Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Thai Pottery, Benjarong And Other Pottery Form Thailand Shows Artistic Elements That Are Very Traditional.

Thai Pottery, Tradition And Evolution. 

Talk about Thai pottery and you would think about those gorgeous hand painted benjarong pottery that the country is so well known for. Interestingly bencharong is not the only type of traditional pottery made in Thailand. Baked clay pottery is very popular in the country too and some provinces are well known for their skills to craft fine clay pottery with artistic designs. It is important to understand that, much of the Thai pottery available today retains a classic element that can be seen in many Thai products - artistry of a high quality and traditional designs. Bencharong is well known for it's intricate hand painted designs and gold tone accents, the design elements can immediately identify a piece of Thai pottery as being benjarong. The luxury feel and look of Thai benjarong pottery is expected because, this form of pottery was at one time linked to royal households. Having said that, the degree of craftsmanship in Thai pottery that is baked from simple mud is very impressive too. Large urns used to store water, and smaller urns to hold various types of dishes can all be found with artistic elements that even the seasoned connoisseur would appreciate.

Exports from Thailand are significantly loaded with traditional pottery that is crafted in the country. Benjarong and other types of ceramic pottery obviously dominate but, Thai baked clay pottery is quickly gaining popularity too. We have compiled a report that, briefly traces the evolution of Thai pottery  - not a lengthy research paper but just distilled content that will be of interest to most of you. We would suggest that you read the Thai Traditional Pottery report as it will help you understand how this important activity progressed through time.