Saturday, August 28, 2010

Popular Names For Babies, Boys And Girls

Good Names For Boys And Girls.

An interesting discussion in most homes with new born babies is the name selection. This can become a serious ritual as parents try to find good names for boys and girls. Most popular names for guys and girls have some historic or religious background. This is very true at least for the top 10 names for boys and girls. For example the number one name for boys is Jacob, a name from the bible. The Kaisilver team took some time off hectic gems and jewelry production and compiled a truly interesting list of the top 100 names for boys and girls. While some of the names in the 100 most popular names list are expected and bring no surprises, there are indeed some very unique and unexpected entries too.

For example, on the popular names for guys list you have the name Zachary at 23. You least expect men's names like Thomas and Robert to come lower down the name Zachary. Talking about the popular girl names, Makayla drops in at number 47 leaving a rather popular girl's name like Sara way down below at 69. Check out the list of top 100 names and compare them with your expected rankings, there are quite a few surprises in store.

Another issue about popular names is related to nicknames, though not mentioned in the most popular names list, this topic is interesting enough to be included in future reports. In many cases, the short name (nickname) is so standard and popular that it outpaces the use of the real name by a wide margin. For example, Michael is always Mike, Christopher is always Chris, Elizabeth is almost always Liz and so on.

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Job Insecurity, Prepare Yourself Rather Than Fear The Prospect Of Losing Your Job

Job Insecurity, Prepare Yourself
Why does the feeling of job insecurity creep into a persons mind? There is no single reason but, some of the reasons for feeling insecure on the job can be quite pressing and very possible. If there is a general trend in the organization to implement a cost saving or staff reduction policy, job insecurity should be a fairly common feeling. If the reason is not so generalized, there is a possibility that a specific person might face the pressure and feel insecure on the job. Assuming that the reason is not related to criminal activities like robbing or violence, a few reasons are quite prominent. A staff who is unable to work in the team might, be labelled as a non-team player. If this behaviour results in frequent and pointless quarrels with team mates, the oragnization might decide to terminate the services of such a staff.
Simple things like frequent absenteeism, lack of job responsibility and even coming late to work can often cause friction with collegeues and supervisors. Such situations can whip up feelings of job insecurity in a person. Correcting such problems is possible by making adjustments in ones behaviour and habits.
Here are some general suggestions that will help handle a situation where you feel insecure about your job. Increase your knowledge in areas related to your job activity, this will make you an expert in your organization and also make it easier to get a new job if you lose your current job. Another trend that is currently getting favor is multi tasking among staff. Let us presume that your job is to maintain stock records. If the company is going through a bad phase, the volume of stock and the rate of stock movements might be slow. This might mean that you do not have a full days work in the stock room. Multi tasking might reveal that you are capable of helping the accounts department in bill receivable follow ups. The organization will prefer to retain you as you can spread your work hours and handle both activities. Your are going to be cost and resource efficient for the organization as compared, to hiring two people to do the tasks separately. Try to be a team player rather than organizing everything as a one man hero. Maintaining a friendly outlook will make it easier for you to work with different departments. You might then have a better chance of visiting other departments and learning their functions and activities, a ride up to multi-tasking.
The website has a more comprehensive coverage of the issues related to job insecurity. Check out the report at and if you find it useful, recommend it to your friends and collegeues. They will thank you for remembering them.