Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Khao Laam Rice Pudding Dish, Sticky Rice Cooked In A Bamboo

Sticky Rice Pudding In Bamboo. Thai Food Dish.

The image shows the famous Khao Laam pudding. This sticky rice and coconut milk pudding is actually cooked inside a bamboo stick. The freshly cooked bamboo sticks appear quite dark and burnt out but, the vendor strips off the upper layer of the bamboo and gives it a neat appearance. The Khao Lhaam sticky rice pudding is basically a mixture of sticky rice, coconut milk and sugar. Black beans are sometimes added into the rice pudding mixture before it is cooked. Variations exist for the exact mixture that is put into the bamboo stick and most of these are vegetarian. However if you are very particular about eating only vegetarian food, get a confirmation from the vendor before buying the sticky rice in bamboo dish.

This delicious sticky rice dish is becoming rarer however, it can be quite easily found in provinces outside the main metropolitan cities of Thailand. You would generally get around 3 or at least 2 rice pudding bamboo sticks for around 3 U.S$. If you plan to take your sticky rice dish home, request the vendor to split open the bamboo for you. It might not be very easy or convenient to do it yourself. Get to see how this sticky rice in bamboo looks after it is split open and made ready to eat, images and details can be seen here

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Can Jewelry Motivate A Person? Working On The Meaning Of A Jewel

Jewelry As A Motivational Factor.

Some people wear jewelry as a fashion accessory but an increasingly larger number of jewelry buyers are buying jewelry for other reasons. So what really is the meaning of a jewel? Can a jewel motivate a person to do better or perform better in life? The answer is a definite yes but, the extent to which a jewel can be effective depends on the person wearing the jewel too. For example, a promise ring is supposed to signify a commitment or promise between two persons. If both the people understand, comprehend and respect this meaning of the jewel it would have positive benefits. Similarly the historic cladaugh ring shows love, friendship and loyalty. This jewel infact belongs to a group of jewels that are referred to as faith rings. Anyone who wears this jewel with a full commitment to the meaning of the jewel will see a positive impact on his or her personality. Let us take an example of a jewel where the meaning is not all that direct and clear. Refer to the MPN01 Kaisilver pendant shown above, this is an eagle pendant and not related to a religion it also does not have any historic background. But this jewel could also be used as a motivational factor for the person who wears the jewel. The characteristics of an eagle are well known. This majestic bird can fly high up in the sky, on spotting it's prey it will quickly swoop below and never take it's eyes off the prey. Translate this behaviour to a human being and the effect of this pendant gets to be clearly. When you wear this eagle pendant, you should try to keep the bird in perspective. Always work to achieve your ambition and target. Once you have set your sights on achieving something, never let anything or anyone distract you. If you are a business owner, remember to move swiftly to capture new markets and retain and expand existing markets. Doing it swiftly and efficiently will give you rewards much before the competition steps in. It is therefore important that you understand the background and meaning of the jewels that you choose. Once you are clear about these aspects, work on how they can improve your personality and performance.

This report is compiled in the public interest by the experts at Kaisilver.