Saturday, December 29, 2012

Antique Furniture, Amazing Old Chairs And Wood Furniture

antique chair carved wood

An amazing carved chair, a heavy wooden chair with mother of pearl inlay way in the center of the back. This antique piece of furniture has been hard carved by expert artisans. With such old style furniture becoming increasingly expensive, the limited market has encouraged fewer craftsmen to practice the trade. As Kaisilver finds out, old furniture or rather old style furniture need not always be so lavish and expensive. Some quaint places in Asia have old chairs that will impress even the most seasoned interior decorators. Pieces of wood bark are cut while retaining their basic shape, these are then assembled to form unique chairs.

A small coffee shop next to a bush highway outside Bangkok, had one of the most interesting wood chairs. The chair was a bit larger than a kid's nursery schoold chair but, it weight more than 10 times of what a typical nursery school would weigh. The chair was made from petrified wood, that was partially petrified. Not a very commonly used material to make furniture, petrified wood is old wood that has been soaking in rivers or near the sea. The organic matter in the wood slowly decays and is replaced by quartz. When the petrification process is fully complete, no sign of the wood remains - the material is then only made of quartz. The partially petrified wood that was used to make that small but heavy chair, had a substantial element of quartz. Since quartz is much heavier than wood, the weight of the chair seemed disproportionate to it's size and dimensions.

Some Asian artisans specialize in making stained glass objects, some of this colorful glass work finds it's way into furniture. We came across a very attractive stained glass chair which was part of a an entire dining table and chair set. Stained glass is not about painting colors on a large piece of glass. It involves making a design and then fixing, small pieces of colored glass together, the add beauty and color to the design.

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