Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mango Pickles, Enhancing The Taste Of Green Raw Mangoes

An Asian delight, mango pickle is not famous all over the world. Just walk into any Asian grocery store in any part of the world and you will find a range of pickles to choose from but, mango pickle is most likely the hottest selling one. Mango pickles are made with raw green mangoes, expert cooks will have their very specific mango variety reserved for these pickles. If you had to go back by about 2 to 3 decades, very little in the form of readymade pickles were available even in Asian countries. The lip smacking lemon pickle made by a family business in India had just started getting organized at the time. Most Asian families made their mango pickles at home and there were a range of pickles to choose from. In smaller towns and villages, house wives joined together and made pickle making a sort of community affair. 

Some of these mango pickles required the raw mangoes to be skinned, sliced and soaked in a strong solution of salt and turmeric powder. The pieces were allowed to soak for a few days. Then began the process of drying the soaked mango pieces in the sun. Further processing was done only when the mango pieces were absolutely dry. You might have guessed that the mango pickle making 'season' was in the hot months of summer. At the end of the process, the pickle would be soaking in oil with a huge amount of chilli powder. The process ensured that, the pickles would not get spoilt for months or even a couple of years. Since the tradition began many decades ago, there was no mention and need to keep the mango pickle in the refrigerator. 

The truth is that you now see very little of home made pickle making going on, this remains true of cities and villages. A handful of readymade pickle making companies, control most of the world markets for pickles - and these are not just mango pickles. The high salt and oil content in pickles, has also brought warnings from medical experts. This is reflected in the form of lower pickle consumption. 

After having read the above old days memories, you might want to relive the past, at least for once. Our team, researched a couple of mango pickle recipes - easy to make and a bit more friendly in terms of salt and oil. As delicious as they might be we would suggest that, you eat them in moderation. You will not need to soak the mango pieces in salt or even bear the heat to dry them in the open. Check out these recipes at