Friday, December 31, 2010

Places To See In Thailand, The Temple Ruins In Ayuthaya

Sightseeing In Thaiand, Interesting Places

If you plan to visit Thailand, make a travel plan that provides sufficient time for sightseeing. There are many interesting places to see in Thailand, beaches, mountains, waterfalls and ofcourse Thai temples. Many tourists visiting Thailand do not have an idea of the variety of places present in this predominantly Buddhist nation. We have often heard tourists say that, all Thai temples look alike. Since the religious habits and places of any country are influenced by the traditions and customs present in that place, some similarity in various temples is bound to be seen.

However there is one temple in the Ayuthaya province of Thailand that is different. You do not have to be a religious minded person or a devout Buddhist to be amazed by the wat maha thaat temple in Ayuthaya. The huge premises of this once grand temple houses the ruins of a temple that was ravaged by war. More than 3 centuries ago, the Burmese fought a pitched battle with Thai warriors right in the heart of the temple. Nothing was thought to be sacred for the Burmese, the destroyed, mutilated and burnt even the majestic Lord Buddha statues in the temple.

Historians have an accurate estimate of what exactly happened during that war but, the reasons for the senseless destruction remains beyond of their understanding. The war was definitely not about religious intolerance, both Burma and Thailand have large Buddhist population. Some people feel that the Burmese destroyed this temple in Ayuthaya and looted the gold and other treasures that were present on the premises. Others believe that, the importance of the wat mahathat temple in Ayuthaya to the Thais is what prompted the destruction. The Burmese wanted to deal a mental blow to the Thais.

Kaisilver staff took an off day from work and moved around in these huge temple ruins. You cannot but be impressed by the huge size of the temple complex. At the same time you will most likely be saddened by the mindless destruction that man can unleash. See more images and details at

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Popular Names For Babies, Boys And Girls

Good Names For Boys And Girls.

An interesting discussion in most homes with new born babies is the name selection. This can become a serious ritual as parents try to find good names for boys and girls. Most popular names for guys and girls have some historic or religious background. This is very true at least for the top 10 names for boys and girls. For example the number one name for boys is Jacob, a name from the bible. The Kaisilver team took some time off hectic gems and jewelry production and compiled a truly interesting list of the top 100 names for boys and girls. While some of the names in the 100 most popular names list are expected and bring no surprises, there are indeed some very unique and unexpected entries too.

For example, on the popular names for guys list you have the name Zachary at 23. You least expect men's names like Thomas and Robert to come lower down the name Zachary. Talking about the popular girl names, Makayla drops in at number 47 leaving a rather popular girl's name like Sara way down below at 69. Check out the list of top 100 names and compare them with your expected rankings, there are quite a few surprises in store.

Another issue about popular names is related to nicknames, though not mentioned in the most popular names list, this topic is interesting enough to be included in future reports. In many cases, the short name (nickname) is so standard and popular that it outpaces the use of the real name by a wide margin. For example, Michael is always Mike, Christopher is always Chris, Elizabeth is almost always Liz and so on.

You can find these and more interesting articles on the website at The information is both interesting and useful, so don't miss it.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Job Insecurity, Prepare Yourself Rather Than Fear The Prospect Of Losing Your Job

