Sunday, July 20, 2014

Thai Food, The Sweet Edge Beyond The Heat And Spice

Thai food is known for it's hot and spicy flavor, Tom Yang Kung one of the very popular Thai food dishes has been ranked as one of the top 10 foods on the globe. But there is more to Thai food than just chilly and pepper, we call it the sweet edge. Thai desserts are delicious and can at times be quite heavy and filling, you could even make half a meal on a plate of mango with sticky rice - one of the well known Thai desserts. 

Visitors to Thailand often get a taste of these mouth watering Thai dishes, they seem to miss them once they reach home and this begins an effort to make their own Thai desserts. Our collection of Thai Dessert Recipes captures the essence of Thai sweet dishes - a select collection that is frequently updated. One interesting thing about Thai desserts is that, they are generally vegetarian and this makes them very popular with visitors who prefer vegetarian food. Coconut milk or cream and sugar are quite obviously present in most of these sweet dishes. 

It might surprise you to know that many reputed Thai restaurants do not have a decent selection of Thai desserts on their menu. We noticed that few went beyond the famous coconut milk - the rest was largely fancy ice creams and colorful westernized fruit salads. Smaller shops stock a better choice of Thai desserts and big supermarkets are also helpful. The good thing about many Thai desserts that we have presented on our Thai Food Website is that, they are quite easy to make and the ingredients fairly easy to source. The image above shows the delicious Thai Layered Sweet or Khanom Chan as it is locally called.