Sunday, September 28, 2008

Aquamarine Engagement Ring, Check Design And Durability

If you are considering getting an aquamarine engagement ring, you need to be aware of a few issues. Firstly, the aquamarine in your engagement ring is quite sturdy. However, a bad design, bad craftsmanship and insufficient gold weight can ruin an aquamarine engagement ring. If you have an aquamarine ring that uses a rectangular gemstone like the one shown in RG125u, make sure that the pointed corners of the aquamarine gemstone are well protected. Notice how the angled prongs in the image protect the gemstone. Gold weight will influence the durability of your aquamarine engagement ring, light weight rings tend to bend and deform. Such junk jewelry can cause gemstones to loosen and drop off. Ideally the band of your aquamarine engagement ring should have minimum scooping (of gold) inside the band. If you are choosing an aquamarine engagement ring with diamonds, make sure that the design provides firm mounting for the diamonds too. Good craftsmanship is another top priority for all high end jewels including an engagement aquamarine ring. Your aquamarine gem stone ring could have a great gemstone and handsome gold weight but, bad craftsmanship can still expose the gem stone to various dangers. Choosing a readymade aquamarine ring for an engagement ring might be cheaper but, it is also risky. Readymade jewels are made to please mass markets, the main purpose is to attract buyers through low price tags. This cannot be done without reducing quality, so the buyer finally gets a bad deal. A custom aquamarine engagement ring would give you good flexibility and also ensure that you get a ring that lasts. Such rings are made to buyer specifications, they might cost a bit more and might take a few weeks to get produced. So order your custom aquamarine gem stone engagement ring well in advance, it will be worth the effort. The RG125u aquamarine ring can be ordered as an 18k of 14k aquamarine ring. You can ofcourse choose a yellow gold or white gold aquamarine engagement ring. Get full details here: