Friday, July 31, 2009

Sterling Silver What Does It Mean? What Is 925 Silver

What Is Sterling Silver?
Most of us have come across the term sterling silver. This is sometimes called 925 silver or 92.5% silver too. So what exactly does sterling silver mean? Here is the explanation for sterling silver jewelry. When jewelry is being made, the metal used needs to have sufficient hardness. If this is not the case, a soft metal cannot withstand the various production stages of jewelry production. Silver in it's purest form is considered to be too soft for jewelry applications. It is therefore necessary to increase the hardness of pure silver before it can be used in jewelry manufacturing.
An alloy consisting of a few metals is added to pure silver to increase it's hardness. It is obvious that the addition of any alloy reduces the purity of the silver. The proportion of alloy and silver in the final metal are important. If the silver content in the mixed metal is not less than 92.5%, the metal is referred to as sterling silver or 925 silver. Sterling silver jewelry should therefore contain a silver purity of 92.5%. It is now obvious that the term 925 silver refers to the purity of the silver in the jewelry.
While the sterling silver standard has been in place for a few decades now, a few jewelers continue to produce silver jewelry with silver purity that is as low as 50%. We have come across certain silver jewelry produced in India that had a silver purity of just 50%. You should know that such silver cannot be termed as sterling silver. A more interesting report on silver jewelry has been filed here

Friday, July 17, 2009

Thai Dessert Recipes, The Look Joop Thai Candy Recipe

Thai Desserts, Luk Choop Candy From Thailand

Thai food is one of the reasons why millions of tourists visit the country each year. The nation offers food to impress everyone, the range of vegetables, fruits, seafood and international food dishes available in Thailand is truly amazing. The fine flavor and exotic appearance of many Thai food dishes have an important reason. Some of these dishes like the Thai dessert look choop candy originated in the palaces of Thailand. Meant for the royalty, it was necessary for the food to appear and taste good. Luk joop is made from white mung seeds and includes coconut milk among other ingredients. This Thai dessert is quite easy to make if you have the right recipe. While soaking the moong seeds does take a few hours, the rest of the recipe can be done quite soon. However, the last part of making this colorful Thai dessert requires some truly artistic skills. You need to not only shape the pieces into fruits and vegetables but also, paint them carefully.

This is an ancient Thai recipe and you can still find readymade look choop in a few places, it remains popular in the provinces outside the metro cities. Making look joop can be interesting and fun, so take a look at the detailed recipe for this delicious and pretty Thai dessert here

Monday, July 6, 2009

Gents Wedding Rings, The Right Time To Order

Preparing For Your Gents Wedding Ring.
The timing of most weddings are planned well in advance. While ladies generally wear an engagement ring and a wedding ring (after the wedding), it is quite common for men to wear only a gents wedding ring. One thing that excites jewelers is the last minute purchasing of a gents wedding ring. Left with insufficient time, the buyer is pushed and tricked into buying a jewel that might not be good enough or might not offer best value for the money paid. This is sad but true and only you as a buyer can put an end to such gimmicks played by jewelers.
Kaisilver the world's leading online custom jewelry provider from Thailand suggests that, you start planning for a gents wedding ring about 3 to 4 months before it is actually required. This will allow you to evaluate various options and not leave you at the mercy of greedy salesmen. Talking about a ready made wedding ring versus a custom made jewel, there are some useful tops and suggestions. When you walk into a well carpeted and staffed jewelry store in the U.S or Europe, you should know that the price you pay for the jewel is at least 2 to 3 times more than what the actual product cost is. When it comes to making online purchases of jewelry, buyers often comment that they are not comfortable with making the purchase. They feel more comfortable in an air conditioned jewelry store flanked by smart talking salesmen and being watched by smart suited men strutting on the shop floor. This is an environment that would please anyone but keep one thing in mind. All these fancy overheads will finally be piled on to your price tag, this includes some hefty shop floor personnel commissions too.
On a lighter note, walk into one of these posh jewelry houses and pick a 10,000 U.S$ diamond ring. Watch the sales persons face light up as you mentioned how wonderful the jewel looks. Next, tell them that your budget is about 8,000 U.S$ less than the price tag! Watch the clouds build up and the mood change. Pick a 2,000 U.S$ gents wedding band and tell them that you wished you could have it in 350 U.S$ in sterling silver!. Suddenly the environment seems more like a police station, you get those strange stares and boring glances.
There really is no reason to get a readymade gents wedding ring and put up with these insults. Choose the right custom jewelry provider and get a ring custom made. This jewel will include your choice of metal, design, dimensions and gemstones. You will not end up paying for fancy rents and staff salaries, you will not end up paying multiple commissions as the ring moves from it's Asian production center to this plush jewelry showroom. It is time that we stopped this farce together, get to know how custom made jewelry can get you better value for your money and with great respect too