Saturday, March 28, 2009

Yoga, What Are The Benefits Of Practising Yoga

Yoga Meaning And Benefits Of Doing Yoga.
There are various definitions given to the word yoga, some people believe that yoga is the same as discipline. Since the origins of yoga are closely linked to some religions in India, the yoga has been given some religious interpretations too. Given the relevance of yoga in todays modern world it would suffice to say that yoga is the focus point of the mind, body and soul.
When you talk about the benefits of practising yoga, you will need to understand the two main aspects of yoga. While yoga can be used to create a stable mind that is geared to receive and create positive thoughts, it can also do a lot for your physical condition. Hatha Yoga is the most commonly practised yoga concept and encompasses the physical excercises and yoga postures. If your job or professional involves a lot of desk work and starves you of physical activity, doing yoga postures can strengthen the physical elements of your body. For example, backache and pain which originates from long hours of sitting or sitting with improper posture can often be remedied by doing specific yoga postures. On the other hand an athlete who gets sufficient physical excercise during training sessions can use the part of yoga that strengthens the mind. Sports instructors have known for long that, a strong body and a strong mind can increase the chances of success in all sports and athletics.
The great thing about yoga is that it can be catered to an individual's requirements. An experienced yoga teacher can develop a set of yoga postures that is specific to your sex, age and physical condition. Get to know more about yoga and how it can help you develop your body and mind at

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Elephant Painting, The Unique And Amazing Ability Of Thai Elephants

Elephant Painting, Artistic Skills Of Thai Elephants.

Most of us would think alike if we heard of an elephant painting. We would relate this to a beautiful painting done by a human artist. Elephants are deeply routed in the history and culture of Thailand. Elephant scarves, elephant shirts, elephant statues, elephant wood carvings etc are quite common. The above picture shows something quite extradordinary, an elephant actually painting a picture. Seen at one of the elephant shows outside Bangkok, this elephant actually did a painting of itself! It painted an elephant in black on a white paper. If you thought that the artistic skills of Thai elephants could only go as far as painting dabs and blotches, you are mistaken. Elephant shows throughout the country display some stunning paintings done by elephants. Flowers, elephants, and trees are some of the paintings done by these elephants.

Most elephant shows do a spot auction of the paintings done by elephants. The paintings auctioned at the elephant show visited by a Kaisilver team fetched around 60 U.S$ t0 70 U.S$ per painting. Many of the buyers probably hoped to sell the painting for a hefty profit. A great idea but, how many of us would believe that these gorgeous paintings were actually made by elephants. Seeing is believing so, make sure that you visit one of these terrific elephant shows on your next trip to Thailand. See more elephant paintings here and if you need to get some useful and interesting information on Thailand, see some interesting travel related articles here