Sunday, November 6, 2011

Colored Diamonds Rare, But Better Availability !!!! Understanding The Irony

Colored Diamonds Now More Affordable. What's The Catch?

Since most of the diamonds mined are white (colorless), it is obvious that colored diamonds are very rare. And we all know that, rare things are expensive. But this logic does not seem to work for colored diamonds, the last decade has seen an increased availability of colored diamonds and prices seem to be quite modest too. This might seem a bit strange to a casual jewelry buyer but, the facts are crystal clear. Check out this Kaisilver report on colored diamonds, natural or treated. 

When you say that colored diamonds are rare, you are referring to naturally colored diamonds. That implies pink, yellow, orange, green, brown or blue diamonds - basically diamonds that are not white. The important thing is that, we are talking about diamonds that have a natural color, the color exists when they are mined. With this definition of natural colored diamonds, you can say that they are rare, becoming rarer and have shown a steady price increase. 
Natural color diamonds are out of the budgets for most of us, but the desire to have a pink or blue or other color diamond is quite high in recent times. Diamond manufacturers have found a way to satisfy color diamond buyers with moderate budgets. Natural diamonds with color blemishes are treated to enhance their color. The color blemishes would imply a decreased value, the color enhancing of these diamonds enhances their beauty and value. So everyone can be happy now, the diamond manufacturers for treated color diamonds have increased value for their stones and buyers pay less than what they would pay for diamonds that have a color naturally. 

While all seems rosy and sweet, reality is a bit different. By ethical standards, the jeweler or diamond trader is expected to inform the buyer when selling diamonds with treated colors. This does not happen and that is the sad part. Buyers end up paying higher prices for treated colored diamonds as, the sells them as natural colored stones. If you think of testing a color diamond at a reputed gem and diamond testing lab, you could pay a hefty 75 U.S$ to 200 U.S$ for each diamond tested. Cheaper testing services will not provide an indepth report, you will never know whether the color is natural or enhanced. It is therefore good for the buyer to evaluate various jewelers before making a purchase, this is easier said than done but - it is something that can be achieved with patience and time. 

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