Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Puthomonthon Park In Nakhon Pathom Province

The Kaisilver team took time off to visit the puthamonthon park in the Nakhon Pathom province of Thailand. This is a huge park covering a few hundred acres. The gardens are kept very clean and you will also come across some fascinating plants grown in interesting patterns. The best part of this Budhamonthon park is a tall standing statue of Lord Buddha. The statue is mounted on a white marble pedestal, the total height of the Buddha statue is around 15 to 17 meters high.

The gardens are so huge that they are never crowded with visitors. However large crowds do gather during ceremonial celebrations held at the Buddhamonthon park. Nakhon Pathom is not very far from Bangkok, you can keep around 2 to 3 hours to travel and visit this place. The atmosphere is quiet and peaceful, walk to the center of the park and you will not be able to hear the sound of traffic on the adjacent roads.

The team visited this interesting place on a cloudy day, the clouds above formed a spectacular backdrop to the Buddha statue images taken on that afternoon. Above is an image of one of the interesting plant arrangements at the Putthomonthon park in Nakhon Pathom. Get to know more about places to visit in Thailand and other interesting information at http://www.leisure.food-recipe-cooking.com/puthamonthon-nakhon-pathom-thailand-01-pm.htm/

Friday, November 20, 2009

History Fails To Identify Peridot. Emerald Turns Out To Be Peridot.

History Fails To Identify Peridot.
Most of us are aware that both peridot and emerald are green gemstones. Decades ago the best peridot was mined in the Pakistan/Agfhanistan region and great emeralds were mined in Colombia. Cleopatra was great lover of emeralds and emerald jewelry, her wealth included some amazing jewels studded with large and gorgeous emeralds. At least that is what historians believed but, as time passed by the story took a new twist.
It was found that many of the 'emeralds' in Cleaopatra's collection were infact peridot gems and not emeralds. Gemologists agree that this would have been an honest mistake made by her jeweler and not an intention to defraud. After all any fraud of this time in those days would have resulted in the death penalty. It is not sure whether the value and worth of Cleopatra's jewels lessened after the discover or peridot being labelled as emeralds.
History has many similar cases where gems were wrongly identified. The British crown proudly includes many stones that were got by opressing and plundering nations that the British colonized. All red gems were proudly proclaimed to be rubies, no one dared to differ perhaps. But it is not known that many red spinels and rubelite gems passed of as rubies and made there way to the palaces! Interestingly most of this robbed wealth is still shamelessly worn by the British.
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