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Satay Sauce, Rides On The Popularity Of Pork and Chicken Satay

Satay Sauce, Simple To Make - Delicious To Taste

Satay sauce also called satay peanut sauce, is one of the very popular side dishes in Thailand. We say side dishes because, Thai satay sauce is eaten along with the very popular Thai satay 'sticks' or skewers. The above picture shows a piece of satay stuck to a stick being dipped into a bowl of satay sauce. This is how satay sauce is eaten and relished.

Peanuts are used in generous proportion to make satay sauce, this is what gives the sauce it's thick and rich consistency. The reddish color to the sauce is brought about by another very famous Thai food ingredient, red curry paste. While the proportion of peanuts in your satay sauce recipe can be used to moderate the hot taste of the sauce, you can also reduce the proportion of the red sauce to do the same. Many people confuse Thai satay sauce, with another side dish that is also often served along with Thai satay. This is the cucumber relish, equally delicious but different in taste, flavor and texture as compared to satay sauce. 

Kaisilver has published a clear and easy recipe to make your own satay sauce. The time required to make the sauce is not much, but the thrill of tasting your own sauce will give you much pleasure. Check out this Thai recipe at

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Colored Diamonds Rare, But Better Availability !!!! Understanding The Irony

Colored Diamonds Now More Affordable. What's The Catch?

Since most of the diamonds mined are white (colorless), it is obvious that colored diamonds are very rare. And we all know that, rare things are expensive. But this logic does not seem to work for colored diamonds, the last decade has seen an increased availability of colored diamonds and prices seem to be quite modest too. This might seem a bit strange to a casual jewelry buyer but, the facts are crystal clear. Check out this Kaisilver report on colored diamonds, natural or treated. 

When you say that colored diamonds are rare, you are referring to naturally colored diamonds. That implies pink, yellow, orange, green, brown or blue diamonds - basically diamonds that are not white. The important thing is that, we are talking about diamonds that have a natural color, the color exists when they are mined. With this definition of natural colored diamonds, you can say that they are rare, becoming rarer and have shown a steady price increase. 
Natural color diamonds are out of the budgets for most of us, but the desire to have a pink or blue or other color diamond is quite high in recent times. Diamond manufacturers have found a way to satisfy color diamond buyers with moderate budgets. Natural diamonds with color blemishes are treated to enhance their color. The color blemishes would imply a decreased value, the color enhancing of these diamonds enhances their beauty and value. So everyone can be happy now, the diamond manufacturers for treated color diamonds have increased value for their stones and buyers pay less than what they would pay for diamonds that have a color naturally. 

While all seems rosy and sweet, reality is a bit different. By ethical standards, the jeweler or diamond trader is expected to inform the buyer when selling diamonds with treated colors. This does not happen and that is the sad part. Buyers end up paying higher prices for treated colored diamonds as, the sells them as natural colored stones. If you think of testing a color diamond at a reputed gem and diamond testing lab, you could pay a hefty 75 U.S$ to 200 U.S$ for each diamond tested. Cheaper testing services will not provide an indepth report, you will never know whether the color is natural or enhanced. It is therefore good for the buyer to evaluate various jewelers before making a purchase, this is easier said than done but - it is something that can be achieved with patience and time. 

You can get more information related to colored diamonds from the comprehensive Kaisilver report on colored diamonds at and if you need more information or clarifications, send an email to and our support experts will be glad to help you.

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Bio Products, Thailand Makes Impressive Progress In The Bio Based Product Sector

Bio Products, Impressive Progress In Thailand

Countries like Thailand should benefit immensely from the growing international demand for bio products. Many of the bio product raw materials including other resources like farming skills have been present in Thailand for centuries. What could keep Asian countries from reaping the complete benefits of the demand for bio based products, is the lack of knowledge in branding and packaging. Interestingly though packing and branding are just 10% of the total activity to cultivate and produced bio based products, they are vital to tapping international markets. 

A recently held Bio Product Show in Bangkok, Thailand threw up some pleasant surprises. The country has made rapid progress in the processing, packaging and branding of bio products. Simple agricultural based products like brown (unpolished) rice has been processed and neatly packaged into various ready to eat products. Besides the availability of various types of unpolished rice to be cooked and consumed, other products using the same rice were also on display. Rice porridge packs in quick cook form, with dried ripe banana pieces were an interesting offering. The rice in these packs was unpolished rice. Snacks with nutrition and taste were made with brown rice too. The benefits of brown rice in controlling blood sugar and cholestrol are accepted by the medical fraternity today. 
Not everything at the bio product show was meant to be eaten. An enterprising manufacturer did something amazing, actually making money out of waste. Dried rice stalk which is abundantly available in Thailand after the harvest season, was used to make hard boards. Combined with organic glues, the boards were then cut and and made into small neat boxes. It is interesting to note that the raw material used to produce these rice stalk boards is almost free. Infact large farmers would be happy if they had someone to clear their fields of the dried stalk after the rice was harvested. 

