Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bangkok Packaging Fair, Unique Sofa Set From Corrugated Sheets

Bangkok Furniture Fair, Innovative Products.

The Bangkok packaging exhibition was an interesting event attended by a Kaisilver team. We have always encouraged our staff to develop interest in diverse products and activities. It has been proved that ceativity comes relatively easily to people who have developed an interest in multiple activities. The sofa set shown above is created from corrugated sheets. The important thing is that, this is not just a show piece you can actually sit on the sofa set.

This exhibit was put up by a local university. The technology that is researched and developed by the university is made available to the commercial sector. It would be interesting to see how this concept of producing furniture from corrugated sheets is adapted to the commercial world. We also saw some unique dustbins created from similar corrugated sheet material.

Another intereting item was paper made from the skin of the Durian fruit. This is a very popular Thai fruit with a strong pungent flavor. The use of such materials to develop paper obviously reduces the volume of trees (wood) that is needed to produce paper. An entire booth was developed using corrugated sheets and cardboard, the furniture inside was also made of similar materials. Get to see the complete report at

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Puthomonthon Park In Nakhon Pathom Province

The Kaisilver team took time off to visit the puthamonthon park in the Nakhon Pathom province of Thailand. This is a huge park covering a few hundred acres. The gardens are kept very clean and you will also come across some fascinating plants grown in interesting patterns. The best part of this Budhamonthon park is a tall standing statue of Lord Buddha. The statue is mounted on a white marble pedestal, the total height of the Buddha statue is around 15 to 17 meters high.

The gardens are so huge that they are never crowded with visitors. However large crowds do gather during ceremonial celebrations held at the Buddhamonthon park. Nakhon Pathom is not very far from Bangkok, you can keep around 2 to 3 hours to travel and visit this place. The atmosphere is quiet and peaceful, walk to the center of the park and you will not be able to hear the sound of traffic on the adjacent roads.

The team visited this interesting place on a cloudy day, the clouds above formed a spectacular backdrop to the Buddha statue images taken on that afternoon. Above is an image of one of the interesting plant arrangements at the Putthomonthon park in Nakhon Pathom. Get to know more about places to visit in Thailand and other interesting information at

Friday, November 20, 2009

History Fails To Identify Peridot. Emerald Turns Out To Be Peridot.

History Fails To Identify Peridot.
Most of us are aware that both peridot and emerald are green gemstones. Decades ago the best peridot was mined in the Pakistan/Agfhanistan region and great emeralds were mined in Colombia. Cleopatra was great lover of emeralds and emerald jewelry, her wealth included some amazing jewels studded with large and gorgeous emeralds. At least that is what historians believed but, as time passed by the story took a new twist.
It was found that many of the 'emeralds' in Cleaopatra's collection were infact peridot gems and not emeralds. Gemologists agree that this would have been an honest mistake made by her jeweler and not an intention to defraud. After all any fraud of this time in those days would have resulted in the death penalty. It is not sure whether the value and worth of Cleopatra's jewels lessened after the discover or peridot being labelled as emeralds.
History has many similar cases where gems were wrongly identified. The British crown proudly includes many stones that were got by opressing and plundering nations that the British colonized. All red gems were proudly proclaimed to be rubies, no one dared to differ perhaps. But it is not known that many red spinels and rubelite gems passed of as rubies and made there way to the palaces! Interestingly most of this robbed wealth is still shamelessly worn by the British.
The website has more interesting and useful information related to gemstones. Access it at

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Gemstone Colors, Interesting Information On Gem Stone Colors

