Sunday, April 14, 2013

Feng Shui, What Is The Meaning Of Feng Shui - Simple Explanation.

Many of us have heard of the term feng shui but, do not know what it means. The thought that feng shui is about religion or god, often limits interest on the subject. However once you have got a basic idea about this ancient Chinese practice, you will realize that it can help you lead a better and more peaceful life. If you had to put it very simply, feng shui means 'wind and water'. On a much larger scale, feng shui tries to establish a relationship between us (humans) and the environment. It is said that we can live in harmony and with a stability by balancing our relationship with the environment.

For feng shui, everything besides your own life is the 'environment'. The home, the work place, the atmoshphere, the earth, fire and every object that is present on the earth are all  part of the environment. When you are at work, the cabin that you work in, your work table and even the walls and windows in the room are part of the environment. Each of these elements of the environment give out positive or negative energy. The layout of your home could also attract positive or negative energies. For example, placing a clock on the wall in such a way that the clock directly faces the main entrance of the house, is not considered to be good according to feng shui. The explanation is that, the clock always reminds us that time is passing away. Our subconcious mind, takes this to include a number of things including our own life.

There are some basic elements of feng shui that are directly related to our feelings both, mental and physical. For example, the yin yang symbol tells us that nothing in life is permanent. The black portion of the symbol seems to flow into the white area and vice-versa. The two opposing forces in life are always dynamic, they are distinctly different but can reside next to each other. Another element related to feng shui, is the reference to gemstones and their meta physical properties.

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