Friday, May 15, 2009

Meaning Of Three Diamond Pendants? Idea For Pendants With Three Gem Stones.

Three Diamond Pendant Meaning.
The recent release of the Kaisilver collection of three diamond pendants raised tremendous interest in fashion circles. While most of these pendants with three stones were bought for their gorgeous looks and surprisingly affordable prices, some buyers wanted to know the meaning of a pendant with three diamonds. The true meaning of pendants with three gem stones is best explained with examples. If you see the PG2505 diamond gold pendant shown above, you will notice that the diamond on the top is the smallest, it is followed by a diamond of medium size and finally ends with the largest diamond at the bottom. This concept is known as the past, present future concept. The smallest diamond represents things that have gone by (the past). The center diamond represents now, the present. The hope in the future is represented by the largest diamond. It is important to know that such three gem stone pendants, need not always have diamonds. You could have other gems instead or probably, a combination of gemstones and diamonds too.
We now come to a totally different explanation for three gem stone pendants. A classic mother's pendant could contain the birth stones of the the mother and all her children. In this case each stone in the pendant would represent a birth stone. There is however an interesting thing here. If you had to make a mothers pendant with this concept, we would suggest that the children's birth stones be of the same size and shape. You could have your mother's birth stone in the same size and shape too or, let the larger gem stone represent the mothers birth stone. Gems in three gem stone pendants can be combined based on color preference too.
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