Gemstone Colors, Interesting Information.
One of the reasons why gemstones are purchased is because of their color. In this write up we will put forward a few random issues of interest related to gem stone colors. The first thing is that nature has provided gems with color. Gemstone manufacturers put gemstones through various treatments, the idea is to either enhance or change the natural color of a gemstone. For example the gorgeous violet-blue tanzanite gemstone starts life as a dull brownish gemstone when mined. It is the heat treatment of rough tanzanite that gives it the vivacious violet-purple color. Similarly aquamarine is known for it's pale blue color but, the gemstone is a greenish-blue or pale green color when mined. Once again heat treatment is used to take off the green tint of the stone and leave it with a pale blue color shade.
Heat treatment is not the only type of treatment given to gems. The fairly ordinary looking white topaz is put through a dose of radiation. This gives us the classic blue collection of topaz gems, including sky blue topaz, swiss blue topaz and the deep london blue topaz. Turquoise is boiled in wax and impregnated with a blue color, blue lapis has a treatment done to give it a uniform blue color throughout the gemstone.
Another interesting thing about gemstone color is that some gems show more than one color in the same piece. This is quite common in certain opaque gems, bloodstone, agates and other jaspers can all have more than one color. However few transparent gems also show a combination of colors. Ametrine which combines the purple shade of amethyst and the yellow shade of citrine is a good example. Tourmaline can sometimes be found with a combination of green and red, this is also referred to as water melon tourmaline.
We also have cases where gemstone colors appear different when viewed from different angles. This is referred to as pleochroism or diochroism. Iolite when viewed from one angle can show a deep violet color. The same gemstone if viewed from another angle can exhibit an almost colorless gem. Other gems like alexandrite can actually change color when exposed to different light sources. Gems showing color change properties are generally priced very high as they are quite rare.
Get to know more about gem stone colors, the Directones report can be seen at

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Big Ganesh Statue In Nakhon Nayok, Places To See In Thailand

Huge Ganesha Statue In Thailand, Nakhon Nayok Province

The Ganesha statue in the Nakhon Nayok province of Thailand is big, it is around the height of a 4 to 5 storey building. One very interesting thing about this Lord Ganesh temple is that most of the devotees are Thais and not Indians. Ganesh is one of the prominent Hindu Gods and is widely worshipped in India. Thailand has a predominantly Buddhist population but this Hindu God has a large following here too. Nakhon Nayok is not very far from Bangkok, it might be possible to include other interesting places nearby in a one day trip.
Within the premises that houses this very big Ganesh statue is a Ganesh museum. Some very impressive Ganesh statues can be seen in this museum. Members of the Kaisilver team took some time off to visit the Ganesh temple in Nakhon Nayok. The temple was very crowded with devotees pouring in from all parts of Thailand. One very interesting thing about the monk in this temple was the prediction of the lottery results. This monk spoke out a few numbers which were supposed to be winning digits in the lottery results that had yet to be officially declared. Many of the devotees had come to hear the winning lottery numbers, they carefully noted down the digits that were spoken out by the monk. Read the complete report and view some more images of this Ganesh temple in Thailand at

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Khao Laam Rice Pudding Dish, Sticky Rice Cooked In A Bamboo

Sticky Rice Pudding In Bamboo. Thai Food Dish.

The image shows the famous Khao Laam pudding. This sticky rice and coconut milk pudding is actually cooked inside a bamboo stick. The freshly cooked bamboo sticks appear quite dark and burnt out but, the vendor strips off the upper layer of the bamboo and gives it a neat appearance. The Khao Lhaam sticky rice pudding is basically a mixture of sticky rice, coconut milk and sugar. Black beans are sometimes added into the rice pudding mixture before it is cooked. Variations exist for the exact mixture that is put into the bamboo stick and most of these are vegetarian. However if you are very particular about eating only vegetarian food, get a confirmation from the vendor before buying the sticky rice in bamboo dish.

This delicious sticky rice dish is becoming rarer however, it can be quite easily found in provinces outside the main metropolitan cities of Thailand. You would generally get around 3 or at least 2 rice pudding bamboo sticks for around 3 U.S$. If you plan to take your sticky rice dish home, request the vendor to split open the bamboo for you. It might not be very easy or convenient to do it yourself. Get to see how this sticky rice in bamboo looks after it is split open and made ready to eat, images and details can be seen here

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Can Jewelry Motivate A Person? Working On The Meaning Of A Jewel

Jewelry As A Motivational Factor.

