Friday, January 2, 2009

Thailand Customs And Traditions, Visitors Information

Thailand Customs, Respect Local Beliefs And Traditions.

If you spend sometime travelling to areas outside the main cities of Thailand, you might need to understand a few customs and traditions. The above image shows a statue placed in a natural park. The park is a picnic spot that is well maintained, it is safe and you never hear of robberies or other hazards. However, on seeing a statue of other monument you will need to show some respect for local thai customes. There was a recent incident where a German couple were arrested for having sexual intercourse in an ancient Thai temple! This really has nothing to do with tradition, it is a rude and unpolite behaviour that cannot be tolerated in any society. Such behaviour would never be tolerated in a German church, so all we can say is that the couple did something terrible that no civilized person would do or condone. Coming back to monuments and statues, behave decently and make sure that you are properly dressed if you get very close to the statues. Many places are clearly marked with instructions but language is a major issue here. It is unlikely that you would find signs in languages besides Thai and English.

Thailand Waterfalls, A Little Caution Helps

Thailand Waterfalls, Travel To Thailand.
The natural settings of waterfalls and the greenery of the surroundings attracts thousands of visitors to Thailand. While Thailand is considered to be quite safe for travelers, careless tourists can sometimes be victims of accidents that should never have happened. The idea of having a picnic near the waterfalls is fine but, it might be a good idea to avoid getting into the water if you have been drinking alcohol. The seemingly gentle waterfall can show it's might as you approach the area where the falling water hits the rocks below. It is easy to get off balance and fall off, the rocks might be slippery with moss and this adds to the risk. If you ever wonder, why the dozens of Thais who play in these waterfalls remain safe and unhurt, it might help to know that each year a few Thais lose a few limbs or even their life playing in these waterfalls. So unless you are very active and athletic, avoid going into the area where the waterfalls to the rocks below from a great height.
Many natural parks do not allow food to be carried into the park. There might be specific areas marked where you can carry your own food or purchase food from vendors. If you decide to eat in such areas, try to keep the place as clean as possible. A very dangerous thing noticed near some waterfall areas is visitors wrapping empty beer bottles in a plastic bag and then throwing the bag on the hard rocks. The bottles break to pieces and the sharp pieces can seriously hurt anyone who stamps the plastic bag. Tourists often believe that entering the waterfall with bare feet allows them to get a better grip on the rocks. This might be true but cut glass and other sharp objects can cause nasty accidents, so excercise caution.

Holiday In Thailand, Watch For The Unusual

Travel To Thailand, Watch For The Unusual

If you are considering a holiday in Thailand, spend some time reading about the history, culture and famous places of the country. But, once in Thailand stop living by the book and try something unusual. It helps if you have someone locally to guide you around but, you could also consider spending half a day visiting some place that you hear of locally. One such place could be a waterfall or natural park a few hundred kilometers outside the bustling Bangkok city. The above image shows fish in their natural surroundings. While this is nothing strange, what we found to be quite strange was that the fish seem to be enjoy spending time on the big rock that you see in the image. These fishes were not swimming back and forth but almost seemed to be 'perching' on the big rock. And if this was not enough, the fish ate long green beans (also called string beans). You could actually hold the long bean into the water (hold the other end in your hand) and watch the fish come and bite at the bean. As you enter the natural park, you will fund a few vendors selling those beans. The park authorities strictly followed the regulations and allowed no food inside tha park EXCEPT food that could be fed to the fish!

Thailand Travel, Natural Beauty That Impresses Everyone

Thailand Travel, Stunning Natural Beauty
Travel to Thailand is not a new topic, most travellers from western nations are aware of beaches and night spots in Thailand. But you are missing out on something if you do not spend a while with the natural beauty of Thailand. The above image shows water peacefully flowing past weathered rocks. If you are planning to take a long vacation in Thailand try to visit such places during weekdays, this will help you avoid huge weekend travel crowds. Most of the natural parks in Thailand are strict about environment and cleanliness. So though you might not see a security personnel at every corner of the park, do your small part and make sure that you don't throw garbage around the place. The park shown in the above image did not allowed us to carry any eatables into the park area, a bottle of drinking water was permitted. When you travel around in Thailand, get used to the different entry fees for foreigners and Thais. There are places where this difference could be around 10 times!