Saturday, February 25, 2012

Yin Yang, Meaning And Relevance Of The Yin Yang Tradition In Todays World

 Yin Yang Meaning 

The image on the left is the very popular yin yang symbol. For many the yin yang is more than a just a symbol, it is a whole lifestyle. For yet others, yin yang provides the inner strength and discipline to face changing times. And ofcourse a significant portion of people who have seen this symbol, do not know what it means or what it is called. Kaisilver the world's leading custom jewelry provider recently, did a deep study into the yin yang and tried to relate the beliefs and traditions that surround it, to today's lifesyles. If you wondered why such a symbol would interest a high end custom jewelry provider, we can tell you the truth. The background study of the yin yang was necessary to get the feel and passion as we crafted a fine mens yin yang ring. While we will not indulge in any sales talk here, we will share our findings and also some of our own interpretations regarding the meaning of the yin yang.

A glance at the yin yang symbol shown above will tell you that, the colors on this symbol are in stark contrast - black and white. With a little more thought, you will also be able to interpret the fact that despite the severe color contrast, both black and white manage to stay besides each other. Now take another look at the symbol, is it just about white and black portions - the answer is no. You can see a spot of white on the black portion and vice versa. This is not something that is done for mere beauty, it is one of the important features of the yin yang. The inference is that, nothing is all good or all bad. Life is never all sorrow or all joy. There are opposites in life and these opposites are not entirely exclusive, they do exist in each other.

The yin is the calm, relaxing and soothing side of our life. On the other hand, most of our achievements come because of the power and energy that is packed into the yang. The state of the yin yang is ever changing, this is represented in the shape of the black and white portions in the symbol - they seem to be flowing or revolving rather than remaining static. Putting this into the perspective of our lifestyles you could say that, tough work that gives us success and achievements also tires our minds and bodies. At that point of time, you will need to leave the yang aside and take the help of the more calm and composed yin to refresh and get back your energy.

If life is tough and full of hardships, you need to realize and feel motivated about two things. One is that it is just not possible to have a life that is 100% filled with saddness, sorrow and problems. The fact is that, there are some good moments but, for now those could be in short supply. At that point, we need to keep our mind, heart and body alert to grab new opportunities and more importantly to face and conquer the present difficulties that we are facing. The yin yang symbol is not about magic but, you could use it as a source for reflection and getting a more balanced view of life, profession, business and family life.

We do realize that not everyone would agree with our understanding and interpretation of the yin yang. Like the meaning of the yin yang itself, opposite views and opinions are bound to exist. All we can do is to draw attention and get as many people as possible to understand the true meaning and significance of the yin yang symbol. The report was filed by the Kaisilver support team - comments and suggestions are welcome at

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dubai Changing Times, Limited Oil Reserves Push Dubai Towards A Big Change

Kaisilver, About Dubai

The picture you see above is a view of Dubai at night. The development and modernization of Dubai might be hard to believe for some but, in the modern Dubai change is here to stay. Kaisilver the world's leading custom jewelry provider does not have a physical presence in Dubai, though we do ship our custom jewelry to Dubai and across the world. One thing that is certain about changing Dubai is that, the change will go on. As oil reserves deplete the authorities realize that new revenue streams would be required for the nation. Much of the change going on in the nation is geared towards this. 

Tall buildings, posh residential and office complexes, luxury hotels and highend shopping malls are what the new Dubai is all about. It is almost as if the focus has already shifted from oil to other commercial venues. The idea is to make Dubai an international destination for business, shopping and tourism. Tourists are already flowing into Dubai, most for doing the luxury shopping that the nation is well known for. On it's part, the authorities are giving more attention and spending more on education and medical facilities too. The idea is to prepare the coming generations for managerial and skilled positions as and when international businesses set offices set up in Dubai. 

This brief write up might seem unconnected to Kaisilver jewelry activities in Dubai, and this is quite true. What impressed us was the focus on change, the preparation for the future that was bound to come sooner or later. All resources and attention seems to be focused on that one objective and this, focus will surely ensure the best utilization of available resources. There is something to learn here for, every individual, family, society and nation. See more of Dubai at