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Benefits Of Dietary Fibre For Diabetics. Does Fibre Reduce Sugar Levels.

Does Fibre Reduce Sugar Levels In The Blood

Fibre in food provides many benefits to the human body. There are some important benefits that diabetics can derive by including fibre rich food in their diet. A question often asked is whether, fibre can reduce the sugar levels in the blood. In this brief write up we would like to explain the relationship between diabetics, sugar levels and fibre content in the food.

Foods that have a high fibre content in them work to regulate the pace at which sugar is released to the bloodstream. This is a very important function as sudden rise in sugar levels can cause various problems for patients suffering from diabetes. Some foods like pure sugar, white bread and even white rise push sugar into the blood at a rapid pace. When this happens the insulin in the body is not able to do it's job efficiently. This is even more true for diabetics.

By controlling the rate of sugar release fibre is allows insulin to do it's functions more efficiently. For diabetics who are put on external doses of insulin, the ability of the insulin to perform better could translate into the need for reduced doses of externally administered insulin. This is ofcourse not something that the patient can decide for himself or herself. Medical advice and supervision is required for any dietary or excercise changes planned in a diabetics routine. This advice needs to come BEFORE the changes are implemented. We have a more complete report on the benefits of dietary fibre at
Kaisilver is not a professional medical center and is not in any way related to the medical profession. We are highend online custom made jewelry providers. Our team regularly publishes content that we feel will be useful to the public. It is our humble way to say thank you to a society that has allowed us to grow from a small online jewelry outfit to, one of the leading highend jewelry providers. Our suppport team at would like to hear your comments and suggestions.

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Sugar Could Speed Up Recovery In Heart Surgery And Heart Attack Patients

Sugar and Heart Recovery

Medical experts are confident that the encouraging results from animal tests could soon achieved in human beings too. It is well known that the recovery time for patients who have undergone heart surgery or who have experienced a heart attack, can be quite long. Medical findings reported in July 2011 claim that, sugar could be used to boost recovery times for the heart. A simple form of sugar called ribose was tested on rats in a simulated environment - considerable shortening of recovery times for stressed heart conditions were recorded. 

The heart goes through significant stress and trauma, after having gone through a surgery. This condition is also experienced when a patient suffers from a heart attack. The heart makes a slow recovery, the patient needs to take longer doses of medicines. Adjustments in daily chores and routines are also longer, when during the heart recovery period. Should the ribose sugar treatment prove successful on human beings, patients will benefit through shorter recovery time requirements. 
The possibility of reducing the recovery time for heart surgery and heart attack patients, brings one more big advantage too. The recovery period is also a risky period for the patient, this is stressful and can make the patient and family member anxious. The ribose sugar treatment if successful, would reduce the period of risk for heart patients too. This is not a small benefit as the patient quickly regains self confidence and gets a positive look and feel.

This report has been compiled by the Kaisilver team. We would like to mention that we are basically highend custom made jewellery providers and NOT medical experts. Our sincere commitment to society encourages us to share important and interesting information with everyone. We DO NOT recomment that you try any treatments without medical supervision and consultation. You can read more on the sugar and heart recovery topic at our team at will be glad to hear your comments or suggestions.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fake Jewel For A Movie Costing Hundreds Of Millions To Make

The Sapphire Pendant In The Movie Titanic Was Not Real

Though this should not detract from the popularity or fame of the movie Titanic, the fact is that Kate Winslets famous Heart Of The Ocean pendant was a fake. The jewel was made to depict what was stated in many old records relating to the sinking of the Titanic. There was metion of a big sapphire pendant aboard the Titanic when the ship sank. The movie makers decide to include this in their script. A huge cz (cubic zirconium) gem was set in the center of the pendant, this was surrounded by white cz stones. The whole jewel was cast in 18k white gold. The point is that a cz stone costs less than 1% of what a real blue sapphire would cost. 

The release of the Titanic movie gave great popularity to this sapphire heart shaped pendant. Businesses made thousands of cheap replicas and sold them for prices ranging from 25 U.S$ to a few hundred U.S$. In a way these replicas were a fake of a fake! What followed was even more interesting. The same jeweler who was commissioned to make the cz fake pendant came up with a real sapphire pendant. This was a massive 170 carat ceylon blue sapphire gem, this obviously cost a fortune. Surrounding the big heart shaped blue sapphire were high quality diamonds. The piece was cast in platinum and not white gold. A staggering 3 million dollar price tag was assigned to the jewel. What was rather strange was that the jeweler was willing to sell this sapphire platinum and diamond pendant for just 2.2 million U.S$. 