Job Insecurity, Prepare Yourself
Why does the feeling of job insecurity creep into a persons mind? There is no single reason but, some of the reasons for feeling insecure on the job can be quite pressing and very possible. If there is a general trend in the organization to implement a cost saving or staff reduction policy, job insecurity should be a fairly common feeling. If the reason is not so generalized, there is a possibility that a specific person might face the pressure and feel insecure on the job. Assuming that the reason is not related to criminal activities like robbing or violence, a few reasons are quite prominent. A staff who is unable to work in the team might, be labelled as a non-team player. If this behaviour results in frequent and pointless quarrels with team mates, the oragnization might decide to terminate the services of such a staff.
Simple things like frequent absenteeism, lack of job responsibility and even coming late to work can often cause friction with collegeues and supervisors. Such situations can whip up feelings of job insecurity in a person. Correcting such problems is possible by making adjustments in ones behaviour and habits.
Here are some general suggestions that will help handle a situation where you feel insecure about your job. Increase your knowledge in areas related to your job activity, this will make you an expert in your organization and also make it easier to get a new job if you lose your current job. Another trend that is currently getting favor is multi tasking among staff. Let us presume that your job is to maintain stock records. If the company is going through a bad phase, the volume of stock and the rate of stock movements might be slow. This might mean that you do not have a full days work in the stock room. Multi tasking might reveal that you are capable of helping the accounts department in bill receivable follow ups. The organization will prefer to retain you as you can spread your work hours and handle both activities. Your are going to be cost and resource efficient for the organization as compared, to hiring two people to do the tasks separately. Try to be a team player rather than organizing everything as a one man hero. Maintaining a friendly outlook will make it easier for you to work with different departments. You might then have a better chance of visiting other departments and learning their functions and activities, a ride up to multi-tasking.
The website has a more comprehensive coverage of the issues related to job insecurity. Check out the report at and if you find it useful, recommend it to your friends and collegeues. They will thank you for remembering them.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Crystal Theraphy, What Is It? Is Crystal Theraphy Useful

Crystal Theraphy, Meaning.
You would have heard of the term crystal theraphy. It is sometimes believed to be religious and mystical but that is not necessarily true. As the name implies, crystal theraphy relates to the ability or the power of crystals to cure certain illnesses in a person. These need not be a disease, they could be a stressed out mind or a depressed mental condition. It has been believed for many centuries that carnelian stones help a person stay calm even under tense situations. Wearing black onyx is believed to help a person get over grief and sorrow.
Besides the mental state of a person, some people assign much more powerful reasons for practising crystal theraphy. Bloodstone which is basically a type of green jasper with red spots, is believed to cure blood disorders. Amethyst stones are for long credited with curing kidney related diseases. This is something that needs to be understood and kept in perspective. If you suffer from a blood disorder and are undergoing treatment from a medical practitioner, it might be okay to seek mental satisfaction by wearing a bloodstone ring or pendant. But NEVER give up medications or suggestions recommended by your doctor. Using crystal theraphy as a substitute for medical treatment can be DANGEROUS.
People often talk about meditation and crystal theraphy as being related, this is true in some cases. Meditation can be done with or without crystals, it is something like an excercise for your mind. The mind learns to stay focused on an issue without wandering. Crystal theraphy recommends including crystals in meditation routines, the crystal might be placed near the person, held by the person or just gazed at.
The website has a more detailed report on crystal theraphy, it also gives coverage to meditation and some useful suggestions related to meditation. The report can be accessed at

Friday, June 4, 2010

Thai Flowers, Red Flowers Grown On A Hill Top Verandah.
A gorgeous collection of red flowers seen in Thailand. This image of Thai flowers was shot in the terrace of a temple located around 350km from Bangkok. The natural color of flowers is truly amazing and colors like red and pink bring up visions of love and devotion. Given the fact that most parts of Thailand are hot for a major portion of the year, the flowers that grow in Thailand have adapted themselves well. Northern provinces like Chiangmai and Chiangrai have wearther that is conducive to the growing of fruits and plants.
The above image shows the gorgeous red Thai flowers set against the backdrop of hills and greenery. A very interesting thing about fllowers from Thailand is that, the country is also famous for it's artificial flower industry. Skilled craftsmen work to make these imitation flowers using paper, cloth or even silk. Some of these manmade flowers can easily resemble a natural flower of the same type.
On many occassions you will find that a flower type has many variations, most of these relate to colors. You can find some very interesting Thai flower images at

Friday, April 23, 2010

Another Good Resource For Thai Vacations.

Online Jeweler from Arizona Goes Far East.
We came across this interesting resource on Thai Vacations. The resource is maintained by an online jeweler from Phoenix, Arizona. The interest of Americans in travelling to countries like Thailand, Laos and Cambodia is manifold. While the main reason is sightseeing in Thailand, many budding entrepreneurs look at these destinations as a source for merchandising and merchandise ideas. Bangkok with it's world renowned traffic jams might not impress many but, drive a few hundred kilometers out of the bustling city and you will have plenty to see. Check out the resource at

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Green Gemstone Claddagh Rings, Choosing The Right Green Stone

