Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bangkok Packaging Fair, Unique Sofa Set From Corrugated Sheets

Bangkok Furniture Fair, Innovative Products.

The Bangkok packaging exhibition was an interesting event attended by a Kaisilver team. We have always encouraged our staff to develop interest in diverse products and activities. It has been proved that ceativity comes relatively easily to people who have developed an interest in multiple activities. The sofa set shown above is created from corrugated sheets. The important thing is that, this is not just a show piece you can actually sit on the sofa set.

This exhibit was put up by a local university. The technology that is researched and developed by the university is made available to the commercial sector. It would be interesting to see how this concept of producing furniture from corrugated sheets is adapted to the commercial world. We also saw some unique dustbins created from similar corrugated sheet material.

Another intereting item was paper made from the skin of the Durian fruit. This is a very popular Thai fruit with a strong pungent flavor. The use of such materials to develop paper obviously reduces the volume of trees (wood) that is needed to produce paper. An entire booth was developed using corrugated sheets and cardboard, the furniture inside was also made of similar materials. Get to see the complete report at