Sunday, November 23, 2008

Heart Pendants, Always In Fashion The Grace And Meaning Of A Heart Shape Pendant

Heart Pendant, Always In Fashion
A heart pendant is a jewel that has remained popular for decades, this trend will continue for an obvious reason. Heart pendants symbolize love, and love is forever not a passing trend or fashion. Choice for heart pendants are numerous but, most of these are readymade. The problem with a ready made heart pendant is that it cannot be customized to your requirement. A good example is a heart diamond pendant, few jewelers would tell you that it is possible to get a good quality genuine diamond heart pendant at an affordable price. Similarly, you might be attracted to a large heart shaped topaz pendant but a very large size could be beyond your budget. It is only a good custom jeweler who can create such a pendant with dimensions to suit your budget. If you saw a citrine heart pendant, you might love the design but hoped that it would have the birth stone of your mother, probably red garnet. A custom heart pendant can handle such issues easily. Another very common problem faced by jewelry lovers is regarding the metal. Few jewelers would stock good quality silver heart pendants, this because the profit margins from selling silver jewelry is small compared to margins from gold jewelry. However, few custom jewelry providers like Kaisilver, provide high quality custom jewelry in gold and sterling silver. The design of a heart pendant can make an expensive looking emerald heart pendant more reasonabe. Look at the image shown above and notice how the white gold heart emerald pendant has been designed to accomodate a round emerald with a moderate size. It is a good idea to evaluate your options before purchasing your heart pendant, get more details on heart pendants at this link.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Custom Jewelry, Custom Made Jewelry From Thailand

The World's Leading Online Custom Jewelry Provider

You will often find that readymade jewelry restricts your preferences. Jewelers love to sell readymade jewelry as it is easy to borrow jewelry and place on their shelves. You might for example, see a gorgeus white gold diamond ring but wish that it was made in yellow gold instead. Working on a limited budget, you might prefer to replace the diamonds with white sapphires while leaving the overall design unchanged. A readymade jewelry provider would care little for your preference. You might even end up getting a few serious stares if you walked into a high heeled jewelry store and told them that your budget was not enough to get a diamond gold ring. In these circumstances your best bet would be to go for a custom made ring. But most jewelers do not have production facilities, they are mainly stocking jewelry received on consignment.

Kaisilver, is regarded as the world's best source for custom jewelry. Situated in the heart of the jewelry industry in Thailand, we work with 3,500 of the finest craftsmen. 7 Designers create jewelry suited for all lifestyles, men's and ladies custom jewelry is made with your designs or ours. When it comes to gemstones, few jewelers can match our preferential access to over 200 million carats of gem stones. Every gem stone is handpicked and custom but by skilled gemstone cutters. We provide custom jewelry in gold or sterling silver and since the same production and design team works on custom jewelry made in gold or silver, quality is never compromised. Visit our website and email us your requirements.