Thursday, August 21, 2014

Avocados With Ice Cream, Not Just Any Ice Cream But With Thai Coconut Ice Cream

Avocados with coconut ice cream. In case you were not aware, Avocados are grown in Thailand - generally in a project sponsored by the Royal family. This has made the delicious fruit available to local Thais at a fair price. But what we wish to tell you about is not just Thai avocados but about avocados from Thailand eaten with the traditional Thai coconut ice cream. An interesting combination not often served by Thai food vendors or restaurants, visitors to one of the Royal Thai exhibitions got a chance to taste this amazing combination. There were two options on that wonderful day, one was the avocado coconut ice cream combination, the other was sweetened coconut milk poured over avocado pieces. To begin with, the avocados were perfectly selected - the right degree of ripeness, not too soft nor stiff and raw. The avocado pulp was skilfully separated from the skin, since you could see a thin layer of green (inner skin layer) stuck to the avocado pieces it meant that,  the nutrition of the entire fruit was well preserved. The coconut ice cream was quickly scooped out of the container, just one single scoop as doing too much of the ice cream on the avocado would drown the gentle flavor of the fruit. As we talked and ate this cool delicacy, the coconut ice cream started showing signs of melting, and as the melting ice cream seeped into the avocado pieces below - the taste got even better. 

And for the strict vegetarian, this avocado delicacy was a safe eat - the price was surprisingly friendly too. So the next time you think of avocado with ice cream, try to make that a coconut ice cream - Aroi Maak Maak as the Thais would say. 

Avocado With Ice Cream