Friday, August 8, 2014

Opals From Mars? Not For Now, Opal Rings Still Rely On Australia For The Finest Opals

Opal From Mars?

In case you were not aware, Australia has for long being known as the 'opal country' - a well deserved title considering that most of the world's finest opals are mined there. Kaisilver, the world's leading online fine custom jewelry source mentions that - '.... Australia remains the preferred source for quality opals, exceptions are pink opals (from Peru) and fire opal (from Mexico)...'. So what is this talk about opals from Mars, can you actually get an opal ring that has a gemstone mined on the red planet? An Australian research team recently concluded that, the soil and geological formation on the surface of the planet Mars, does resemble that seen in the Australian opal yielding regions. Gem experts are not too excited about this find, they know that if at all there is opal on Mars, it is generally of the quality that the gem trade names 'potch' opal. Scientists for now have far more important space research on mind so, do not expect to see any Mars opal soon - no not even at the Tuscon show where some of the most exciting gem finds are first previewed!

The RG151 is a stunning white opal claddagh ring, the gem mined in the famous Australian opal belt. If you are into rocks and jewelry, you should get to know more about the gem and even more about the significance and meaning of the legendary claddagh ring. And if you have opals on your mind, the opal ring collection, has some inspiring concepts on display. 

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