Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Male Cladagh Ring, The Importance Of The Gemstone And Metal

If you compared the features of a ladies cladagh ring and a male cladagh ring, there would not be much difference as far as features of these two cladagh rings are concerned. The crown, hands and heart form the important features of any cladagh ring. Infact these are the essential features of any cladagh ring as they represent the meaning and significance of the cladagh ring. If you have ever tried to understand the history of the cladagh ring, you will know that the first cladagh ring was gifted by a man named Robert Joyce to his beloved. This was over 375 years ago in a small Irish fishing village named cladagh.

However, the meaning and tradition of the cladagh ring has today made the ring very popular among ladies and men. The main difference between the cladagh ring worn by ladies and men would be the, difference in dimensions and weight. Since mens rings are generally larger, a cladagh male ring would need higher metal weight to ensure that it is strong and sturdy. This becomes an important factor when pricing gold male cladagh rings. The prices of gold have increased by over 70% in the past 7 to 8 years, a heavy gold ring would today carry a hefty price tag. This probably is one of the most important reasons why, sterling silver male claddagh rings have a higher popularity among males. Making a light weight gold cladagh ring also makes the ring fragile and it can bend or dent easily. Reputed jewelers like Kaisilver have constantly advised buyers that a sturdy silver ring is always better than a lightweight flimsy gold ring. High pressure selling tactics adopted by other jewelry sellers does not allow them to make such honest and straightforward recommendations.
Another important aspect of a male cladagh ring would be gemstone selection. Large rings would need a correspondingly larger gemstone. This can mean a high expense in gemstones like emeralds, rubies, sapphires, tanzanite and even tourmaline, aquamarine and iolite. There are options to handle this situation, these are both good and interesting. Firstly if you are interested in a male gemstone cladagh ring, choose modestly priced gems. Good options would be, black onyx, carnelian (shown in the MAN60 image), red garnet, amethyst, smoky quartz, citrine, bloodstone, blue lapis, sodalite, malachite, stabilized turquoise etc. Another good idea would be to leave your male cladagh ring without a gemstone. In this case the center of the ring (heart portion) would be made of solid metal. If you wish to try something interesting, consider a two tone cladagh male ring. Let the entire ring be made in white gold and include a yellow gold heart, or vice versa.
Get more details on the MAN60 male cladagh ring at this link: It is one of the few high quality male cladagh rings that you will find. Custom made with good craftsmanship and a wide range of gemstone options, the Kaisilver cladagh ring is today respected all over the globe.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Good Side Of Rising Petrol Prices

There has been a tremendous uproar regarding rising petrol prices. High fuel prices have been the main cause of price rises of many commodities. It is hard to imagine any good coming out of high petrol prices but, there are few silver linings. Many people believe that high petrol prices will keep many people away from the roads. This could reduce accidents and save precious lives. Asian countries are seeing tremendous increase in mobile internet speeds. This attraction coupled with rising petrol prices could move people to public transport services. You could check your emails and even do some office work while sitting in the sky train or air conditioned bus. As people walk to and fro from bus terminals and train stations, bodies get some well deserved physical activity, something that will have positive effects on health. Governments in developing nations like Thailand, would find better demand for public transport services. This gives better fund sources for expanding and improving existing infrastructure. Rising fuel prices will also reduce air travel, this will be a boon to countries like the U.S. It means less expenses on security checks and also less chances of airborne accidents.

It is not just the issue of looking at things positively, there are some solid advantages that can be derived from high fuel prices. It's time that we became aware of it. For one, thing mankind would realize how limited natural fuels are. This would spur research and development to develop other sources of energy. At the same time, devices that use fuel will be designed to work more efficiently and consume less energy. With more research in more countries, the chances of finding an alternate to oil are high, something that could reduce the importance of the OPEC.

Mens Dragon Pendant, Dragon And Sun Pendant

Dragon pendants have been worn by men for many decades. The belief that the dragon could keep evil away and protect the wearer remains until today. At the same time, the sun is respected as the giver of life and warmth in the absence of which, all living creatures would freeze to death. The MPN03 mens silver dragon pendant brings together two powerful forces, the sun and the dragon. This mens pendant depicts the fiery dragon curled in the center of the blazing sun. The imposing dimensions of this dragon pendant make it suitable for a silver jewel. While dragon gold pendants are not uncommon, the hefty metal weight of this imposing mens pendant might prove to be too expensive in gold. You can choose between a gold or sterling silver men's dragon pendant.

To reign in the power and fury of the dragon and the sun, you will need a sturdy silver ring to go with this pendant. Do not forget to budget for that too, this is one more reason why a silver dragon pendant with a strong and sturdy silver chain makes a good choice. Various civilizations have given different interpretations both good and bad, to the dragon. The Chinese believed that if properly applied, the power of the dragon could keep away evils. We have more information on this dragon pendant at this link: Also get an idea of the type of silver chains that would be suitable for this imposing sterling silver dragon pendant: