Saturday, June 20, 2009

What Is Marcasite? Is Marcasite A Gem Stone?

What Is Marcasite?
It is interesting that though marcasite has been used in making jewelry for many decades, not many jewelry buyers are really aware of what marcasite is. Marcasite is not a crystal or a gem or organic origin, it is basically Iron Sulfide. Gemstone manufacturers mine marcasite and then cut it into small sizes, which are shaped like gems. The stone then takes a high polish and is ideally suited for classic silver antique style jewelry. The above antique silver pendant from Azjewelrystore is a good example. When marcasite is set in silver pendants or other silver jewelry which has been provided with a classic antiquing finish, the end result is truly amazing. The above marcasite 925 silver pendant from Azjewelry is amazingly affordable. With classic designs and skilfull craftsmanship your silver antique pendant would look far more expensive than what you actually pay for it. The metalic finish of marcasite blends perfectly with the silver metal, making it suitable for ladies and girls of all ages. Get to see more of the Azjewelrystore marcasite collection here

Monday, June 8, 2009

Belly Rings And Other Body Piercing Jewelry, The Safety Factor

Are Belly Rings Safe To Wear, Safety Factor In Body Piercing Jewelry.

Since Kaisilver is basically a jewelry provider, it might seem strange that we raise the safety issue for belly rings and other body piercing jewelry. It has always been our goal to educate jewelry and gem buyers regarding various related issues. The safety of belly rings is being discussed with the intention of informing and not to make a sale. As is expected your belly ring would need a body piercing to be done, the issue of safety begins right here. You might be amazed to know that over 30% of jewelry buyers get piercing done at a jewelry store or at a friends place! The dangers of this are many, problems do occur and medical attention is finally required to resolve the problem. The piercing for a belly ring needs to be done in the navel area, infection at such a place can cause bacteria and germs to easily enter the body. The right place to have a body piercing done is at a well equipped medical facility. This is where you should be going in the first place, no need to wait until a problem arises. A medical expert will be the best person to let you know when the pierced area has healed, this is when you can try on your belly ring.
A badly made belly ring can also cause complications. Sharp or rough edges and points can pose a continous problem keeping the skin injured and sore. While we do not suggest that you wear a heavy or bulky belly ring, a jewel with insufficient weight could bend and deform this could cause pain and injury. Being in the jewelry industry we have come across cheap ready made belly rings. In certain cases these cheap belly rings opened up without the person actually knowing it. The exposed ends then pierced the delicate skin and needed medical attention. Such a situation could also arise if you wear a belly ring without understanding the mechanism that is provided to close or open the jewel.
Cleaning would refer to cleaning the body as well as clearing the belly ring itself. Dust and grime could collect in the area and on the belly ring. It is necessary to gently clean the skin and the belly ring regularly. Do not attempt to sleep while wearing a belly ring, the jewel could get pulled without you knowing it and cause the skin to become sore. If you use any commercial lotion or fabric to clean your belly ring, rinse the jewel thoroughly after finishing the cleaning process. This will help take off any residual chemicals that remain stuck to the belly ring.
The PJ002 is a gorgeous custom belly ring from Kaisilver but, we advise that you do not rush to make purchase this or any other body piercing jewel before getting full information. A very comprehensive and useful report related to belly rings tackles most related issues give it a read at