Get the full report on the now famous Heart Of The Ocean pendant at:

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2011 Natural Disastes, The Americans Prepare For Doomsday.

Americans Prepare For The Worst, Readying For Doomsday

A string of natural calamities in 2010 and 2011 have scared many Americans. Many of them are now preparing for the worst. The fear of the Americans relates to something terrible happening to our planet, the danger could be nature induced or man made. Some businesses are benefiting from the fear of the Americans. Some people are willing to pay as much as 5,000 to 20,000 U.S$ to secure a place in so called 'safe bunkers'. Companies are building flashy and well furnished bunkers that are supposed to be able to withstand, bombs, shocks, flooding and even radioactive contamination. Some major businesses are busy constructing underground facilities that can hold several hundred human beings for as long as 6 months to a year. People who want to feel this higher level of security need to shell out a lot of money. The huge Japanese earthquake of March 2011 shook the world with it's wide spread damage. The loss of property and life was mind boggling. The sea then unleashed it's fury on an already battered people, huge tsunami waves added to the death toll and thousands of Japanese were strandered with no food and water. As if this was not enough misery, the damage to the nuclear reactors on a Japanese island led to radiocative leakages that contaminated water, air and food related produce.

Easyrambler did some research to find out what the Americans are doing to quell fears of a major catastrophe. The report can be seen at We will love to hear your comments at

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San Francisco Thai Food Options, Suggestions For Eating Thai Cuisine In SF

San Francisco Thai Food Restaurants, Suggestions

Going by the number of Thai food restaurants in San Francisco, it is quite obvious that Thai cuisine is becoming increasingly popular in SF. The Kaisilver custom jewelry visited San Francisco and had the opportunity to dine at some restraunts in SF that served Thai cuisine. We would like clarify that Kaisilver the leading online provider of highend custom made jewelry has no business interest in any of the food oultets. Since all jewelry is crafted in Thailand and shipped worldwide, orders are accepted online. You will therefore not come across a Kaisilver jewelry shop in San Francisco or any other part of the United States. We have compiled a few suggestions that could help you better enjoy the flavor and variety of Thai cuisine. Many streets in San Francisco have more than one Thai restaurant, this is a very good thing since you have more options. It is always a good idea to call the restaurant and confirm that they are open on the date and time that you wish to visit them. The United States has many Thai restaurant chains, you might find more than one such Thai restaurant in San Francisco. Visiting a restaurant belonging to a chain of outlets has some advantages, you get a similar menu and flavor no matter where the restaurant is located. Some food lovers might tend to get bored with the similar food flavor and menu options, so make your choiced based on your preference.

One very good thing about the Thai cuisine available in the San Francisco area is that, the flavor is authentic. A noticeable and welcome change is the moderation of spices to suit the local clientele. Thais love to eat hot and spicey food, chillis of all sizes, shapes and colors are used in Thai food recipes. Chilli sauce, chilli paste, chilli oil and many other additives are generously used when cooking Thai food. It is a good idea to request for your Thai cuisine to be made with light to medium spices. The San Francisco restaurants that we visited had English speaking staff, the atmosphere was quite cosy and homely too. It is a good idea to keep a some cold water near you, gulp it down if you happen to bite something that has too much of fire and spice.

Many Thai restaurants recommend entrees like fried spring rolls for starters. These seem to have become a favorite with many local SF residents eating Thai food. The filling inside spring rolls can be different, so make sure you know what you are getting. An important thing about spring rolls is that, they will always be deep fried just before they are taken to your table. This means that they are very hot (temperature wise) on the inside. It is not uncommon for first time eaters, to cut a spring roll in half and start eating them. You can get your tongue burnt when doing so, keep this in mind. Cut the spring roll into two or more pieces, separate the pieces and let them cool for 2 to 3 minutes. You can now safely and comfortably, enjoy the flavor of the spring rolls.

When it comes to Thai desserts offered by Thai cuisine restaurants in San Francisco, we found good variety and options. Quite a few of the Thai desserts included crushed ice as an ingredient, probably to cool down the stomach after a hot and spicey meal. Coconut ice-cream can be very refreshing, taste the plain coconut ice cream without any external flavors added. Ripe bananas cooked in coconut milk are another very popular Thai dessert, the sugar levels can be quite high though. An irresistable Thai dessert has always been mango with sticky rice, this could be a seasonal offering depending on the restaurant. San Francisco Thai restaurants provide a large serving of this dessert, it can be very filling. If you plan to finish off your Thai meal with a dish of sticky rice with mango, go slow on the main meal or you might eat just a bit of the dessert and end up leaving the rest.