Some people wear jewelry as a fashion accessory but an increasingly larger number of jewelry buyers are buying jewelry for other reasons. So what really is the meaning of a jewel? Can a jewel motivate a person to do better or perform better in life? The answer is a definite yes but, the extent to which a jewel can be effective depends on the person wearing the jewel too. For example, a promise ring is supposed to signify a commitment or promise between two persons. If both the people understand, comprehend and respect this meaning of the jewel it would have positive benefits. Similarly the historic cladaugh ring shows love, friendship and loyalty. This jewel infact belongs to a group of jewels that are referred to as faith rings. Anyone who wears this jewel with a full commitment to the meaning of the jewel will see a positive impact on his or her personality. Let us take an example of a jewel where the meaning is not all that direct and clear. Refer to the MPN01 Kaisilver pendant shown above, this is an eagle pendant and not related to a religion it also does not have any historic background. But this jewel could also be used as a motivational factor for the person who wears the jewel. The characteristics of an eagle are well known. This majestic bird can fly high up in the sky, on spotting it's prey it will quickly swoop below and never take it's eyes off the prey. Translate this behaviour to a human being and the effect of this pendant gets to be clearly. When you wear this eagle pendant, you should try to keep the bird in perspective. Always work to achieve your ambition and target. Once you have set your sights on achieving something, never let anything or anyone distract you. If you are a business owner, remember to move swiftly to capture new markets and retain and expand existing markets. Doing it swiftly and efficiently will give you rewards much before the competition steps in. It is therefore important that you understand the background and meaning of the jewels that you choose. Once you are clear about these aspects, work on how they can improve your personality and performance.

This report is compiled in the public interest by the experts at Kaisilver.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Sterling Silver What Does It Mean? What Is 925 Silver

What Is Sterling Silver?
Most of us have come across the term sterling silver. This is sometimes called 925 silver or 92.5% silver too. So what exactly does sterling silver mean? Here is the explanation for sterling silver jewelry. When jewelry is being made, the metal used needs to have sufficient hardness. If this is not the case, a soft metal cannot withstand the various production stages of jewelry production. Silver in it's purest form is considered to be too soft for jewelry applications. It is therefore necessary to increase the hardness of pure silver before it can be used in jewelry manufacturing.
An alloy consisting of a few metals is added to pure silver to increase it's hardness. It is obvious that the addition of any alloy reduces the purity of the silver. The proportion of alloy and silver in the final metal are important. If the silver content in the mixed metal is not less than 92.5%, the metal is referred to as sterling silver or 925 silver. Sterling silver jewelry should therefore contain a silver purity of 92.5%. It is now obvious that the term 925 silver refers to the purity of the silver in the jewelry.
While the sterling silver standard has been in place for a few decades now, a few jewelers continue to produce silver jewelry with silver purity that is as low as 50%. We have come across certain silver jewelry produced in India that had a silver purity of just 50%. You should know that such silver cannot be termed as sterling silver. A more interesting report on silver jewelry has been filed here

Friday, July 17, 2009

Thai Dessert Recipes, The Look Joop Thai Candy Recipe

Thai Desserts, Luk Choop Candy From Thailand

Thai food is one of the reasons why millions of tourists visit the country each year. The nation offers food to impress everyone, the range of vegetables, fruits, seafood and international food dishes available in Thailand is truly amazing. The fine flavor and exotic appearance of many Thai food dishes have an important reason. Some of these dishes like the Thai dessert look choop candy originated in the palaces of Thailand. Meant for the royalty, it was necessary for the food to appear and taste good. Luk joop is made from white mung seeds and includes coconut milk among other ingredients. This Thai dessert is quite easy to make if you have the right recipe. While soaking the moong seeds does take a few hours, the rest of the recipe can be done quite soon. However, the last part of making this colorful Thai dessert requires some truly artistic skills. You need to not only shape the pieces into fruits and vegetables but also, paint them carefully.

