Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Can I Wear A Fire Opal Ring All The Time?

Can A Fire Opal Gemstone Ring Be Worn All The Time?

Most buyers could answer this question themselves if, their jeweler had provided clear explanations regarding the properties of a fire opal gemstone. In any case, let's try to understand the fire opal gemstone here. Every gemstone has it's own properties that need to be considered when wearing or cleaning the gemstone, so do not be put off by what you hear about the fire opal gemstone. Firstly, moisture is an important component of all opals and fire opal is no exception. The beauty of any opal depends to a significant degree on this naturally existing moisture in the gemstone. If you expose your fire opal to heated conditions, the moisture could evaporate and take away the beauty of the gemstone. Remember, that the fire opal gemstone can break when struck by physical impact. So if you wore your fire opal jewelry all day long and did chores like cleaning, washing etc, the possibility of the gemstone being struck by physical impact increases. Chemicals and detergents can also affect the fire opal negatively, you surely do not want to wash clothes or wash your hands while wearing your fire opal ring. Similarly avoid ultrasonic cleaners to wash fire opal gem stone jewelry. There have been a few cases where fire opal gems have cracked when exposed to extreme changes in temperature. The emphasis here is on the word extreme. You should probably worry about this if you are living in a room that is very cold and then walk out into an area where the temperature is very hot. The problem of fire opals cracking with extreme and sudden changes in temperature are very rare so no undue worry is called for.

Before you decide that the fire opal is a very fussy gemstone think about this. If you had an expensive sapphire ring, would you not look after it with great care? Would you not wear the ring only on special occassions and then safely store it away once you returned home? Most of us would answer yes to these questions, then why the worry over the fire opal gemstone? The answer is simple, for all it's beauty and rarity the fire opal gemstone is very modestly priced. People therefore feel that a cheap gemstone is not worth that much caring for!. If you share these ideas too, the sooner you forget them the better. Value your jewelry for the satisfaction it gives you, once you did this you would care for your fire opal ring or other fire opal jewelry as if it were the best jewel in your collection.

Get more information on the fire opal gem stone at this link: http://www.newsletter.kaijewels.com/news015.htm Check out some high quality opal ring designs at this link: http://opalrings.customjewelry.org.uk/

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Heart Pendant, Meaning And Suitability Of Gifting A Heart Pendant

Things To Consider When Gifting A Heart Pendant.

A heart pendant shows love and gives a feeling that you care for someone. It is important to understand the term 'love' when it comes to a heart shaped pendant. Love need not always mean love between husband and wife or, love that will eventually lead to a marriage. A mother could gift a heart pendant to her daughter, a husband could gift a heart pendant to his wife both these actions signify love but in different situations. If you thought that heart pendants were only gifted at Valentine's, change your mind. People gift gold or silver heart pendants for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, mother's day and even for graduation celebrations. When it comes to gifting a jewel to a girl or a lady, almost every occassion is suitable for gifting a heart pendant.

The price for a heart pendant would depend on the type of pendant that you select. Each one of us would fix a budget for a heart pendant based on the occassion for which we are buying the jewel. Valentine's gifts that are exchanged between college students and casual friends could include light weight gold or sterling silver heart pendants. If you were gifting a heart pendant to your wife for her birthday, genuine gemstone heart pendants are a great choice. The PG028 heart pendant is an awesome jewel that flaunts a 30+ carat genuine, handpicked and custom cut heart shaped swiss blue topaz gemstone. Not many gemstones can be found in this size and your choice for genuine gemstone heart pendants would most likely be limited to, swiss blue topaz, london blue topaz, white topaz, sky blue topaz, amethyst, black onyx, turqoise (stabilized), lemon quartz etc. The concept of 'large' in gemstones depends on the type of gemstone that you choose. In the case blue topaz, a heart shaped pendant could be ordered with a gemstone that is even more than 50 carats. However, if you consider a pink tourmaline or green tourmaline heart pendant limit your gemstone size expectation to around 3 to 4 carats at best. On the other hand, a gemstone like ruby, sapphire, emerald and tanzanite can carry hefty price tags as the gemstone size increases beyond 2 carats.

The above design is surely not the only design for a silver or gold heart pendant. You could infact have a solid gold or silver heart pendant with no gemstone at all. If you are on a limited budget but need a ruby, sapphire, emerald, tanzanite or even a diamond pendant consider a simple design. This design could be a simple frame in the shape of a heart, set small gemstones or diamonds all around the edge of the frame. You could also have a sterling silver or gold heart pendant and include a small heart shaped gemstone at the center of the pendant. These are just some design concepts that might interest you when choosing a heart shaped gold or silver pendant.

The metal for your heart pendant could be gold or sterling silver. Remember that it is better to get a well made, sturdy silver heart pendant rather than waste your money on a light weight flimsy gold heart pendant. A light weight heart pendant can bend and dent easily, most cheap heart pendants will have loosely mounted gems. You risk losing the gemstone and incurring frequent repair expenses with such jewels. If you would like a silver heart pendant, consider an antique design. Jewelry with artistic designs look gorgeous when made in sterling silver. Silver is ofcourse more economical as compared to gold.

When working on a budget for your heart pendant, keep the chain in mind. Will you be gifting the chain too? Would you expect the receiver to buy a chain to wear the heart pendant on? If you prefer to gift the chain and pendant work on the price point for each of them. You might find it more feasible in such cases to choose a sterling silver heart pendant with a sterling silver chain. As we had mentioned above, the budget that each person would allot for a heart pendant would depend on the occassion.

If you are interested in a heart pendant like the PG028, read more details regarding gemstone options and sizes at this link: http://www.kaisilver.com/pg028_01.htm Evaluate the design specifications, the information could guide you in making the right decision no matter where you buy your heart pendant from. A classic 3 diamond heart shaped pendant that is surprisingly affordable can be seen at this link: http://www.kaisilver.com/diamond-heart-pendant-ks-01.htm