Which The Thais Eat Durian

How Is The Durian Fruit Eaten In Thailand?
Few visitors to Thailand would have not come across the durian fruit in some form or the other. The fruit has a very strong smell, the main thing is that some people love the smell of the durian and some people hate it. Many reputed hotels in Thailand do not allow you to eat durian in your room, this is because the strong smell sticks to bed, curtains in the room. It will take a lot of effort to remove the smell from the carpet of a room that had durian fall or thrown on it! Some airlines require durian to be well wrapped so that the smell is retained inside the container. But most Thais love the durian and it is eaten in a number of ways.
Eating plain durian: The most common way in which Thai people eat durian is to open the fruit, separate the outer skin and eat the inner portion. You should know that durian has a high sugar content and should therefore be eaten in moderation. Not many Thais heed this advice though.
Durian and sticky rice: Mango is one of the fruits that is often consumed with sticky rice, durian is another. Sticky rice is special type of rice that gets to be quite sticky once quicked. Sweetened coconut milk is added to cooked sticky rice and durian eaten along with it. We have included a link below to the mango sticky rice recipe, follow the same recipe and replace the ripe mangoes with durian. You would have the complete recipe for durian sticky rice.
Durian chips: The Thais have a never ending eating spree of various snacks. Durian pieces are cut into fine chips and fried, modern ovens have also been devised to make these durian chips. These durian chips are eaten at any time of the day and for durian lovers, form a good option when fresh durian is unavailable due to the season change.
Durian paste: This is a sticky paste of processed durian, a darkish yellow and very sweet. Many vendors add generous amounts of sugar when making this paste. This adds to the sweetness and also takes advantage of the fact that sugar is a good preservative. This is a product that is manufactured in the durian season when the fruit is available in abundance.
You might want to try the recipe for the durian sticky rice Thai dessert. Refer to the mango sticky rice recipe on this link and replace the mango with durian. There is quite a lot sugar in durian and sugar is added as an ingredient in the recipe too. It is best to eat the dessert in moderation.

More Thai dessert recipes can be seen at this link:

Monday, March 17, 2008

Antique Rings, The Suitability Of Sterling Silver

An antique ring style would need to include some important features to make it appear like an antique ring. Most of the essential features of an antique ring would ideally be done in sterling silver. For one thing, an antique ring would require a healthy metal weight. This is because during the times that antique rings were made, precious metals were really not all that expensive. Another possibility is that, people who could not afford the price of an antique ring with good weight would not wear a jewel at all. In current times the prohibitive price of gold, makes it unattractive for a large antique ring design with good gold weight. Sterling silver is therefore a better option when making a ring with an antique design.
Another fact is that, you would expect an antique ring design to appear old and antique. The natural tarnish that appears on all silver jewelry, creates a classic and antique appearance on sterling silver rings. This is surely an essential feature that would be expected of all antique rings. It is possible to control tarnish and allow only slight tarnish to remain on your antique silver ring.
Attractive pricing would be a plus point for any product, this is true of antique silver rings too. The fact that silver is far cheaper than gold allows you to get a solid, sturdy and imposing antique silver style ring. You therefore get an antique silver ring that lasts long and does not bend or deform easily.
You could get better examples of antique sterling silver rings at this link You will see some amazing design concepts for antique silver rings, observe how gem stones can add meaning and beauty to your silver rings and other jewelry.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Men's Sterling Silver Ring, The Recommended Choice

There are many reasons why you should consider going for a men's sterling silver ring. One of these is surely the economical price that could get you a good quality sterling silver men's ring. Consider the fact that men's rings would have fairly large size and dimensions. Then remember that, proportional metal weight will be required to make the ring strong and sturdy. A light weight men's ring could bend and dent, have loose gem stone mounting and incur frequent repairing expenses. This is even more true in recent times as mounting gold prices, have taken gold jewelry out of the budget of most of us. In these circumstances a sterling silver men's ring gives you an option for a well made sturdy and durable ring.

It is true that most jewelers do not prefer to make silver rings for men, this relates not only to men's silver ring but to all silver jewelry. Gold jewelry offers better profit margins for the jeweler, a light weight junk gold jewel is often peddled with much fanfare and publicity! At the same time it is also true that many buyers, do not understand the meaning of a true high end silver men's ring. There is a big difference between a mass produced sterling silver men's ring and a silver ring that is custom made with good weight, craftsmanship and gem stones. A custom ring could contain the gem stone of your choice, it would also have a weight that is proportionate to your ring size and dimensions. Mass produced jewelry is made to please mass markets, compromise on quality, metal weight and even gem stone options are required to do this.

You should therefore look for a jeweler who is willing to make a good quality custom sterling silver men's ring for you. This might not be an easy task but keep looking and you will surely find one. If you are looking for a sterling silver men's ring for a special occassion like a wedding, engagement or birthday provide sufficient time for the search. A custom jeweler would surely need to make your custom silver men's ring from scratch, the gem stone will be custom cut as required by the mounting too. Get more information and ideas for your men's sterling silver ring from this link