This is an ancient Thai recipe and you can still find readymade look choop in a few places, it remains popular in the provinces outside the metro cities. Making look joop can be interesting and fun, so take a look at the detailed recipe for this delicious and pretty Thai dessert here

Monday, July 6, 2009

Gents Wedding Rings, The Right Time To Order

Preparing For Your Gents Wedding Ring.
The timing of most weddings are planned well in advance. While ladies generally wear an engagement ring and a wedding ring (after the wedding), it is quite common for men to wear only a gents wedding ring. One thing that excites jewelers is the last minute purchasing of a gents wedding ring. Left with insufficient time, the buyer is pushed and tricked into buying a jewel that might not be good enough or might not offer best value for the money paid. This is sad but true and only you as a buyer can put an end to such gimmicks played by jewelers.
Kaisilver the world's leading online custom jewelry provider from Thailand suggests that, you start planning for a gents wedding ring about 3 to 4 months before it is actually required. This will allow you to evaluate various options and not leave you at the mercy of greedy salesmen. Talking about a ready made wedding ring versus a custom made jewel, there are some useful tops and suggestions. When you walk into a well carpeted and staffed jewelry store in the U.S or Europe, you should know that the price you pay for the jewel is at least 2 to 3 times more than what the actual product cost is. When it comes to making online purchases of jewelry, buyers often comment that they are not comfortable with making the purchase. They feel more comfortable in an air conditioned jewelry store flanked by smart talking salesmen and being watched by smart suited men strutting on the shop floor. This is an environment that would please anyone but keep one thing in mind. All these fancy overheads will finally be piled on to your price tag, this includes some hefty shop floor personnel commissions too.
On a lighter note, walk into one of these posh jewelry houses and pick a 10,000 U.S$ diamond ring. Watch the sales persons face light up as you mentioned how wonderful the jewel looks. Next, tell them that your budget is about 8,000 U.S$ less than the price tag! Watch the clouds build up and the mood change. Pick a 2,000 U.S$ gents wedding band and tell them that you wished you could have it in 350 U.S$ in sterling silver!. Suddenly the environment seems more like a police station, you get those strange stares and boring glances.
There really is no reason to get a readymade gents wedding ring and put up with these insults. Choose the right custom jewelry provider and get a ring custom made. This jewel will include your choice of metal, design, dimensions and gemstones. You will not end up paying for fancy rents and staff salaries, you will not end up paying multiple commissions as the ring moves from it's Asian production center to this plush jewelry showroom. It is time that we stopped this farce together, get to know how custom made jewelry can get you better value for your money and with great respect too

Saturday, June 20, 2009

What Is Marcasite? Is Marcasite A Gem Stone?

What Is Marcasite?
It is interesting that though marcasite has been used in making jewelry for many decades, not many jewelry buyers are really aware of what marcasite is. Marcasite is not a crystal or a gem or organic origin, it is basically Iron Sulfide. Gemstone manufacturers mine marcasite and then cut it into small sizes, which are shaped like gems. The stone then takes a high polish and is ideally suited for classic silver antique style jewelry. The above antique silver pendant from Azjewelrystore is a good example. When marcasite is set in silver pendants or other silver jewelry which has been provided with a classic antiquing finish, the end result is truly amazing. The above marcasite 925 silver pendant from Azjewelry is amazingly affordable. With classic designs and skilfull craftsmanship your silver antique pendant would look far more expensive than what you actually pay for it. The metalic finish of marcasite blends perfectly with the silver metal, making it suitable for ladies and girls of all ages. Get to see more of the Azjewelrystore marcasite collection here

Monday, June 8, 2009

Belly Rings And Other Body Piercing Jewelry, The Safety Factor

Are Belly Rings Safe To Wear, Safety Factor In Body Piercing Jewelry.

