Saturday, June 14, 2008

Are Scarves Going Out Of Fashion?

This is not an easy question to answer. Scarves have always enjoyed a good degree of popularity and this has remained more or less constant. However, if you talk of silk scarves it is true that they are getting harder to find. Even Chinese and Korean silk is today being entirely partially replaced by polyester and nylons. For one thing, traditional craftsmen are now reducing in number. Mass produced scarves have ruined the traditional silk industry that once flourished in many Asian countries. Machine made scarves sometimes contain a small proportion of silk, sometimes they contain no silk at all. But they are capable of imitating traditional silk scarf designs that were made popular over many decades. Every seller of machine made scarves would tell you how easy it is to wash, iron and maintain your scarf. They might even go a bit further and explain how painful life would be if you had to use a silk scarf.

After having read the above paragraph, spend a few moments and observe the image of the SCN025 Thai silk scarf. The rich design and excellent silk fabric cannot be reproduced by mass produced imitations. Few sellers like Kaisilver try to keep the tradition of Thai silk alive. A handpicked selection of Thai silk scarves can be seen on their website at this link: Take a look and think about the rich heritage of mankind that is rapidly being replaced by more easily made imitations.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Bringing Affordability To Diamond Rings

A diamond ring is one jewel that most ladies would love to wear. Diamond rings are worn for casual wear and also as special occassion rings. Diamond wedding rings and engagement rings are most popular with buyers blessed with substantial budgets. But, what few jewelers would tell you is that it is possible to have diamond ring at a modest price. The first step would be to work with a custom jeweler who would be willing to make your diamond ring based on your requirements and budget. Most jewelers in U.S and Europe do not have their own production facilities, a standard set of readymade diamond rings are imported from countries where skilled craftsmen and low prices exist. The buyer is then forced to make a choice from a collection of standard designs and styles. The jeweler expects to make a huge margin from every diamond ring sold, this limits the buyers to a select few who have lots of money to spare.

So what about the rest of us who cannot afford those extravagant price tags? Kaisilver recently displayed the results of it's latest project, The Affordable Diamond Ring Project. This project aimed at creating a collection of genuine diamond rings that looked good without being flimsy and weak. The task is achieved by allowing buyers a complete customization process of every diamond ring ordered. Buyers can choose a design, change the dimensions and select the size and grade of diamonds that suit their budget. With a production team that includes over 3,500 skilled craftsmen, each diamond ring is custom made to perfection. A designing team comprising 7 top notch designers is at hand to advise buyers regarding design options and suitability. Top executives compared the process of buying a diamond ring to buying a car or a house. Only a fraction of car buyers can afford the latest Rolls Royce but that does not keep them away from buying a car. The same is true of home buyers too, we all love the house that we purchase even if it is not the hottest property in town.

Here are some related links that will give you a better idea of that the 'Affordable Diamond Ring' project can do for you. The awesome RG180 diamond ring shown here is fully described at this link: You can also see more diamond rings from Kaisilver at this link: If you are not very familiar with diamond rings, we would suggest that you read more about them before you start any selection, there is a great report on this link: Detailed information that few other jewelers would care or dare to provide is revealed on the above links.