Friday, November 1, 2013

Travel In Thailand, Driving In The Country - Utility Of Petrol Stations

Travel to Thailand is something that millions of foreigners do each year. Despite the notorious traffic jams and snarls that Thailand is known for, many visitors to the country do choose to drive long distances through the countryside. It is not uncommon for long winding roads to be barren on both sides for several kilometers, this can sometimes make driving quite monotonous. You could find yourself or someone driving with you in need of a toilet, or probably a cup of hot or cold coffee. Fortunately, these are not something out of reach during the journey. Petrol Stations in Thailand are surprisingly well maintained, and often include a host of other facilities too. This is generally true though, you could come across some exceptions. Many petrol stations have decently stocked convenience stores, and the fact that these stores are open through the night is good news. Beverages, snacks, chips, bottled water, cold drinks, napkins, sun caps, batteries and even cell phone fill ups can be had at these convenience stores. 

Telephones are often found to be in working condition, and both local and overseas calls can be made from them. ATM banking machines accept most debit and credit cards, this can come in handy too. Besides the convenience stores that are open all day and night - the typical Thai petrol station also has a few food outlets and at least one 'professional' coffee shop. We say professional because, the convenience stores would have it's version of ready coffee, coco, ovaltine and tea mixes too. Clean toilet facilities with running water and separate portions for ladies and men would also be available. 

So the next time you happen to drive in Thailand or happen to be sitting in a vehicles driven by someone else, keep an eye for the petrol station, it can often have just what you need! The Kai Silver team has compiled a more detailed write-up related to Thai petrol stations, you can read that at

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mango Pickles, Enhancing The Taste Of Green Raw Mangoes

An Asian delight, mango pickle is not famous all over the world. Just walk into any Asian grocery store in any part of the world and you will find a range of pickles to choose from but, mango pickle is most likely the hottest selling one. Mango pickles are made with raw green mangoes, expert cooks will have their very specific mango variety reserved for these pickles. If you had to go back by about 2 to 3 decades, very little in the form of readymade pickles were available even in Asian countries. The lip smacking lemon pickle made by a family business in India had just started getting organized at the time. Most Asian families made their mango pickles at home and there were a range of pickles to choose from. In smaller towns and villages, house wives joined together and made pickle making a sort of community affair. 

Some of these mango pickles required the raw mangoes to be skinned, sliced and soaked in a strong solution of salt and turmeric powder. The pieces were allowed to soak for a few days. Then began the process of drying the soaked mango pieces in the sun. Further processing was done only when the mango pieces were absolutely dry. You might have guessed that the mango pickle making 'season' was in the hot months of summer. At the end of the process, the pickle would be soaking in oil with a huge amount of chilli powder. The process ensured that, the pickles would not get spoilt for months or even a couple of years. Since the tradition began many decades ago, there was no mention and need to keep the mango pickle in the refrigerator. 

The truth is that you now see very little of home made pickle making going on, this remains true of cities and villages. A handful of readymade pickle making companies, control most of the world markets for pickles - and these are not just mango pickles. The high salt and oil content in pickles, has also brought warnings from medical experts. This is reflected in the form of lower pickle consumption. 

After having read the above old days memories, you might want to relive the past, at least for once. Our team, researched a couple of mango pickle recipes - easy to make and a bit more friendly in terms of salt and oil. As delicious as they might be we would suggest that, you eat them in moderation. You will not need to soak the mango pieces in salt or even bear the heat to dry them in the open. Check out these recipes at

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Feng Shui, What Is The Meaning Of Feng Shui - Simple Explanation.

Many of us have heard of the term feng shui but, do not know what it means. The thought that feng shui is about religion or god, often limits interest on the subject. However once you have got a basic idea about this ancient Chinese practice, you will realize that it can help you lead a better and more peaceful life. If you had to put it very simply, feng shui means 'wind and water'. On a much larger scale, feng shui tries to establish a relationship between us (humans) and the environment. It is said that we can live in harmony and with a stability by balancing our relationship with the environment.

For feng shui, everything besides your own life is the 'environment'. The home, the work place, the atmoshphere, the earth, fire and every object that is present on the earth are all  part of the environment. When you are at work, the cabin that you work in, your work table and even the walls and windows in the room are part of the environment. Each of these elements of the environment give out positive or negative energy. The layout of your home could also attract positive or negative energies. For example, placing a clock on the wall in such a way that the clock directly faces the main entrance of the house, is not considered to be good according to feng shui. The explanation is that, the clock always reminds us that time is passing away. Our subconcious mind, takes this to include a number of things including our own life.

There are some basic elements of feng shui that are directly related to our feelings both, mental and physical. For example, the yin yang symbol tells us that nothing in life is permanent. The black portion of the symbol seems to flow into the white area and vice-versa. The two opposing forces in life are always dynamic, they are distinctly different but can reside next to each other. Another element related to feng shui, is the reference to gemstones and their meta physical properties.

Kaisilver does not have any commercial interests in teaching or recommending feng shui concepts. We are compiling an interesting collection of articles related to feng shui, you can see the reports filed in this collection at

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Japan Divorce, Smashing Wedding Rings Brings Peace Of Mind

Japanese wedding rings are in recent times being put through a severe ordeal should the couple decide to divorce! The fairly recent practice results in the (divorcing) couple actually smashing their wedding rings. Couples following this new trend claim to get peace of mind and inner strength to part ways and begin their life anew. There is no saying just how popular this Japanese practice of bashing wedding rings is going to become. While some people feel that it is a waste of jewelry, others suggest that the couple should offer their wedding rings to charity. At this point of time, Japanese who plan to smash their wedding ring to symbolize divorce and parting are listening to no one.

The picture shows a strange looking mallet or hammer doing the job but, there is meaning to it. The frog has been an ancient symbol in Japan, it is believed to usher in change and a brighter future. Japanese couples who decided to divorce and choose to destroy their wedding rings with the hammer feel that, the frog will bring them a better future a change that they desire to have. 

The Chinese follow a tradition of burning new clothes and even money believing that, the smoke will take these things to their ancestors in heaven. The important thing today is that, the 'money' and 'clothes' that the Chinese burn are fakes and most often made from ordinary paper! So the Japanese with their wedding ring smashes, seem to be a step ahead of the Chinese in this. Our elaborate report on this new trend in Japan has drawn interest from across the globe, review the contents here