Friday, October 17, 2014

Traditional Thai Cotton Fabrics, Ethnic Beauty And Colors

Thai Cottons, Traditional Beauties 

Thai silks are world famous, the North and North East regions of the country has developed a silk industry that is known for it's sheer beauty and artistic designs. But, let's not forget traditional Thai cottons, the fabric of the common man you might call them. Cotton fabrics have come a long way in Thailand, massive support from the Thai Royal family has brought Thai cotton into the limelight, the fabric is today transformed into trendy garment styles, high utility bags and purposes and fashionable shawls. These fabrics flaunt typical colors that are never too gaudy and never to dull and boring. They reflect the ethnic lifestyles of Thailand, something that has attracted foreigners from across the world. Products made from traditional Thai cottons today, confirm to the highest quality standards and style conscious tourists are often willing to pay the premium prices that they truly deserve. We got a glimpse of these amazing Thai cotton products at the annual fair held at Central World in Bangkok - more details and images have been filed in the report titled Thailand Fair - Bangkok take a look and see the amazing things that this friendly nation has to offer.