Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Satay Sauce, Rides On The Popularity Of Pork and Chicken Satay

Satay Sauce, Simple To Make - Delicious To Taste

Satay sauce also called satay peanut sauce, is one of the very popular side dishes in Thailand. We say side dishes because, Thai satay sauce is eaten along with the very popular Thai satay 'sticks' or skewers. The above picture shows a piece of satay stuck to a stick being dipped into a bowl of satay sauce. This is how satay sauce is eaten and relished.

Peanuts are used in generous proportion to make satay sauce, this is what gives the sauce it's thick and rich consistency. The reddish color to the sauce is brought about by another very famous Thai food ingredient, red curry paste. While the proportion of peanuts in your satay sauce recipe can be used to moderate the hot taste of the sauce, you can also reduce the proportion of the red sauce to do the same. Many people confuse Thai satay sauce, with another side dish that is also often served along with Thai satay. This is the cucumber relish, equally delicious but different in taste, flavor and texture as compared to satay sauce. 

Kaisilver has published a clear and easy recipe to make your own satay sauce. The time required to make the sauce is not much, but the thrill of tasting your own sauce will give you much pleasure. Check out this Thai recipe at