Saturday, July 31, 2010

Crystal Theraphy, What Is It? Is Crystal Theraphy Useful

Crystal Theraphy, Meaning.
You would have heard of the term crystal theraphy. It is sometimes believed to be religious and mystical but that is not necessarily true. As the name implies, crystal theraphy relates to the ability or the power of crystals to cure certain illnesses in a person. These need not be a disease, they could be a stressed out mind or a depressed mental condition. It has been believed for many centuries that carnelian stones help a person stay calm even under tense situations. Wearing black onyx is believed to help a person get over grief and sorrow.
Besides the mental state of a person, some people assign much more powerful reasons for practising crystal theraphy. Bloodstone which is basically a type of green jasper with red spots, is believed to cure blood disorders. Amethyst stones are for long credited with curing kidney related diseases. This is something that needs to be understood and kept in perspective. If you suffer from a blood disorder and are undergoing treatment from a medical practitioner, it might be okay to seek mental satisfaction by wearing a bloodstone ring or pendant. But NEVER give up medications or suggestions recommended by your doctor. Using crystal theraphy as a substitute for medical treatment can be DANGEROUS.
People often talk about meditation and crystal theraphy as being related, this is true in some cases. Meditation can be done with or without crystals, it is something like an excercise for your mind. The mind learns to stay focused on an issue without wandering. Crystal theraphy recommends including crystals in meditation routines, the crystal might be placed near the person, held by the person or just gazed at.
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