Sunday, August 14, 2011

Benefits Of Dietary Fibre For Diabetics. Does Fibre Reduce Sugar Levels.

Does Fibre Reduce Sugar Levels In The Blood

Fibre in food provides many benefits to the human body. There are some important benefits that diabetics can derive by including fibre rich food in their diet. A question often asked is whether, fibre can reduce the sugar levels in the blood. In this brief write up we would like to explain the relationship between diabetics, sugar levels and fibre content in the food.

Foods that have a high fibre content in them work to regulate the pace at which sugar is released to the bloodstream. This is a very important function as sudden rise in sugar levels can cause various problems for patients suffering from diabetes. Some foods like pure sugar, white bread and even white rise push sugar into the blood at a rapid pace. When this happens the insulin in the body is not able to do it's job efficiently. This is even more true for diabetics.

By controlling the rate of sugar release fibre is allows insulin to do it's functions more efficiently. For diabetics who are put on external doses of insulin, the ability of the insulin to perform better could translate into the need for reduced doses of externally administered insulin. This is ofcourse not something that the patient can decide for himself or herself. Medical advice and supervision is required for any dietary or excercise changes planned in a diabetics routine. This advice needs to come BEFORE the changes are implemented. We have a more complete report on the benefits of dietary fibre at
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Friday, August 5, 2011

Sugar Could Speed Up Recovery In Heart Surgery And Heart Attack Patients

Sugar and Heart Recovery

Medical experts are confident that the encouraging results from animal tests could soon achieved in human beings too. It is well known that the recovery time for patients who have undergone heart surgery or who have experienced a heart attack, can be quite long. Medical findings reported in July 2011 claim that, sugar could be used to boost recovery times for the heart. A simple form of sugar called ribose was tested on rats in a simulated environment - considerable shortening of recovery times for stressed heart conditions were recorded. 

The heart goes through significant stress and trauma, after having gone through a surgery. This condition is also experienced when a patient suffers from a heart attack. The heart makes a slow recovery, the patient needs to take longer doses of medicines. Adjustments in daily chores and routines are also longer, when during the heart recovery period. Should the ribose sugar treatment prove successful on human beings, patients will benefit through shorter recovery time requirements. 
The possibility of reducing the recovery time for heart surgery and heart attack patients, brings one more big advantage too. The recovery period is also a risky period for the patient, this is stressful and can make the patient and family member anxious. The ribose sugar treatment if successful, would reduce the period of risk for heart patients too. This is not a small benefit as the patient quickly regains self confidence and gets a positive look and feel.

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