Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bio Products, Thailand Makes Impressive Progress In The Bio Based Product Sector

Bio Products, Impressive Progress In Thailand

Countries like Thailand should benefit immensely from the growing international demand for bio products. Many of the bio product raw materials including other resources like farming skills have been present in Thailand for centuries. What could keep Asian countries from reaping the complete benefits of the demand for bio based products, is the lack of knowledge in branding and packaging. Interestingly though packing and branding are just 10% of the total activity to cultivate and produced bio based products, they are vital to tapping international markets. 

A recently held Bio Product Show in Bangkok, Thailand threw up some pleasant surprises. The country has made rapid progress in the processing, packaging and branding of bio products. Simple agricultural based products like brown (unpolished) rice has been processed and neatly packaged into various ready to eat products. Besides the availability of various types of unpolished rice to be cooked and consumed, other products using the same rice were also on display. Rice porridge packs in quick cook form, with dried ripe banana pieces were an interesting offering. The rice in these packs was unpolished rice. Snacks with nutrition and taste were made with brown rice too. The benefits of brown rice in controlling blood sugar and cholestrol are accepted by the medical fraternity today. 
Not everything at the bio product show was meant to be eaten. An enterprising manufacturer did something amazing, actually making money out of waste. Dried rice stalk which is abundantly available in Thailand after the harvest season, was used to make hard boards. Combined with organic glues, the boards were then cut and and made into small neat boxes. It is interesting to note that the raw material used to produce these rice stalk boards is almost free. Infact large farmers would be happy if they had someone to clear their fields of the dried stalk after the rice was harvested. 

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