Claddagh Green Gemstone Rings.
Claddagh green gemstone rings can be made with a few green gemstones. It is important to understand the properties and characteristics of these different gems before making a choice. If you had to choose a green gem stone claddagh ring because it was your birthstone, the month in which you were born would influence the selection of the gemstone. However if you are open to ideas for the gem in your gold or sterling silver claddagh green stone ring, you should check the suitability of each gem for your jewel.
For example, your budget might allow you to get a claddagh emerald ring but, the environment in which you need to wear the ring might not make an emerald the right choice for you. For example if you intend to wear your claddagh green gemstone ring when doing something like assembling automobiles, emerald is not the stone for you. The natural inclusions and fissures that occur in all emerald gems make the stone prone to cracking. In such a case, a green gemstone claddagh ring with green tourmaline or even peridot would be a better choice.
Pricing is also an issue that will guide you to choosing a particular green color gemstone for your ring. Emerald would be the most expensive choice and color treated green jade might be the most affordable. When it comes to green tourmaline or peridot make sure that you get an eye clean stone. However, this is impossible for emeralds as they will always contain visible fissures and inclusions. Many jewelry buyers think only of emerald when shopping for a green gem stone ring. Jewelers do not care to explain other options as emeralds would give the highest margin in dollar terms. Continuing with it's steadfast policy of educating buyers with various issues related to gems and jewelry, the Kaisilver team has filed a complete report on claddagh green gem stone rings. Check out the report at

Monday, April 5, 2010

Thailand Design, The Amazing Beauty Of Tradtional Thai Designs

Thai Design, The Beauty And Grace Of Designs From Thailand.
The rich culture and tradition of Thailand is visible in all types of Thai designs. The Kaisilver team put together some awesome Thai designs. These designs from Thailand are not related to gems or jewelry, they cover everything from colorful Thai tribal fabrics, artistic Thai designs for windows and some amazing Thai designs carved on wood. Ceramics have always been one medium that Thai artisans have used to exihibit their artistic talent. Benjarong ceramics were born in the royal palaces but today, even the common man can own these artistic ceramics.
One of the highlights of this Thai design collection is a tremendous wood carving. This amazing work of art has been done on the entire bark of a tree. The image was taken in the Chantaburi province which is around 350 km from the city of Bangkok. We would strongly suggest that you take a look at the entire report on Thai designs at

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Thai Food, Thod Man Pla Or Fried Fish Cakes.

Thawd Man Plaa, Deep Fried Thai Fish Cakes.
This is one of the few Thai food deep fried dishes that has become very popular. The interesting thing about Thawd Man Plaa or deep fried fish cakes is that, it is as much as a regular meal dish as a snack. These fried fish cakes are generally around 3 to 3.5 inches in diameter and quite thick, the fact that they are deep fried also makes them quite heavy to eat. Both Thais and foreigners love to eat them either with a simple dipping sauce or with crushed chillies, onion and garlic. You can see the small side dish in the above image, this is the crushed chillies and onion mixture. Slicked cucumber is served along with many other Thai food dishes too.
The firmness and texture of the Thai fried fish cake comes from rice flour or corn flour that is added to the ground (processed) fish. Many cooks who are not very familiar with cooking Thai food ask a simple but very relevant question. They would like to know whether corn flour or rice flour gives a better flavor in the Thod Man Plaa recipe. Our honest opinion is to go for rice flour but, if you find this hard to find then choose corn flour instead. When served in a restraunt, a plate of fried fish cakes has around 4 to 5 pieces. This is easily sufficient to feed two adults but, if you are planning to eat other items besides the fish cakes, the 4 to 5 thawd man plaa pieces can feed at least 3 to 4 adults.
Another question that is asked by Thai food lovers is whether this Thai food dish is hot (chillies). To understand this you will need to know that red curry paste and red chillies are both included in the ingredient list of thawd man plaa. This will obviously give a hot flavor to the cakes. However, if you are like the thousands of Thai food enthusiasts who loves to actually cook Thai food, we have some good news for you. Avoid the red chillies in the recipe and just include red curry paste. In any case, it is a good idea to closely follow a recipe once and then experiment with changes and proportions from the second time onwards. Here is the complete recipe for the Thai fish cake food dish