Friday, November 1, 2013

Travel In Thailand, Driving In The Country - Utility Of Petrol Stations

Travel to Thailand is something that millions of foreigners do each year. Despite the notorious traffic jams and snarls that Thailand is known for, many visitors to the country do choose to drive long distances through the countryside. It is not uncommon for long winding roads to be barren on both sides for several kilometers, this can sometimes make driving quite monotonous. You could find yourself or someone driving with you in need of a toilet, or probably a cup of hot or cold coffee. Fortunately, these are not something out of reach during the journey. Petrol Stations in Thailand are surprisingly well maintained, and often include a host of other facilities too. This is generally true though, you could come across some exceptions. Many petrol stations have decently stocked convenience stores, and the fact that these stores are open through the night is good news. Beverages, snacks, chips, bottled water, cold drinks, napkins, sun caps, batteries and even cell phone fill ups can be had at these convenience stores. 

Telephones are often found to be in working condition, and both local and overseas calls can be made from them. ATM banking machines accept most debit and credit cards, this can come in handy too. Besides the convenience stores that are open all day and night - the typical Thai petrol station also has a few food outlets and at least one 'professional' coffee shop. We say professional because, the convenience stores would have it's version of ready coffee, coco, ovaltine and tea mixes too. Clean toilet facilities with running water and separate portions for ladies and men would also be available. 

So the next time you happen to drive in Thailand or happen to be sitting in a vehicles driven by someone else, keep an eye for the petrol station, it can often have just what you need! The Kai Silver team has compiled a more detailed write-up related to Thai petrol stations, you can read that at