Since Kaisilver is basically a jewelry provider, it might seem strange that we raise the safety issue for belly rings and other body piercing jewelry. It has always been our goal to educate jewelry and gem buyers regarding various related issues. The safety of belly rings is being discussed with the intention of informing and not to make a sale. As is expected your belly ring would need a body piercing to be done, the issue of safety begins right here. You might be amazed to know that over 30% of jewelry buyers get piercing done at a jewelry store or at a friends place! The dangers of this are many, problems do occur and medical attention is finally required to resolve the problem. The piercing for a belly ring needs to be done in the navel area, infection at such a place can cause bacteria and germs to easily enter the body. The right place to have a body piercing done is at a well equipped medical facility. This is where you should be going in the first place, no need to wait until a problem arises. A medical expert will be the best person to let you know when the pierced area has healed, this is when you can try on your belly ring.
A badly made belly ring can also cause complications. Sharp or rough edges and points can pose a continous problem keeping the skin injured and sore. While we do not suggest that you wear a heavy or bulky belly ring, a jewel with insufficient weight could bend and deform this could cause pain and injury. Being in the jewelry industry we have come across cheap ready made belly rings. In certain cases these cheap belly rings opened up without the person actually knowing it. The exposed ends then pierced the delicate skin and needed medical attention. Such a situation could also arise if you wear a belly ring without understanding the mechanism that is provided to close or open the jewel.
Cleaning would refer to cleaning the body as well as clearing the belly ring itself. Dust and grime could collect in the area and on the belly ring. It is necessary to gently clean the skin and the belly ring regularly. Do not attempt to sleep while wearing a belly ring, the jewel could get pulled without you knowing it and cause the skin to become sore. If you use any commercial lotion or fabric to clean your belly ring, rinse the jewel thoroughly after finishing the cleaning process. This will help take off any residual chemicals that remain stuck to the belly ring.
The PJ002 is a gorgeous custom belly ring from Kaisilver but, we advise that you do not rush to make purchase this or any other body piercing jewel before getting full information. A very comprehensive and useful report related to belly rings tackles most related issues give it a read at

Friday, May 15, 2009

Meaning Of Three Diamond Pendants? Idea For Pendants With Three Gem Stones.

Three Diamond Pendant Meaning.
The recent release of the Kaisilver collection of three diamond pendants raised tremendous interest in fashion circles. While most of these pendants with three stones were bought for their gorgeous looks and surprisingly affordable prices, some buyers wanted to know the meaning of a pendant with three diamonds. The true meaning of pendants with three gem stones is best explained with examples. If you see the PG2505 diamond gold pendant shown above, you will notice that the diamond on the top is the smallest, it is followed by a diamond of medium size and finally ends with the largest diamond at the bottom. This concept is known as the past, present future concept. The smallest diamond represents things that have gone by (the past). The center diamond represents now, the present. The hope in the future is represented by the largest diamond. It is important to know that such three gem stone pendants, need not always have diamonds. You could have other gems instead or probably, a combination of gemstones and diamonds too.
We now come to a totally different explanation for three gem stone pendants. A classic mother's pendant could contain the birth stones of the the mother and all her children. In this case each stone in the pendant would represent a birth stone. There is however an interesting thing here. If you had to make a mothers pendant with this concept, we would suggest that the children's birth stones be of the same size and shape. You could have your mother's birth stone in the same size and shape too or, let the larger gem stone represent the mothers birth stone. Gems in three gem stone pendants can be combined based on color preference too.
You might want to see more detailed information about pendants with three diamonds so, do have a look here

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Yoga, What Are The Benefits Of Practising Yoga

