Friday, May 30, 2014

Thai Rice Pudding, Khanom Khrok - A Dessert Or A Complete Thai Food Dish

Is Khanom Krok, the popular Thai food dish a complete meal item or just a lip smacking dessert. Best translated as Thai Rice Pudding in English, khanom khok is just one of the sweet dishes that is popular among local Thais and visitors. While most foreigners who have tasted this Thai pudding would prefer to treat it as a dessert, it happens to be a prominent breakfast item for working Thais. Easy to make, convenient to pack and awfully mouthwatering to taste, Khanom Khrok is often made by street vendors who place their cooking ware near office buildings. It is probably the sweet content of this pudding that gets it the tag of a 'dessert' but, the dish can be really filling - justifying it to be eaten as a significant component of a meal or breakfast. Khanom Khrok is generally kept in pairs, each pudding piece is placed (face-to-face) over another. Depending on where you buy your Khanom Krok and how much you pay for it, expect to get anywhere from 4 to 6 pairs of the pudding in one packet or box. Unless you happen to be accustomed to a jumbo sized breakfast, one box or packet of this Thai pudding and a beverage like coffee or tea would make a complete breakfast. Mind you were are not advising issues related to diet and nutrition - just talking about filling a hungry tummy. 

If you prefer to treat this pudding as a Thai dessert item, trim down your main meal to accommodate this treat. Two pairs of khanom Khrok is probably where you should stop at. It might not be easy to stop biting into them so, just pack up half the contents and take it home! And for those of you who love to show your talents in the kitchen, refer to the Khanom Khok recipe and - share the dish with your loved ones and friends. And if you wish to learn more about other Thai sweet dishes, switch to the Thai Dessert Recipes section.