The Kaisilver team has a compiled a list of Thai restaurants in San Francisco and hope that you find it to be useful. The street name is mentioned against each restaurant, this will give you an idea of how far the restaurant is located from you. You can find the list at

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Penguins In Freezing Cold, Do Penguins Love The Cold.

Penguins Standing Close To Each Other
Penguins are known to live in the freezing cold, but do penguins actually love the cold. It is interesting to note that penguins are one of the most recognized birds on our planet. At the same time some very interesting facts about the penguin are hardly known. The above penguin image shows a row of penguins standing on frozen water, the surrounding conditions are very cold and there most likely is a gentle flow of chilly winds too.

Notice the stance of the penguins in the image, they are standing quite close to each other. The wings are held close and tight to their side. The penguins love to stay in groups as it helps them stay warm, at least to a good extent. Much like we would walk in the chilly weather with our hands folded tightly, the penguin keeps it's wings close on the sides to reduce the feel of the biting cold.

The penguin has many layers of feathers covering it's body. The feathers are not all of the same size and shape. Different feathers play their role in forming a tightly meshed layer over the skin of the penguin. Nature has implemented this so efficiently, that penguins that dive and swim in water to do not get their skin wet. The feathers ensure that the skin does not come into contact with the freezing cold waters.

Taking the above facts into consideration you could say that, the penguin can tolerated highly cold conditions. But it is also capable of keeping away a fair degree of the chill by various means. You can see more penguin images and learn more about this impressive bird at

The above image of the penguins was taken by the National Science Foundation (NSF). The foundation does not in any way recommend or sponsor the products seen on this blog or our website. We thank the NSF for allowing us to use the image.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sydney Opera House, The Australian Symbol For Global Arts

The Sydney Opera House
Not many people are aware that the spectacular design for the Sydney Opera house was selected through an international competition. The winning entry was sent in by a Danish architect by the name of Jorn Utzon. The gentleman was little known before the fame and glory that the award brought him. Another interesting turn to the episode was that Jorn Utzon was relieved of his position as chief architect even before, the construction of the Sydney Opera House was complete. Conflict and accusations regarding construction of budgets and costs were the chief reason for his exit.

After his work on Sydney Opera House, Jorn Utzon completed other architectural projects such as the Can Lis in Majorca (1972), Bagsvrd Church in Denmark (1976), the Kuwait National Assembly (1983), The Paustian Furniture Store in Copenhagen (1987) and Can Feliz in Majorca (1995).

The year 2007 was a landmark year for the Sydney Opera House. It was selected as a world heritage site by the UNESCO. The venue today boasts of a large concert house that can seat around 2,000. It also has an open air theater that overlooks the harbour, a construction that was added as an extension a few years after the main house was completed.

Kaisilver gets you a more complete report on the Sydney Opera House at Australia, it can be accessed at

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Taj Mahal, The Historic Monument Of Love In The City Of Agra, India.

The Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is located in the city of Agra, which is in the Uttar Pradesh state of India. This amazing monument is a symbol of love and took over 20 years to build. It is said that the Moghul Emperor Shah Jahan had to hire more than 20,000 artists and craftsmen to construct the Taj Mahal. Many people believe that Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal as a gift for his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal. The fact is that Mumtaz Mahal died when giving birth to their 14th child. Shah Jahan then decided to build the Taj Mahal in her memory. Another very tragic thing about the contruction of the Taj Mahal was that, Shah Jahan ordered the hands of all 20,000 artisans to be chopped after the construction was complete. He was so impressed by the monument that he was afraid that they would one day construct another similar building.

The above picture of the Taj Mahal is one of the very popular angles at which this monument is shot. The majestic white marble structure of the Taj Mahal along with the four minarets can be clearly seen in the image. What is not very easily visible is that there is a slight tilt (outwards) of the minarets. We will explain this in the remaining paragraphs of this report.

The above image shows one of the four minarets surrounding the Taj Mahal. A little known thing about the minarets is that, they tilt slightly outwards away from the monument. The tilting of the minarets is not because of the ageing construction or similar reasons. The fact is that the original design specifications of the Taj Mahal deliberately provided for the tilting of the minarets. It was felt that this design feature would cause the minarets to fall away from the monument in case of an earthquake.

A side view of the Taj Mahal, the majestic white marble structure is inlaid with semi precious gemstones like jasper. The fact that more than 20,000 artisans were required to make Shah Jahan's dream monument come true, gives you an idea of the intricate work required to be done both inside and outside the taj mahal.

The Kaisilver team has compiled an interesting and comprehensive report on the Taj Mahal. We have published the report at You can see a collection of interesting leisure articles at