Yoga Meaning And Benefits Of Doing Yoga.
There are various definitions given to the word yoga, some people believe that yoga is the same as discipline. Since the origins of yoga are closely linked to some religions in India, the yoga has been given some religious interpretations too. Given the relevance of yoga in todays modern world it would suffice to say that yoga is the focus point of the mind, body and soul.
When you talk about the benefits of practising yoga, you will need to understand the two main aspects of yoga. While yoga can be used to create a stable mind that is geared to receive and create positive thoughts, it can also do a lot for your physical condition. Hatha Yoga is the most commonly practised yoga concept and encompasses the physical excercises and yoga postures. If your job or professional involves a lot of desk work and starves you of physical activity, doing yoga postures can strengthen the physical elements of your body. For example, backache and pain which originates from long hours of sitting or sitting with improper posture can often be remedied by doing specific yoga postures. On the other hand an athlete who gets sufficient physical excercise during training sessions can use the part of yoga that strengthens the mind. Sports instructors have known for long that, a strong body and a strong mind can increase the chances of success in all sports and athletics.
The great thing about yoga is that it can be catered to an individual's requirements. An experienced yoga teacher can develop a set of yoga postures that is specific to your sex, age and physical condition. Get to know more about yoga and how it can help you develop your body and mind at

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Elephant Painting, The Unique And Amazing Ability Of Thai Elephants

Elephant Painting, Artistic Skills Of Thai Elephants.

Most of us would think alike if we heard of an elephant painting. We would relate this to a beautiful painting done by a human artist. Elephants are deeply routed in the history and culture of Thailand. Elephant scarves, elephant shirts, elephant statues, elephant wood carvings etc are quite common. The above picture shows something quite extradordinary, an elephant actually painting a picture. Seen at one of the elephant shows outside Bangkok, this elephant actually did a painting of itself! It painted an elephant in black on a white paper. If you thought that the artistic skills of Thai elephants could only go as far as painting dabs and blotches, you are mistaken. Elephant shows throughout the country display some stunning paintings done by elephants. Flowers, elephants, and trees are some of the paintings done by these elephants.

Most elephant shows do a spot auction of the paintings done by elephants. The paintings auctioned at the elephant show visited by a Kaisilver team fetched around 60 U.S$ t0 70 U.S$ per painting. Many of the buyers probably hoped to sell the painting for a hefty profit. A great idea but, how many of us would believe that these gorgeous paintings were actually made by elephants. Seeing is believing so, make sure that you visit one of these terrific elephant shows on your next trip to Thailand. See more elephant paintings here and if you need to get some useful and interesting information on Thailand, see some interesting travel related articles here

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Men's Gifts, Suggestions For Men's Gifts

Men's Gift Suggestions

If you had to do a survey on the number of gifts purchased each year globally, you would find that more than 70% of these gifts are purchased for girls or ladies of different ages. Children buying gifts for their mother, husbands buying gifts for wives, guys buying gifts for their sweethearts and the list goes on. The point is that a very small percentage of gifts purchased each year are meant for boys or men. This is one of the major reasons why most people are confused when choosing men's gifts. Some good ideas for a men's gift could be a book you would obviously need to know the reading interest of the man receiving the gift. For example, a book on globalization would lie unread if gifted to a man with interests in religion and civilization. Leather purses and belts are a good idea too, branded items can be very expensive and you never know the quality and durability of non-branded leather goods. Silk ties and shirts are good examples of men's gifts, you would need to know the dressing habits and style of the man to make the right choice.

The image on this article shows a pair of awesome gold or silver cufflinks with garnet gems. Now, these are sturdy cuff links with handpicked and custom cut gems. You could take advantage of custom made jewelry and choose the gem stones of your choice. The advantage of gem stone cuff links is that, the gems can be selected as birth stones. Cufflinks can also be made with initials or logos and no gems, this personalization adds meaning to the cuff links. Garnet is the birth stone for the month of January, the red garnets shown above are deep red and would suit men of all personalities. The color of red garnets will also match well with most shirt colors that men would wear. Men's jewelry is a good idea for men's gifts. While many men do not wear jewelry, cufflinks are considered more as dressing essentials rather than fashion accessories. Get more details on the Cuff-05 custom cufflinks at

Friday, January 2, 2009

Thailand Customs And Traditions, Visitors Information

Thailand Customs, Respect Local Beliefs And Traditions.

