Friday, December 31, 2010

Places To See In Thailand, The Temple Ruins In Ayuthaya

Sightseeing In Thaiand, Interesting Places

If you plan to visit Thailand, make a travel plan that provides sufficient time for sightseeing. There are many interesting places to see in Thailand, beaches, mountains, waterfalls and ofcourse Thai temples. Many tourists visiting Thailand do not have an idea of the variety of places present in this predominantly Buddhist nation. We have often heard tourists say that, all Thai temples look alike. Since the religious habits and places of any country are influenced by the traditions and customs present in that place, some similarity in various temples is bound to be seen.

However there is one temple in the Ayuthaya province of Thailand that is different. You do not have to be a religious minded person or a devout Buddhist to be amazed by the wat maha thaat temple in Ayuthaya. The huge premises of this once grand temple houses the ruins of a temple that was ravaged by war. More than 3 centuries ago, the Burmese fought a pitched battle with Thai warriors right in the heart of the temple. Nothing was thought to be sacred for the Burmese, the destroyed, mutilated and burnt even the majestic Lord Buddha statues in the temple.

Historians have an accurate estimate of what exactly happened during that war but, the reasons for the senseless destruction remains beyond of their understanding. The war was definitely not about religious intolerance, both Burma and Thailand have large Buddhist population. Some people feel that the Burmese destroyed this temple in Ayuthaya and looted the gold and other treasures that were present on the premises. Others believe that, the importance of the wat mahathat temple in Ayuthaya to the Thais is what prompted the destruction. The Burmese wanted to deal a mental blow to the Thais.

Kaisilver staff took an off day from work and moved around in these huge temple ruins. You cannot but be impressed by the huge size of the temple complex. At the same time you will most likely be saddened by the mindless destruction that man can unleash. See more images and details at