Friday, October 17, 2014

Chocolate, The Unexpected Healthy Food?

Chocolate Health Benefits

Mama told you never to eat too much of chocolates, the dentist blamed those sweeties for teeth decay - but now, medics say that chocolates might not be so bad after all ... at least some chocolates. But before you throw mamas teachings to the winds and fight with your kid for a share of yummy chocolate, let's get to the fine print related to the benefits of eating chocolate. To begin with, it is coco one of the prominent ingredients in chocolate that is credited with all that goodness. Medical research has suggested that coco is very likely to be beneficial to your health. The problem with conventional chocolates is that, they contain high volumes of fat and sugars, things that are still accused of damaging health. The dark brown color of coco represents the ingredient in it's natural form - milk, sugar and fats added to this ingredient lighten the color and this is what you and me refer to as 'chocolate brown' color. 

In technical terms we would say that dark chocolate contains lower proportions of additives like fats and sugars and this, results in the color remaining rather dark. Unfortunately it is market share and not technicalities that drives chocolate business, so reality is a bit different. Basically, we cannot make a simple classification that all dark chocolate is good for health mainly because, there is no standard table of ingredient proportions to define the ideal dark chocolate. So while, dark chocolate might be better than conventional chocolate, doctors still advise that it be consumed in moderation. The lower sugar content that is often applied to dark chocolate might also make it less delicious for young chocolate lovers. So go a bit easy on chocolate and dark chocolate until, medical research clearly defines and standardizes the derived health benefits of chocolate. 

An often asked question is whether, plain cocoa powder which is void of additives like sweetening agents and fatty solids is the best option. While it might seem that, this is the right way to go, we have some minor warnings here too. Pure cocoa powder when consumed is known to cause stomach acidity in many people, so coco powder manufacturers have been kind enough to 'process' the coco powder through what is known as the 'Dutching' or the 'Dutch' process. This involves the addition of minor additives that eliminate the acid causing properties of cocoa. It is agreed that dutching cocoa powder robs the coco of some of it's properties that are beneficial to health. 

So while the news seems to be interesting, it would be best to avoid overeating chocolate. Hectic medical research might soon come up with a magical cocoa pill that contains, nothing but the utter goodness of coco for your health. This might not please chocolate sellers but, would be good news for the rest of us. We have put together a fairly detailed report on the Health Benefits Of Chocolate, do spare a moment to read it and share it with your friends if you feel that it has utility value.