Saturday, May 28, 2011

Penguins In Freezing Cold, Do Penguins Love The Cold.

Penguins Standing Close To Each Other
Penguins are known to live in the freezing cold, but do penguins actually love the cold. It is interesting to note that penguins are one of the most recognized birds on our planet. At the same time some very interesting facts about the penguin are hardly known. The above penguin image shows a row of penguins standing on frozen water, the surrounding conditions are very cold and there most likely is a gentle flow of chilly winds too.

Notice the stance of the penguins in the image, they are standing quite close to each other. The wings are held close and tight to their side. The penguins love to stay in groups as it helps them stay warm, at least to a good extent. Much like we would walk in the chilly weather with our hands folded tightly, the penguin keeps it's wings close on the sides to reduce the feel of the biting cold.

The penguin has many layers of feathers covering it's body. The feathers are not all of the same size and shape. Different feathers play their role in forming a tightly meshed layer over the skin of the penguin. Nature has implemented this so efficiently, that penguins that dive and swim in water to do not get their skin wet. The feathers ensure that the skin does not come into contact with the freezing cold waters.

Taking the above facts into consideration you could say that, the penguin can tolerated highly cold conditions. But it is also capable of keeping away a fair degree of the chill by various means. You can see more penguin images and learn more about this impressive bird at

The above image of the penguins was taken by the National Science Foundation (NSF). The foundation does not in any way recommend or sponsor the products seen on this blog or our website. We thank the NSF for allowing us to use the image.