Sunday, March 10, 2013

Japan Divorce, Smashing Wedding Rings Brings Peace Of Mind

Japanese wedding rings are in recent times being put through a severe ordeal should the couple decide to divorce! The fairly recent practice results in the (divorcing) couple actually smashing their wedding rings. Couples following this new trend claim to get peace of mind and inner strength to part ways and begin their life anew. There is no saying just how popular this Japanese practice of bashing wedding rings is going to become. While some people feel that it is a waste of jewelry, others suggest that the couple should offer their wedding rings to charity. At this point of time, Japanese who plan to smash their wedding ring to symbolize divorce and parting are listening to no one.

The picture shows a strange looking mallet or hammer doing the job but, there is meaning to it. The frog has been an ancient symbol in Japan, it is believed to usher in change and a brighter future. Japanese couples who decided to divorce and choose to destroy their wedding rings with the hammer feel that, the frog will bring them a better future a change that they desire to have. 

The Chinese follow a tradition of burning new clothes and even money believing that, the smoke will take these things to their ancestors in heaven. The important thing today is that, the 'money' and 'clothes' that the Chinese burn are fakes and most often made from ordinary paper! So the Japanese with their wedding ring smashes, seem to be a step ahead of the Chinese in this. Our elaborate report on this new trend in Japan has drawn interest from across the globe, review the contents here