Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Men's Fashion Jewelry, What You Should Know

There are a few myths about men's jewelry in general and men's fashion jewelry in particular. Some of these myths were spread by jewelers for their own convenience and others were simple misunderstandings. The most important gimmick played by jewelers was to have men believe that good design and craftsmanship would make men's rings appear feminine. Men began to believe that men's jewelry needed to look bulky and clumsy to appear masculine. There obviously was no truth in this belief but, it sure made the life of the jeweler much easier. Low quality men's rings and other men's jewelry flooded the market, bad gemstones and substandard craftsmanship was common to most men's rings. Men continued to wear these junk jewels with pride assuming that it made them look masculine. Another myth was that, white gold men's rings would appear dainty and fragile. There is no truth in this belief too, the design, gemstone and dimensions of a ring determine whether it looks imposing or dainty.
When Kaisilver, the world's leading online jewelry released the world's first high end collection of mens rings, jewelers across the globe were worried about the event. They feared that they would need to work harder to match the quality of Kaisilver men's jewelry that men were being exposed to. The change has been tremendous, men today demand more options, more customization and better craftsmanship for their mens rings and other mens fashion jewelry. The MAN32 shows a men's fashion ring with a broad and impressive size. The gemstones in this ring are handpicked and custom cut, you can choose the gemstones that you prefer. The finish on this ring shows a light hammering effect, you can however order this custom men's fashion ring in a high polish finish too. Like all other Kaisilver jewelry, your men's fashion ring can be ordered in gold or sterling silver. You get the same high quality craftsmanship, customization and gem stone options for gold and silver men's fashion rings.

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