If you spend sometime travelling to areas outside the main cities of Thailand, you might need to understand a few customs and traditions. The above image shows a statue placed in a natural park. The park is a picnic spot that is well maintained, it is safe and you never hear of robberies or other hazards. However, on seeing a statue of other monument you will need to show some respect for local thai customes. There was a recent incident where a German couple were arrested for having sexual intercourse in an ancient Thai temple! This really has nothing to do with tradition, it is a rude and unpolite behaviour that cannot be tolerated in any society. Such behaviour would never be tolerated in a German church, so all we can say is that the couple did something terrible that no civilized person would do or condone. Coming back to monuments and statues, behave decently and make sure that you are properly dressed if you get very close to the statues. Many places are clearly marked with instructions but language is a major issue here. It is unlikely that you would find signs in languages besides Thai and English.

Thailand Waterfalls, A Little Caution Helps

Thailand Waterfalls, Travel To Thailand.
The natural settings of waterfalls and the greenery of the surroundings attracts thousands of visitors to Thailand. While Thailand is considered to be quite safe for travelers, careless tourists can sometimes be victims of accidents that should never have happened. The idea of having a picnic near the waterfalls is fine but, it might be a good idea to avoid getting into the water if you have been drinking alcohol. The seemingly gentle waterfall can show it's might as you approach the area where the falling water hits the rocks below. It is easy to get off balance and fall off, the rocks might be slippery with moss and this adds to the risk. If you ever wonder, why the dozens of Thais who play in these waterfalls remain safe and unhurt, it might help to know that each year a few Thais lose a few limbs or even their life playing in these waterfalls. So unless you are very active and athletic, avoid going into the area where the waterfalls to the rocks below from a great height.
Many natural parks do not allow food to be carried into the park. There might be specific areas marked where you can carry your own food or purchase food from vendors. If you decide to eat in such areas, try to keep the place as clean as possible. A very dangerous thing noticed near some waterfall areas is visitors wrapping empty beer bottles in a plastic bag and then throwing the bag on the hard rocks. The bottles break to pieces and the sharp pieces can seriously hurt anyone who stamps the plastic bag. Tourists often believe that entering the waterfall with bare feet allows them to get a better grip on the rocks. This might be true but cut glass and other sharp objects can cause nasty accidents, so excercise caution.

Holiday In Thailand, Watch For The Unusual

Travel To Thailand, Watch For The Unusual

If you are considering a holiday in Thailand, spend some time reading about the history, culture and famous places of the country. But, once in Thailand stop living by the book and try something unusual. It helps if you have someone locally to guide you around but, you could also consider spending half a day visiting some place that you hear of locally. One such place could be a waterfall or natural park a few hundred kilometers outside the bustling Bangkok city. The above image shows fish in their natural surroundings. While this is nothing strange, what we found to be quite strange was that the fish seem to be enjoy spending time on the big rock that you see in the image. These fishes were not swimming back and forth but almost seemed to be 'perching' on the big rock. And if this was not enough, the fish ate long green beans (also called string beans). You could actually hold the long bean into the water (hold the other end in your hand) and watch the fish come and bite at the bean. As you enter the natural park, you will fund a few vendors selling those beans. The park authorities strictly followed the regulations and allowed no food inside tha park EXCEPT food that could be fed to the fish!

Thailand Travel, Natural Beauty That Impresses Everyone

Thailand Travel, Stunning Natural Beauty
Travel to Thailand is not a new topic, most travellers from western nations are aware of beaches and night spots in Thailand. But you are missing out on something if you do not spend a while with the natural beauty of Thailand. The above image shows water peacefully flowing past weathered rocks. If you are planning to take a long vacation in Thailand try to visit such places during weekdays, this will help you avoid huge weekend travel crowds. Most of the natural parks in Thailand are strict about environment and cleanliness. So though you might not see a security personnel at every corner of the park, do your small part and make sure that you don't throw garbage around the place. The park shown in the above image did not allowed us to carry any eatables into the park area, a bottle of drinking water was permitted. When you travel around in Thailand, get used to the different entry fees for foreigners and Thais. There are places where this difference could be around 10 times!