Friday, June 4, 2010

Thai Flowers, Red Flowers Grown On A Hill Top Verandah.
A gorgeous collection of red flowers seen in Thailand. This image of Thai flowers was shot in the terrace of a temple located around 350km from Bangkok. The natural color of flowers is truly amazing and colors like red and pink bring up visions of love and devotion. Given the fact that most parts of Thailand are hot for a major portion of the year, the flowers that grow in Thailand have adapted themselves well. Northern provinces like Chiangmai and Chiangrai have wearther that is conducive to the growing of fruits and plants.
The above image shows the gorgeous red Thai flowers set against the backdrop of hills and greenery. A very interesting thing about fllowers from Thailand is that, the country is also famous for it's artificial flower industry. Skilled craftsmen work to make these imitation flowers using paper, cloth or even silk. Some of these manmade flowers can easily resemble a natural flower of the same type.
On many occassions you will find that a flower type has many variations, most of these relate to colors. You can find some very interesting Thai flower images at