Friday, April 23, 2010

Another Good Resource For Thai Vacations.

Online Jeweler from Arizona Goes Far East.
We came across this interesting resource on Thai Vacations. The resource is maintained by an online jeweler from Phoenix, Arizona. The interest of Americans in travelling to countries like Thailand, Laos and Cambodia is manifold. While the main reason is sightseeing in Thailand, many budding entrepreneurs look at these destinations as a source for merchandising and merchandise ideas. Bangkok with it's world renowned traffic jams might not impress many but, drive a few hundred kilometers out of the bustling city and you will have plenty to see. Check out the resource at

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Green Gemstone Claddagh Rings, Choosing The Right Green Stone

Claddagh Green Gemstone Rings.
Claddagh green gemstone rings can be made with a few green gemstones. It is important to understand the properties and characteristics of these different gems before making a choice. If you had to choose a green gem stone claddagh ring because it was your birthstone, the month in which you were born would influence the selection of the gemstone. However if you are open to ideas for the gem in your gold or sterling silver claddagh green stone ring, you should check the suitability of each gem for your jewel.
For example, your budget might allow you to get a claddagh emerald ring but, the environment in which you need to wear the ring might not make an emerald the right choice for you. For example if you intend to wear your claddagh green gemstone ring when doing something like assembling automobiles, emerald is not the stone for you. The natural inclusions and fissures that occur in all emerald gems make the stone prone to cracking. In such a case, a green gemstone claddagh ring with green tourmaline or even peridot would be a better choice.
Pricing is also an issue that will guide you to choosing a particular green color gemstone for your ring. Emerald would be the most expensive choice and color treated green jade might be the most affordable. When it comes to green tourmaline or peridot make sure that you get an eye clean stone. However, this is impossible for emeralds as they will always contain visible fissures and inclusions. Many jewelry buyers think only of emerald when shopping for a green gem stone ring. Jewelers do not care to explain other options as emeralds would give the highest margin in dollar terms. Continuing with it's steadfast policy of educating buyers with various issues related to gems and jewelry, the Kaisilver team has filed a complete report on claddagh green gem stone rings. Check out the report at

Monday, April 5, 2010

Thailand Design, The Amazing Beauty Of Tradtional Thai Designs

Thai Design, The Beauty And Grace Of Designs From Thailand.
The rich culture and tradition of Thailand is visible in all types of Thai designs. The Kaisilver team put together some awesome Thai designs. These designs from Thailand are not related to gems or jewelry, they cover everything from colorful Thai tribal fabrics, artistic Thai designs for windows and some amazing Thai designs carved on wood. Ceramics have always been one medium that Thai artisans have used to exihibit their artistic talent. Benjarong ceramics were born in the royal palaces but today, even the common man can own these artistic ceramics.
One of the highlights of this Thai design collection is a tremendous wood carving. This amazing work of art has been done on the entire bark of a tree. The image was taken in the Chantaburi province which is around 350 km from the city of Bangkok. We would strongly suggest that you take a look at the entire report on Thai designs at