Monday, August 25, 2008

Fashion Jewelry, The Young Generation

Fashion jewelry is generally worn by the younger generation. Such jewelry might be worn to match the casual wear clothes and should be trendy. Buyers often request for cheap fashion jewelry, something that most jewelers do not stock. Some recent entries in the fashion jewelry market have started to provide exciting and trendy fashion jewelry at down to earth prices. It is indeed heartening to see these sellers cater to the young market where fashion and low prices need to be combined. The Azjewelrystore website has some exciting fashion jewels at amazingly low prices. The AA-01 bracelet combines mother of pearl, pearls and beads to create a terrific jewel. You can see this and other fashion jewels here: Or see the entire collection at:

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Affordable Jewelry, Leapord Quartz Pendant

There was a time when gold prices were affordable to many more people than today. Today's gold prices have driven gold jewelry out of the budgets of many of us. Many people wear jewelry because it makes them feel good or because, of some supernatural properties attributed to some gems. The AP002 is a classic example of an affordable jewel, this leapord quartz pendant is an impressive 4 cm in height. The simple black chord that comes with this leapord quartz pendant, allows you to get a ready to wear pendant at a price that is below 20 U.S$. The interesting pattern that is naturally formed on this quartz gemstone adds value and beauty to the pendant. You do not have to be a great believer in gemstones to admire this beauty. The 4cm height of the pendant makes it suitable for men and ladies. Just remember that this is not an unbreakable piece of plastic, it is a natural stone that has been skillfully cut to create a stunning jewel.

Get more information on this leapord quartz pendant at this link: or visit the Angjewels website at this link: The site promises to continue delivering affordable jewelry for everyone.